The Investigative Vampire

The current vampire trend, throws more of a romantic side to vampires. However, considering these vampires are often immortal, they probably need to do something with their time. Guess what, a vampires routine isn’t just wake up from sleeping in a coffin, go out, drink blood, have sex and then go back to bed- Trying extremely hard not to go down the route of going into what the Twilight plot line is about, because I have a feeling if I do this too much, I will have a bunch of screaming fan girls hunting me down. Although if they bring pitch forks and torches, I will be impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Twilight books are pretty good, I just don’t understand why it has turned human girls bloodthirsty.

There are two series that show an investigative side to the vampire race (ok there are probably more, pretty sure Mona the Vampire is another one)


Bloodties is a programme based on Tanya Huff’s Blood Book series, which follows Private Investigator Vicky Nelson, who stumbles into the world of the supernatural, while investigating a murder. Enter *fan girl scream* Henry Fitzroy. The swoon worthy vampire, who also happens to be Henry VIII’s bastard son… Good looks, awesome personality, Romance writer/graphic novelist* royal lineage AND he’s a vampire. Marry me!

*He’s a romance writer in the books, graphic novelist in the TV Series

Henry, soon tags along with Vicky helping her solve the murder discovering it might have something to do with the supernatural. The murder victim was drained of his blood, the woman- Coreen, who becomes soon becomes a main character in the TV series-  who hired Vicky believes it was a vampire.

blood ties

It starts to get awkward talking about the plot line as the TV series and the Book Series have differences. I put it down to the books been that descriptive and in depth that the TV series couldn’t fit all of it in. But, both seem to get across that Vicki is this kick ass female, who even despite deteriorating eye sight- Retinitis pigmentosa, a condition where at the start of the series she is slowly starting to loose her night vision. The characters tend to remind her of their worry that with her condition she could get herself hurt but Vicki goes about fighting to finish her work. YEAH! US FEMALES CAN STILL KICK SUPERNATURAL ASS EVEN WITH POOR EYE SIGHT! The pairing of Vicki and Henry go together well, these vampires can’t go out in sunlight. Henry can work night, Vicki can work day. And meet together sometime in between. Although I have mentioned Vicki’s personality, she does go out at night too.

One thing what I love Tanya Huff for, is that she has given us a vampire who is actually comfortable with who he is- Someone please give Tanya Huff a hug- Henry doesn’t kill his victims and also only drinks from willing participants, usually when having sex… Sexy time with Henry Fitzroy :3

Henry’s blood drinking means Bambi survives, we have a good vampire and there is less crying in the corner thinking, “Oh God I’ll kill you… But I need blood,” So yes we lose that whole internal argument. The vampires in the Blood Books are territorial, so there isn’t much room for a plot of, “You attacked/are trying to hunt my human! You must die!”… That sort of sounded cavemanish… Vampires tend to stay away from other vampires, or else mass conflict will start out- unfortunately this fact becomes more important near the end of the series…

These books were first published in the 1990’s so, maybe majority of vampires have come down with a severe case of low self esteem and depression as soon as the century turned. Henry if you are out there, please do not have changed! But yes these books are older than Twilight and all those other new vampire books.

I recommend reading the books. Honestly, I couldn’t put them down. Or at least watching the TV series although unfortunately, it wasn’t renewed after it’s first season… I’m going to go cry now.

To read the start of the first book- Blood Price,

Blood Ties Promo



This is a TV series, like Bloodties it only survived one season. At Well Did you Evah, this is more Natarii’s favourite- I take the side of Bloodties. I found it a bit monotone.


The Series focuses on vampire Mick St. John, who is also a Private Investigator, as he bumps into journalist Beth Turner, while investigating a crime where a lady was drained of blood. It is soon revealed that because of Mick’s ex wife, he and Beth actually have a past together- before anyone jumps to this conclusion, Beth was a Kid at the time and NO it isn’t that type of programme. Mick is a gentleman. The backstory connecting the two characters gives the plot line an interesting twist. Blood drinking wise, these vampires keep a fridge of blood in their, in most occasions, ultra expensive and modernly decorated apartments. Another, interesting thing about these vampires… they sleep in freezers. Oh come on it’s not that strange, how many times have you wanted to do that in the middle of summer?

Character Beth Turner is another strong female, willing to face anything, including death. Proving again, in a female plus vampire story, a woman won’t just fall for the seductive charm and good looks of a vampire.

Unlike Bloodties, this programme this one more focuses on the life of Mick St John and crimes committed by vampires. It carries this on well, with an impressive plot line that doesn’t stray from the fact that in the centre of this programme is Mick and Beth. You aren’t overloaded with characters, and questioning wait, “Where did he come from?”

The Trailer for Moonlight

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Ok, it isn’t an official holiday so put way your fangs and dramatic black cape… if you really want to. If that sort of thing is normal for you then, keep doing what you are doing. For the next week, we at Well Did You Evah will be writing about something Vampire Themed  every day for a week to celebrate the anniversary of Bram Stoker’s Dracula being Published 27th of May 1897.

To you modern day 21st century people, yes there were vampires before Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight- Believe it or not The Vampire Diaries (Books by L.J Smith) were out before Twilight. Vampires were first created to be scary and not in the Edward Cullen – (the character played by Robert Pattinson in Twilight) style of, “Oh I need to scare you off because I am no good for you, woe is me. I want your bloood! No I keep away from me Bella!!”- I’ll stop there… The original vampires would have killed Bella on site, or they might of possibly raped her first… depends if you are taking an Anne Rice take to vampires. Well Did You Evah is celebrating a week of blood, and occasionally energy, sucking undead. As it’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula  116th  birthday! -on the 27th of May- (the book, not the author or Dracula, of course if that Dracula is real, he will be much older than that and Bram Stoker will be slightly older than that… or has someone proved if Bram Stoker was a vampire?)

The myth of the Vampire was originally created in Europe, for those who need reminding of geography there is a really unclear map, just below, just to give you an idea of where Europe is. Most of the whole area included in the map, is Europe.

europe Many where killed in belief people were actually Vampires. There are many origin stories, one suggests the idea of vampire comes from a disease what gives traits of looking like the undead. Another one comes from Romania where an high ranking woman believed if she bathed in the blood of babies she would stay young forever.

Moraine_le_vampireEach country has their own myth, but each one relates to beings who carry traits of the undead and prey on the blood of innocent humans, most older stories showed these beings as ruthless, uncaring people who seduced and killed, hence why many were killed. Many believe there are not just one type of Vampire. Psychic vampires are vampires which are believed not to bite and suck blood, but only suck the energy out of people, when coming to horror movies though it’s not really that dramatic, plus there is occasionally confusion with this type of vampire and energy sucking, “Demons,” Such as Succubus’ (Watch Lost Girl if you want to see some awesome Succubus action).


Bram Stoker’s novel, is well known for popularising the, “Vampire Race,” Without this novel, Whitby Abbey wouldn’t be as famous, Romania wouldn’t be a Vampire hunting spot and many more vampire connections wouldn’t have made. We wouldn’t have seen Bela Lugosi perfect Dracula in the 1931 adaption, We wouldn’t have been able to drool (or in Well did you Evah’s ritual- drink Sake) watching Gary Oldman be sexy Dracula in the 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Dracula. And we have to mention Leslie Nielsen’s awesome and hilarious performance in Dracula: Dead and Loving it. There are hundreds of connections to Dracula, from books, to stage to TV/movies.

Although in Classics sense Dracula is the most popular fictional vampire story, it wasn’t the first. Before that there was a story about a Lesbian Vampire-  Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and  a more, “Dracula,” Like character was introduced in The Vampyre by John Polodori. Even in film Dracula wasn’t the first. The Silent Movie Nosferatu was made 1922 almost a decade before Bela Lugosi crept on our screens as Dracula.

Back to this century-  *Gets in TARDIS*

twilightbooks_vampireacademy_bigMarkedawakeningVkissesimgdead until dark1 Nighthuntress some_girls_bite_paranormal1 the-morganville-vampiresDark ink

The past few years young adult fiction have seen a more, “Friendlier,” Vampire arise, though series such as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, House of Night By P.C and Kristin Cast, L.J Smith’s The Vampire Diaries (becoming more popular the past few years, originally the books were released in the 1990’s) Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series, Richelle Mead’s The Vampire Academy series, (I’ve been told to point out that this includes dhampir’s=Half Vampires). They do introduce the old roots of the bad vampire but occasionally these just pop up to ruin the romantic connection, sounds corny but most of these books are that well written it does make you cry when some thing tragic does happen. Examples in Well Did You Evah’s lives breaking down because of this happening in some of these books= Natarii with Dimitri and Rose (Vampire Academy) and Cat with Alexander and Raven (Vampire Kisses) We will cry every time, but we will still keep re-reading them.

There are some authors who have tried to stick with the more eviler vampires such as Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series (Or True Blood, if that sounds familiar but you only watch the TV series) and Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires, we will only praise Rachel Caine, I have met her twice she is a lovely lady. Dark Ink Chronicles By Elle Jasper, Night Huntress by Jeanine Frost and occasionally Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neil will throw and evil vampire readers ways.

Links to these books-


House of Night-

The Vampire Diaries-

Vampire Kisses-

Vampire Academy-

Sookie Stackhouse-

Morganville Vampires-

Dark Ink Chronicles- 

Night Huntress series-

Chicagoland Vampires series-

This is the reason The Dracula Book’s birthday has turned into a week! With the recent vampire hype, there are tonnes of TV, movies, books, manga/anime that can be mentioned. Natarii will be sure to do a post celebrating the Vampire Academy Movie, so look out for that, she probably has all the latest gossip and possibly the location on some of the actors/actresses involved.

Each day for the next week, we will be blogging on some thing related to Vampires, be it in book form, TV or film.

But I think I have explained enough goodbye for now…


If you want to suggest something for us to write about, we are open for requests!

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Let’s do a round up of British TV

Sooo. Let’s review the the Britishness of the BBC and other British programs. Tea anyone?

Going back a few weeks. My favourite alien came back on screen, yes, Doctor Who.

Doctor Who s7

I became a ten year old kid grabbing my eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver and sat in front of the TV. I’ve enjoyed this series of Doctor Who so far. I had doubts. Clara turned out to be filling Amy’s shoes ok. Victorian Clara I loved. Modern day Clara took some growing.
Least favourite episode so far, has to be the submarine one. I’m not going into that.
From what I can tell the past three episodes have gotten better. However, I’m not really looking forward to this Saturday’s episode where they have the kids, who know about Clara and time traveling, joining the adventure. Fingers crossed, this episode is as good as the past 3.
Bring on the rest of the series! And tell us what or who Clara is!!!!!!!


Lastest episode of Doctor Who- The Crimson Horror-

Please note, BBC iPlayer Links will only work if you are in the UK. Another point, they have expiry dates, If you are reading this post a month after the publish date, chances are the link will no longer work. There are other ways you can watch this, waiting for the DVD’s, downloading the episodes or finding online TV streaming sites.


The_Voice_UKThe Voice. I have actually been checking out reality TV this year. I’ll tell you

The voice why later. I watched a few episodes of The Voice last year. But like the X-factor I only watched the auditions in hopes someone made a fool of themselves, in that case they did then you questioned are they idiots? The Voice is different from ITV programmes though as the BBC actually make sure people who audition CAN sing. And I was surprised to find the ones who I didn’t think had a strong voice went though. . I’m thinking The Voice UK is a big enough programme that it doesn’t need explaining? To remind you. Jessie J. Tom Jones. Danny O’Donoghue. Swirly chairs. People singing.

Latest episode (Episode 6)



britains-got-talentBritain’s Got Talent… Reason why I have been checking out reality TV. On a trip down to London, we actually saw some of the judges. I had no idea who Amanda Holden was when she walked out of the Ladies loos after bumping into two of my friends who were in there. This programme, is a laugh however, like most ITV reality TV programmes, it leaves you questioning the sanity of British people. I’ll admit I don’t plan on watching this after the auditions finish. I do want explaining though that if this is BRITAIN’S got talent. Why are people who have come from other countries allowed to audition? I don’t mean that in a racist way, if people of other nationalities are living here then they probably can audition, I just don’t understand why those who live in other counties are auditioning for a programme which is supposed to prove another country has talent.


The past weeks schedule.
Well, we saw the end to the current series of Masterchef. A woman won, yay! I normally just put cooking programs on in the background while working- university budget, you just cry that you can’t really afford food like that… Plus I will probably have to send out a nationwide alert if I start cooking, yes I am that bad. I got into Masterchef this year. It added a dash of disaster but also the food looked pretty.
In Masterchefs Tuesday, Wednesday spot is the return of… Waterloo Road, yes it is still going. On Tuesday we get to see the business wrestling match that is The Apprentice

I’m a fan of Waterloo Road, but I am slowly wondering when they are going to run out of story lines. At this point they could do a spin off of Waterloo Road Kids, which have been born to past students. In a way it reminds me of my secondary school, yes Waterloo roadsome of the pupils there were that bad. We’ve had one episode of this series so far. And it looks like there is only going to be one original cast member left at the end of this season. Tom Clarkson is still going strong fighting for the gender confused students and anyone who needs help. Grantly however, got diagnosed with kidney failure. I’ll be sad if Grantly does go, the old guy is almost as bad as the school. Plus he’s one of those characters you cannot replace.

Season 8 Episode 1 (it says 21, Waterloo Road is spilt into two, one half of the year they show one term’s worth of school then they have a break, they write this in as a school holiday, where they come back to start a new term/year where you often find a new cast/students)


The Apprentice.

Started last night. Goth I was banging my head on my desk from the start. Where do I start? How high are these peoples self esteems? I don’t understand how they are able to talk like that about themselves.

the-apprentice-2013-return-0002 Ok, they are high up on the food chain, but you don’t see the queen flaunting how she’s all high and mighty. I first thought maybe they said stuff like that thinking that would be cut out. Then it turns out they are actually like that. The human race, when you get bad personalities,you really get bad personalities. It makes it fun to watch though. The Apprentice isn’t just Lord Sugar’s hunt to give business investment. It’s a corporate cat fight, where you see one of the biggest bitchiest personality fights in reality TV. So, yes I am going to keep watching this just to see if anyone is going to hit a nerve. Also the firing is amusing.

Episode 1 Series 9 of The Apprentice-

Apologies for our absence.

So sorry dear fellows, we went missing in action this week. Here at Well Did You Evah we’ve had a very full week.

Our week started very dismally and in the unplanned, spur of the moment we decided it best to take a break from here for a while, that way we can plan new things and sort the old out.

Cat has been pouring her life into her final exhibition of her Fine Arts degree. It’s looking fantastic, more information soon!

I have been reporting on snooker, the British elections and everything else that you either love or hate. I’ll be glad to get back to writing on here.

This means we can now give more time to Well Did You Evah, or I will be. Cat is still stressing a bit about her exhibition. Maybe she’ll give you some insight into her artful stressness if we’re lucky.

For now I will go do this…. tumblr_m2oz2uZjW91rtmfnto1_500

Go enjoy the rest of this unusually sunny Bank Holiday. Eat ice cream, burnt barbecue and look forward to what we may be bringing you in the next few months.