That Vintage Look

Vintage clothing seems to have been making a comeback for many years now. You’re likely to see at least one vintage store in every city in the country and these stock clothing reminiscent of the 60’s onwards. If you’re lucky you’ll find those special stores with clothing from an earlier period.

Everyone can wear vintage but there are some people who don’t just wear vintage they make themselves vintage. Everything from hair and makeup to correct accessories and the perfect way to stand. These people are the true works of art in this seemingly growing niche.

poster2-landgirlsNow vintage isn’t just one “category.” It in a way has what the gothic movement calls sub cultures e.g. Romantic goth, gothic Lolita, cyber goth. Vintage clothing comes from a range of eras meaning every vintage person can be different and wear a style comfortable for them. The art form basically comes from what you make the clothing or accessory. When you go to a Vintage fair don’t be surprised to see people in reproduced tea dresses or going full out with fur coats, red lipstick and pin curls. I myself wear a silk scarf in my hair. At work I’m affectionately known as the Land Girl. These are the labels we get tagged with and honestly with the amount we spend on the vintage lifestyle many of us love to be acknowledged as such.

Before vintage became the in thing it was a normal occurrence to pick up our clothing for dirt cheap at charity shops and fairs. Being told to take your pick out of your great nanans wardrobe was the highlight of the month! Now the reproductions themselves are expensive. But this change as brought about specialist companies who specialise in vintage hair and make-up. zoom_large_11The beautifully talented ladies over at Lipstick & Curls have to be the best in the business. These ladies dedicate their time to making you look spectacular for any occasion, weddings included. Next time you see a model with pin curls in a magazine photo shoot the likelihood is that Amanda and her girls may have done them. An even bigger treat is in there blog, here Amanda gives DIY tips. A great thing for all of us!

If clothing is more your thing and you don’t have time to search around for that perfect something look no further than Vivien of Holloway. I swear by these ladies. 1950s_Halterneck_4bc9912fd3588You choose the item you want from the store or online, give them your measurements and they’ll whip up something that people can’t help but comment on. It’s great for us ladies that have plentiful curves, because let’s face it body shapes have changed since the pre war era. And even though the shapes of the garments match those of a past golden age the prints are far from it. Prints range from plain and old style to fun and Rockabilly.

So even though vintage is taking over it’s great to see that all the fun hasn’t been lost. Make sure you look out for Vintage Fairs and specialist stores because if you dig deep enough you’ll find something you’ll love and you never know you may become one of the gang.

Visit for all your make-up and hair needs. The team are ready!


and for the dress of your dreams.


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