New Addition to WellDidYouEvah :D


Hello, I am delighted to be apart of such a successful blog . I hope to add to the humor, reviews and entertainment of WellDidYouEvah with stories of my daily life that I feel need to be heard. As a creative thinker with a degree , who knew getting employed would be so difficult ? Not me ! So far I have been rejected for boots several times , Manchester university clerical work  five times  and the best by far a TRAINEE funeral director . The clue is surely in the name . (Train me up! I have a degree, I am capable to learn ! ). So nice meeting you guys ,  Vanessa is the name, positive attitude is my game !

29 thoughts on “New Addition to WellDidYouEvah :D

  1. All professors are evil, but they didn’t start out that way , I think hero’s are too high up a goal that villainy is classed as wicked and saintly is classed as hero. Think about it ,you could be a wicked hero ?:P

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