Gluten Free London

I went to London yesterday and found myself shopping. Obviously shopping is a big thing when you’re on Oxford Street, Regent St and Covent Garden but I shopped for something that we use everyday… Food.

I have really bad allergies and have to watch what I eat unless I want to go into anaphylactic shock (Wonderfully horrid illness) I’ve recently been told that I’m gluten intolerant which isn’t as bad as Coeliac disease but it’s still nasty. I don’t eat much gluten anyways but now I’ve decided because it’s making me really ill I’m cutting it out altogether. No more normal pizza, bread or cakes!

In Yorkshire where I live the choice for people who don’t eat gluten sucks. There’s no more than a few shelfs in the supermarkets and it costs about £4 for a small loaf of bread. But in London the choice is fantastic! There’s a chain of shops called Whole Foods Market and they have a great selection ranging from pastas and1270518_Whole_Foods_Piccadilly_London__4_ cakes to baking goods and warm, freshly prepared food for lunch and dinner.

Everything they sell in here is fresh and organic and locally sourced. They have fresh fish, meats and cheeses and even have a smoothie bar. I went to the stores in both Piccadilly Circus and Kensington and they are well worth a visit. The staff are great and know their stuff about all the products which makes shopping there even easier. The Piccadilly store even has a free Gluten Free tour where a member of staff shows you all the goodies you can safely eat. Well worth booking if you have the time.

4463311846_8c7818fb59So I’ve found my savior for gluten free food shopping but what about eating out? For breakfast when I’m in London I never go anywhere but Fleet River Bakery in Holborn. Mouth watering Monmouth coffee and freshly baked foods made on site everyday. They have everything from traditional (and veggie) breakfasts to pastries and Swiss muesli and fruit which means just about every dietary requirement is catered for.Tea-and-Cake-2

Now for lunch/dinner. I’ve been to this place before and loved the selection of food but now they have a new, imagevery busy store in Soho. This restaurant is Bill’s. Great value food with something to suit everyones tastes including a gluten free dish and some that can be modified. I had halloumi and hummus in a bread bun minus the bread bun and it was lovely and filling. They even sell their own jams, condiments and hampers which make fab presents or a treat for yourself.


It’s brilliant to see London moving with the times and making gluten free food accessible for everyone, affordable and most importantly taste great. We just need to see it up north now.

If you’re gluten intolerant/ coeliac or have allergies get in touch! I love to hear others recommendations and stories.

N.B. Of course there are many other institutions that cater gluten free and I’m sure they’re just as good. These are just the places I went on that day.

Whole Foods Market- All the different stores are available on here

Fleet River Bakery-

Bill’s. Look at the menu and book a table here-


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