Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin


You’ve done it again Ms. Poitevin!

I was shocked at the end of Sins of the Son and very eager to get my hands on this one. I’ve read it twice just to make sure I really read what I read.

Sins of the LostSeth is still with Alex and they appear to be happy. It still lingers that he is the son of God and Lucifer and this plays a big piece in the books. This isn’t as simple a romance as it appears to be (but it never as been as it?)

The romance throughout the series is quite intense and emotions play a big, key part in everything. That’s a big reason why I love this series and in particular this book. Everything goes on, the end of the world is still upon the world and Alex has to deal with this as well as the events that happened in the last book, getting through psych evaluations, getting on with her life as best she can while basically trying to save the world. Poitevin makes all this believable! Yes you read that right! I found myself sucked into this book and almost entangled with what was happening. The writing is perfect for every character and she deals with the human/angel hybrid babies really well in all the scenes and situations they appear in.

Alex herself is in my top three of kick ass heroines. She’s superb. A woman with a lot on her plate and handles it as a normal 12451769person would. No super powers and very much with all her emotions intact. She’s a passionate but sensible woman caught up in the middle of a war between heaven and hell. She still has an (old) soulmate watching over her and yet she gets on with her police and world saving work anyway.

Onto the story. Some books you find yourself getting a bit bored or hoping the storyline will speed up. I wish this book had never ended. The actual story arc itself carries some great action that keeps you gripped. It works brilliantly that Poitevin swaps point of views, we see it from Hell, Heaven and the battleground of Earth.

10661603So it all happens in this book but the ending stunned me. Compared to the endings of Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Sons this one seems tame… for now. You read the ending and really don’t know what to think. Will it all stay as it should? Will something else evil and nefarious happen? Will Alex’s love life be doomed? This, to me, is worse than a cliffhanger. At least then you have an inkling about what might happen! It’ll be torture waiting to find out what happens, but it’s a torture worth bearing.

Don’t try reading this book without reading the first two in the Grigori Legacy series. You’d be a bit confused. They are definitely worth a read though! Great writing, interesting characters, story lines like you’ve never read before and an author who’s great at what she does. Pick up the books now!

The book, Sins of the Lost is due to be released tomorrow (16th October)

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