My top 5 fictional couples

It’s getting to that point where I’m getting pretty excited about the upcoming release of books it seems I’ve been waiting millions of years for, and yet I’ve only been waiting about 6 months. Yes some of my favourite authors are that good. I praise you all.

In the mean time this is what sometimes happens to us impatient people… Or it’s what we feel like is happening to us.

This blog isn’t just about our favourite books. Oh no, this is about my favourite couples in those books.

You’ll see from this list that I mainly read Urban Fantasy books. I like stories with kick ass heroines, vampires and the supernatural and basically stuff you wish would happen in real life but doesn’t.

I may not have chosen each couple based on romanticism but because they work well as a pair and get through challenges in their relationship, usually, unscathed.

Getting a top 5 took lots of sleepless nights talking it over with Cat but I eventually got there. So here we are my top 5 best fictional couples:

1. Ethan & Merit from the Chicagoland Vampires Series by Chloe Neill

imagesWell what can I say about this couple? When the series started off I got the vibe that Merit would much rather kill Ethan than there be love in the air between them but boy did Ms. Neill fool us all. We’ve been through everything with the Cadogan House couple, fights with enemies, fights with each other, shocking deaths and emotional grievances but in a strange way this has made them more relatable to us, making them a much more loveable couple. They really aren’t your average couple with everything on their side but we’ve seen them grow to love each other which as been fun to read and will carry on to be! Ms. Neill’s books are available from all good bookshops, iTunes & Kindle and watch out for House Rules the 7th in the Chicagoland Vampires series available in the US on the 5th February and the UK on 14th February. Well worth a read!

2. Dimitri & Rose from the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead vampire-academy-graphic-novel

Forbidden love at its best from the first chapter of Vampire Academy. Even this early you find yourself rooting for them to find someway to make their student instructor relationship work, even before they realise they have feelings for each other. That’s how good Dimitri’s description is. Rose and Dimitri are believable and fun as student and instructor and the emotions and situations they are put through are spot on in the more grown up of moments. Enough so that I cry every time I read Blood Promise. It’s that good it should come with a warning and a box of tissues, but enough on tears. They go through some very tough times together but they have such a relationship it would make people envious, they love each other from far away while doing their duties and keeping their promises to each other. Added bonus with Rose being such a kick ass, fun teen. The Vampire Academy series is now finished unfortunately but don’t fret! The spinoff series Bloodlines is still going, the 3rd in the series, The Indigo Spell, is out in the US & UK on 12th February. Both the Vampire Academy Series and Bloodlines series can be bought from all bookshops, iTunes and Kindle. A great read for both young adults and adults alike. The graphic novels on the Vampire Academy series is very pretty to look at with Emma Vieceli’s drawings being spot on to the book.

3. Hades & Persephone from Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis

K.B PersephoneThe classic Hades & Persephone myth may not class them as being in the perfect relationship but in Ms. Bevis book there’s a little more humanness to each character, well at least one person. Persephone was brought up human so is quite different to other Urban Fantasy books, but then Greek Mythology isn’t a regular subject in this genre. They become good for each other by learning about themselves and each other and by facing dangers and fears independently and then returning to each other. I feel this is a relationship that will grow throughout the series, and the age difference really doesn’t matter. The Persephone series is on the 2nd book (Daughter of the Earth & Sky was released on 20/12/12) The books are only available in e-book form, iTunes and Kindle have them. They’re well worth a read and a great take on a great, well known myth. I think we’ll definitely hear more from Greek Mythology!

4. Anyan & Jane from the Jane True Series by Nicole Peeler15743485This is a strange one. In book one I was like “Go Jane and Ryu!” Book 2 became “God damn it Ryu! Get Away from Jane!” Book 3 “Why didn’t I see how perfect Anyan was for Jane?” And “Wow he’s hot!” That’s where I currently stand. Anyan’s a Barghest and Jane’s a half-selkie. Yeah tell me you’ve read a book with those in before! This couple are honestly loving, funny and sexy. They have fun in their relationship while still having time to save the world from evil, travelling to new countries and stopping to feed Jane. That woman as it all. Ms. Peeler as made these characters funny in such a way that you fall in love with them and laugh along with them. The Jane True series is nearly at an end! The last book, Tempest Reborn, is out on 28th May so get it pre-ordered! The rest of the series are well worth a buy… and the covers are gorgeous (both UK and US ones) Then we can all cry, reminisce and re-read when it’s all over.

5. Lord Maccon & Alexia Tarabotti from the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger

Soulless_by_Gail_Carriger_1st_edition_coverAlexia is a perfect example of an outspoken, honest, confident woman who has a great interest in the sciences and in Soulless is still a spinster. Everything a Victorian Lady shouldn’t be. Bring in Lord Maccon who thinks she’s a trouble maker and always in the way and you weirdly have a perfect couple. The Victorian sensibilities give the book and romance a completely different vibe to what you’d find in other vampire and werewolf based books. Like all couples they have their big problems, which take an entire book to resolve, but they eventually get through that for a big shock to be fall them in the last book. You see a slightly different side to Alexia and Maccon in each book and Ms. Carriger as beautifully made two independent people into a perfect marriage in a steampunk setting. The Parasol Protectorate series as already finished but the books are a great steampunk read full of tea, cake, romance and humour so pleasesoulless2 do read them. Ms. Carriger as a new series coming out on the 5th February and the first book is called Etiquette and Espionage. The book cover is as intriguing as the title. Watch out for it! There is also a manga series to these books illustrated by the fabulous REM. Look out for Vol 3 around Autumn time.

All these couples are similar but different in their own ways and I’m sure we all have our favourite couples! Do comment and give recommendations!

All these dates were correct when I published this but sometimes they will be subject to change.

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