Gluten Free London

I went to London yesterday and found myself shopping. Obviously shopping is a big thing when you’re on Oxford Street, Regent St and Covent Garden but I shopped for something that we use everyday… Food.

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Berlin, History and Art

So, my sister wrote a blog entry Talking about Berlin. I’m going to focus more on one of the Museums, one Exhibition and I have to mention a bit of Shopping.

Pergamon Museum/Pergamon Altar

A treat for any history lover. Or if your like me,  a lover of Greek Mythology.

The Pergamon Museum is located on Berlin’s Museum Island. Seeing the  Pergamon Altar was one of the highlights of my trip… Still trying to find out where Persephone is on the exterior though. We had a suspicion the remains of Hades was near the Nymphs, but there was no Persephone. I’m not going to go on a nag about that. Some historian might explain to me later on how I was wrong and she was knocked off or something.

Pergamon Altar2

Those of you who don’t know, or haven’t visited Berlin to see this. The image above, shows the reconstruction of the Pergamon Altar, which is in basic terms is a Greek Altar. Normal people, back in those times wouldn’t be able to enter, so you can see what a big thing this is. That this thing is still in a shape where it can be reconstructed, viewed, touched and in a way entered.

On the outside of this building, were the Greek Gods and Goddesses.


< Like this, the sculptures tell a story. Such as this one shows the Goddess of War, Athena, fighting Gaia, the goddess of earth. The Gods and Goddesses decorate the exterior, but like I said Persephone, was either in the Underworld at the time of this sculpting or the idea of her hadn’t been invented. (I have a soft spot for the Hades and Persephone story)

As you can see from this the sculptures aren’t in the best shape. Majority of the artifacts in this museum have been stored away in the wars, plus been moved all over the place. This was built in the BC era and it is a giant work of architecture so obviously, it would be a miracle if it was still in one piece. It would probably be still in Greece, if it was still in one piece.

Price. €18 will get you into ALL of the venues on Museum Island, so worth it even if Greek Mythology isn’t your thing


The Salvador Dali Exhibition 

I found this part weird. The exhibition is a permanent venue in Potsdamer Platz  I looked forward to seeing some of Salvador Dali’s work. However, I will admit, when walking to the entrance of this. The entrance was on the side under a tunnel. The Photo > The Black tunnel, I think that might have been where you had to go to get to the doors. Either way, the front was like the three windows, but there was no door to get in by the front.

My first thought was, “This can’t be the place” You immediately see the lip shaped sofas outside the glass fronted building. Ok I have to remember we are going to a surreal exhibition, I still thought looking at of the out of the way entrance, lip shaped sofas outside a room that is covered in bright red, didn’t give off a art exhibition feel. But like I said I shouldn’t have expected anything normal. Salvador Dali probably wouldn’t have wanted anything normal.

If your a real big fan of Dali, you wouldn’t mind the price. However, cost wise. Museum Island, you can get into ALL of the museums, on that island for €18, to get into Salvador Dali Exhibition, you had to pay €11. I will admit, I am a fan of Dali’s work but I did find €11 at the start of this a bit much.

Inside. No cameras, they take bags off of you when you pay,  were allowed so there aren’t really any photo’s of this. But you get to see work you never think Dali would do. Dali is mostly known for his surrealist paintings of melting clocks etc. But here we see sketches, and some of his earlier work, plus some sculpture, one piece that stuck out for me was the crystal sculpture. Overall, I still favour his painted work, but his illustrations will be mentioned in my university degree work.

Price about €11. Worth it if you are an art fan. If your not though. Maybe stick to free galleries and looking at his work over the internet.

The Culture… Ok Shopping.

Berlin. I’m just going to write this part due to the amount of Manga I came home with. Ok, I do not understand German. I bought them because I have never seen the manga I bought being sold in England. Barajou no Kiss/ Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto and Kiss/Hug by Mitsuki Kako are some of my favorite manga stories, so when I saw them…. and the massive collection of manga, it was Christmas Day for me again


Alexa Shopping Centre, is where you will find the large selection of Manga (all in German though so sorry, the good side is that reading manga in a different language does make you appreciate the art more) There is a three floor book shop, sorry not sure of the name. But if you end up in Berlin and are a fan of Manga… or even shopping. Get down to Alexa Shopping Centre. You can even get some piercings and tattoos and pick up a Hello Kitty Toaster!

Price: Free. Unless you want  to add transport costs and the amount you will spend in there. Transport, doesn’t cost much for a 5 day ticket that will get you on all the trains and buses. How much you will spend in there? Depends how much you have and how much you can restrain yourself.


Well we have to eat don’t we? Hard Rock Cafe and a Burrito cafe. Enough said.

Honestly, if you are uncomfortable eating German food, want a break from ,”Germanness,” or just want some English company Hard Rock Cafe is the place to go

Hard Rock Cafe

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