Singin’ In The Rain, 61 years old & still Fit As A Fiddle.

Today was a big day here at Well Did You Evah. Singin’ In The Rain was released in US cinemas 61 years ago and this gave us a good excuse to re-watch, what has been for many years, one of … Continue reading

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses… You know the ones Female Cartoon Characters, majority of them are 16 but look older. Some of them sing and various wild life come and help tidy up. Then a bad fate befalls them, be it evil step mothers, evil witch- either way something, “evil,” comes, then their prince comes and rescues them! Oh and they will have some kooky animal side kick.

I was the weird child growing up. Out of all of those things I wanted the singing power so my room would be tidy for once. That was also because Disney didn’t include a Vampire Prince so I was stuck waiting for Dracula to rescue me out of Math Class.


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The films we watched as kids

Last night I couldn’t sleep so decided to watch some films. Deciding what film to watch has always been a tough decision for me but for some strange reason I wanted to watch The Swan Princess which lead to me … Continue reading

DooDah Art Exhibition @ Castle Market, Sheffield

DooDah is a pop-up art exhibition by five very talented Sheffield Hallam Fine Arts students.  The name DooDah comes from the word we call things we don’t know the name of or what it does, very fitting for this exhibition. … Continue reading

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen- Born 17th March 1969= reason for this post he would have been turning 44 today.

Was an internationally famous British fashion designer, for those who haven’t heard of him or seen his work (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??) McQueen didn’t hold back on ideas. He tried to push limits of what people expected, one reason I love this designer, anyone who works to changing what people think, I think they deserve a hug. I guess he got one better, or a few better with all the awards he has won… His work still lives on today, his company still keeps designing work under his name keeping to McQueen’s individual tastes and standing out in the fashion world, continuing to make it gasp in awe and stretch peoples imaginations and understanding of alternative forms of fashion.

His designs and ideas he involved in every show showed his unique state of mind and his enthusiasm for his work. Below is a collection of just some of his works

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In his early collections he earned the title, “The Hooligan of English Fashion,” For his controversy, he’s the reason, “Bumster,” (Low Rise) jeans were revived and came back in- So, be thankful or else you may have found it harder to get hipster jeans today! Last time low rise jeans were in fashion was in the 1960- 1970’s so there could have been a chance you would be looking for flared jeans as well. “Bumster,” jeans came back into fashion in the 2000’s thankfully,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat’s the only piece of fashion that was revived, to a popular state, from the 70’s. I’m not sure if the RSPCA could cope if those platforms which have a real goldfish in them came back in. Not sure if the goldfish species could cope either…

Also, that scarf possibly half you girls… possibly a few of you boys… have in your closet with the skulls on? (I’ll admit I have one) That was down to McQueen too. Who made the scarf a must have.


McQueen worked at Givenchy (please let you have heard of that famous designer fashion brand, if not Google it, Or even I’ll help with that- He worked there as chief designer (4 years after graduating design school, ah back in a time when a university graduate could get a good job). McQueen, managed to keep his rebellious designs even though he felt like working at Givenchy restrained him. He still managed to add a bit of his own style into the French brand, including double amputee model Aimee Mullins in a 1998 catwalk fashion show where she wore wooden carved legs.

< You can see the amount of work that had to go into the carvings of these legs. For those who haven’t tried wood carving, unless you have had a lot of practice is hard. I can only imagine how long the carving into the detail and shape of these legs took.

Mcqueen Shalom Harlow

Alexander McQueen while working at Givenchy also took responsibility for coming up with the idea of shooting model Shalom Harlow with a paint gun, as she stood on a rotating platform in a white dress. Again this seems like (in my opinion) cool idea but the results were also amazing. I think that idea could create it’s own fashion line (or revive it) by it’s self.

McQueen should be idolised, sure we don’t have many openly gay fashion designers in this world. But McQueen didn’t let anything hold him back. Most people would possibly pull faces at the idea of a fashion line created in an university degree based on Jack the Ripper, but this work practically started his career. His uniqueness and amazing work got him noticed by Isabella Blow (an english magazine editor) who bought the entire Jack the Ripper collection. It’s not just his beyond amazing work he should be noted for. His background is also something that should inspire others. McQueen came from a working class family and wasn’t shy about it, he didn’t give in to the high expectations of being famous by looking, “Perfect,” All the time. Plus he also held the label of, “High School Drop out,” But as well in Britain there is low expectations for working class families but McQueen died 2011 with achieving an international famous status and also winning multiple awards such as winning the British Fashion Councils British Fashion Designer Award 4 times! And was honoured by the Queen and gained a CBE.

Happy Birthday Alexander McQueen! Your legacy lives on!

Spring 2013 collection is available to view on now.

Pin Up Girl Tattoos

There are two things that can be fitted into the words, “Pin Up Girl Tattoos,” Pin Up Girls WITH Tattoos, a more contemporary art form. Involving the art of female models with an often alternative clothing/lifestyle posing pin up styles with tattoos often been the main attraction. These barely dressed, yet lovely, ladies are often seen in Tattoo magazines- last year one tattoo magazine gave a calendar where every month you got a different pin up, tattoo covered, girl.

Pinupgirlwithtattoos 1Pinupgirlwithtattoos2

Now actual Pin Up Girl tattoos are more permanent… Unless you have the money to pay for laser removal. And of course if you have seen X-Men Origins Wolverine. The Character Fred Dukes (Or to all you X-men fans, “The Blob,”) Got a pin up girl tattoo and you see the tattoos don’t be come very impressive if you gain a lot weight (Note for you all though just incase you didn’t know- A tattoo will grow as your skin does, meaning your skin stretches the tattoo stretches. The tattoo will not stay the same.)

People have been having pin up girls tattooed on to themselves for decades, as it has been mentioned pin up girls were seen as a symbol of luck in the war. Men would have them tattooed on their arm, but even today it is a popular choice, whole chapters being dedicated to pin up designs in tattoo selection books. And even women today are known to have pin up girls tattooed on themselves.

I do suggest researching tattooists before getting any tattoo done, we’ve all heard of mistakes that have happened. But the human form is probably one of the trickiest things someone can transfer on to skin, most of the time you will not get 100% quality of the image. Think about it. The paper you will have printed  or drawn your image on will be pure white, your skin isn’t. Paper= flat. You= Not flat.


Example of differences. Although this is a fairly good job you can see the effect skin colour has on the tattoo.

Over the years different Pin-up girl tattoo categories have been created, no longer do people just get to choose from the normal, human pin up girls. There has been a development of having pin up girls with modifications such as wings. Plus you can choose to have a more realistic pin up girl or a more, “Cartoon,” type girl.

d1b7cd02c5109f05c2b727c4de20524b Pinupgirltattoo2 Pinupgirltattoo3

Real life Pin-Up Girls: Grable, Page & Lombard

Once upon a time Hollywood starlets were famous for their stunning looks and the films they starred in. Scandal was that deeply hidden that it was almost unheard of, especially for the ladies. The Second World War came along and … Continue reading

Pin-Up Artists: Vargas & Mozert

Risque, pretty and down right fun Pin-Up Girls are an art form on their own. Many artists painted them from models and a few created the girls for movie posters. Here are three artists that come from around the same eras but have stamped their own mark on the world of Pin-Ups. Fantastically two of these are women and the guy really needs no introduction. Continue reading

Pin-Up Girls VS Land Girls

Let’s not imagine these two types of women in a wrestling ring. Although I will admit it would be a fairly interesting match; the seducing poses and bodies of the Pin-Up Girls against the hard working determined attitudes of the Land Girls who aren’t afraid to get dirty… I think we all know what side a large slice of the male population would take. But this isn’t a beauty pageant.

land girls1

Land Girls were one of the reasons society stayed afloat, with men going out to war in WWI and WWII, there was hardly anyone back home to look after the agriculture. The women looked after the farms, without this staples such as bread, milk and vegetables wouldn’t have been about. This was a huge chance for women to show what they could do, before their main jobs were to stay at home and look after the house, kids and husband. Ok, that attitude was still there in the 1950’s, but this could be said to have given women a bit more confidence, breaking out of the traditional feminine role. Women got to get dirty, roll up their sleeves and dress up in overalls, dungarees, wellies, ok most still wore the norm of skirts and dresses but there was some freedom, and go out to work. Not a sewing machine in sight (unless you made parachutes)! Women got to use machinery such as tractors and even learnt to fix them.

This wasn’t just a British thing. The USA has their own Land Girl society, slowly the western culture began to see the industrial use of women. This wasn’t like Victorian times where women were forced to work in factories just to survive. These modern day women VOLUNTEERED to be of use to their country

Land Girls 2

The world was in a war, the men weren’t the only ones who were wanting to fight for their country. Women weren’t allowed to join the army in those days so, ways for women to fight from home were made available.

Land Girls were just one battle station a woman could take up. For the more qualified lady strategic stations were available through the Forces. Anyone who has seen a war time film, must have seen the women doing jobs like answering the phones and pushing boats across the big maps to show where our boats are.

Overall, the Land Girls had a hard task, hate to admit it but most women, especially in those days due to the rationed diet plus most being mothers who would have given up food to feed her family, aren’t as strong as men. They went out to do a mans job digging, farming and mechanical work and they succeeded.

HONESTLY, They did a bloody good job. Women today should look back and be proud and use them as inspiration for the strength we have.

Pin-Up Girls. Compared to the Land Girls this role would seem like luxury. However, taking into account Pin-Up Girls were popular in the war, there was hardly any luxury (except for the famous). These girls were supposed to smile, put on a show, make others happy or at least feel like there was hope. Most Drawn Pin up girls were seen having the desired, ‘Hour Glass,’ Figure. Today loads of women either aim to be stick thin, or have a curvy hour glass figure. Back then the only figure which was desired was the hour glass. World War one plunged Great Britain into a world of rationed food, people lost weight, and the risk of transport for bringing goods over seas didn’t just damage food supply. Cotton was imported so clothing had to be hand made, the term, “Make Do and Mend,” became popular- A.K.A if you had a hole in your sock you fixed it and kept wearing the sock, most people couldn’t afford to go out and buy new clothing, they made it.

In Pin Up Photo shoots, legs became popular. Betty_Grable_20th_Century_FoxActress Betty Grable was known for her legs, her legs were insured for 1 million dollars. If you have a look at some pin up pictures from that era the

Pin Up 1legs are the main focus. Even today parts of the pin up figure remain, hour glass bodies are still provocative and “Sexy,” due to the big bust and curvy hips. And long legs are also a trait that are seen attractive. The world is still in a pin up state.

Pin-Up Girls did good from a point of view. Some men saw them as, “Good Luck,” Charms. The point of them were so men could visualise the woman- Pin-Up Girls became a sort of pornography… Just with out the boobs showing like most cases of picture porn these days.

They motivated men, men could think they were fighting for a woman like that- I feel I should be including that Disney Mulan song, “A Girl Worth Fighting for ,” In this post. The other point of view looks at the other females who had to look at these women.

It gave (in some cases) an unrealistic image of the female body. Ok, all females could be as pretty as a pin up, but realistically the figure and the clothes were not achievable in a war. Pin up’s made expectations for men higher, but that expectation for majority of females couldn’t reach that.

Overall, Pin-Up Girls had their part to play. They gave men overseas hope. Just as women back home gave others hope and cared for them. It’s almost as if Pin-Up Girls stepped in being the wives of the men overseas when women couldn’t be their for them as they couldn’t reach them and had other responsibilities to up hold.