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Pride 2013. What’s Pride about?

Well Did You Evah couldn’t get down to London for the event at the weekend, but things like sexuality have a massive effect on all aspects in society. This isn’t a review on London Pride, I’m sure, from what I’ve seen at other Pride events, it was awesome. This blog entry is more to do with the Pride event itself, explaining what it supports.  Pride rainbowflag

So, hands up. Who has seen the negativity towards same sex marriage or even same sex couples? Homosexual couples since, prehistoric times possibly have had negativity towards each other. Yeah the human race has apparently evolved to the state it is now, but there are still people out there who can’t evolve their thought processes to accept the fact that some men and women are attracted to the opposite sex.

Pride events hold an open mind, party sort of thing. Bringing people together of all sexualities LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender) Pride tries to stamp out discrimination, the title itself suggest that these people are/should be proud of who they are, proud of the fact they are different in a society which is often bullied for anyone who tries to be different.

Hetrosexuals- those attracted to the opposite sex, Homosexuals- lesbians and gay people, those attracted to the same sex, Pride BiBisexuals- Those attracted to both sexes (male and female), really everyone is invited, even the lesser known sexual orientations such as Asexuals- Those who are not sexually attracted to any gender, this is not like Celibacy, Asexuals don’t choose not to be interested in sex-

Pride 178px-Asexual_flag

think such characters as BBC Sherlock and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, who show no interest in sex, this is not to say they cannot have a relationship, most asexuals identify themselves as been something like hetroromantic= romantically (willing to date) attracted to opposite sex,Biromantic or homoromantic


Because the thing is, I’m not entirely sure why people discriminate against these people. I’ve met people of all orientations I have listed above and they are all brilliant people, they are happy, most times, with their lives, so why do people want to take that away from them? Most cases, they didn’t chose to be gay or whatever they are. If your hetrosexual, imagine whatever you feel when on a date with the opposite sex, for any orientation, it’s a similar thing only you might be faced getting those feelings, and feeling more comfortable, with someone of the same sex.

I accept that there are arguments against these different sexualities, some people might not understand how these relationships could work, or some people take the side of, “The Word of God.” But in the end, as much as people in society Bi Heterosexual_flagmay wish they could, you can’t change the way people feel, what turns them on, or who they are attracted too. Pride is also an educational event, willing to educate those who are willing to learn  or open their minds to the fact people aren’t the straight black and white. Most cases as well you can walk away from a Pride event with hand full of sweeties.

Pride promotes awareness for homosexuals and Bisexuals fighting against diseases, such as HIV and most importantly is seen as a social event. People get to meet with others have a good time, which is probably the most important thing about Pride. Yay fun! Pride often has a festival atmosphere, throwing in a parade and multiple stages of singers and performers allowing people to chat over drinks and food oh and face painting.

I’m not suggesting start planning to go to your nearest Pride event, If you do plan to go to the next Sheffield (South Yorkshire UK) Pride, be warned for the cues to the toilets, last year they were prettyyy long. If your not willing to have an open mind, I wouldn’t suggest it. If you are wanting to learn more, I may hint at it, I doubt anyone is going to come up with a device that can brainwash those of different sexualities to become the drones that need everything to conform to standards of the human race. So, people should be getting used to Pride promoting the idea that different sexual orientations are going no where!

Happy Birthday Judy Garland!


Judy Garland -Wizard-of-Oz-The_02C-260x325

Judy Garland A.K.A  Frances Ethel Gumm was born today in 1922.

Judy starred in a lot of films from a young age, but is probably mostly known for playing Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz when shewas around 16. However, go back to when these movies were first released, Judy was known almost by everyone as one of the best/most natural performers of her time. She still probably is one of the best performers of all time. if Fred Astaire described her as, “The Greatest Entertainer who lived,” Then it shows even in a famous Hollywood actor’s eyes, Judy’s abilities to capture audiences was above amazing.

If you watch Judy perform in any of her films such as, Meet me in St Louis, Easter Parade, The Pirate. You can see how much acting and musicals have changed since the amazing era of the 1940s/1950’s. I’m not dissing today’s movies/acting abilities but back in Judy’s era the acting seemed more natural, there was less technology to factor into movies, no one was CGIed, everyone gave their best performance as film wasn’t something that could be rewrote as easy as today.


Although she was a fantastic and incredible looking woman, Judy still struggled with image issues never truly believing she was beautiful. She might not have believed it but Garland fans would agree that on 10th of June 1922 a gorgeous star was born who rewrote acting and singing standards forever.

Judy Garland A star Judy St LousJudy_Garland_in_Presenting_Lily_Mars

To finish this post off. One of my favourite Quotes said my Judy- “Someday he’ll swoop down like a chickenhawk and carry me away.” And the awesome video that involves that quote… It also involves Gene Kelly :3

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The 12th Doctor?

To all of us Whovians (Doctor Who fans if you aren’t familiar with the lingo), we received some bad news at the weekend.


Our Beloved Matt Smith, who has played the 11th Doctor (The Master of the Bow Tie) since 2010 when dreadfully the 10th Doctor got ripped out of our sights after a radiation sacrifice, is leaving the role of Doctor Who.


Now it’s only been 2/3 days and speculation has already started on who is going to be the 12th Doctor. It’s not really a role that can be taken lightly, considering Doctor Who has a HUGE fan base (well it has been going since the 60’s). People of all ages love it, but the Doctor only has 13 lives. It’s not like a one time role where one person plays this character and when they die it is over with. Neither is it like, he can live forever- although you never know something could happen. Each person who plays the role of the Doctor needs to bring character and personality to the role, or else they have to answer to the fan base. I’ve mentioned how deadly Twilight fans are in the past, well actually if you put them in a fight, I believe Doctor Who fans would win. But the Actor needs to earn his place, make it seem like he deserves to be counted as one of the Doctors… Example, The 8th Doctor. Some people don’t really believed he deserves to be counted as he was only in one movie, the others have gone for series and series of TV- Unless you count the 9th Doctor… I’m not even touching that issue, he apparently left for personal issues.

Doctor Who111


The Bookies favourites to become the 12th Doctor

Doctor Who Rupert GrintRupert Grint. Yes Ron Weasley is rumoured to be the 12th Doctor. I have mixed reviews about this. I love the idea of a ginger Doctor- There is always a line about the Doctor wanting to be ginger. Plus, we all know Rupert can act. If you haven’t seen proof of this, then you either have been living under a rock and not seen any of the Harry Potter films or you haven’t watched them properly. However, the unusual thing about this suggestion is that none of the past Doctor’s have been A-List celebrities. They have been amazing actors, but none of them have really come from a massive fan base in the first place. So, ok it is possible this could happen, he’s good at acting and he’s British. Doctor Who would be like jumping to another fan base… Woah Rupert Grint could take over the world if this happens, create an army out of the masses of Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans. Forget it. LET THIS HAPPEN! Although first he might need to sort out the fangirls who are in love with him to make sure they aren’t fighting against each other while taking over the world.

Russell Tovey. Played George the werewolf in the UK’s version of Being Human, has also been in BBC’s Sherlock (So, has actually worked with Moffat).

Doctor Who Russell-Tovey The thing what I see as against him, is he has been in Doctor Who before. Now, Freema Agyeman had a similar thing, she was in the end of series 2 and died then, but came back series 3 as a different character- the Doctor’s new companion Martha Jones- It turned out the character Freema played at the end of series 2 was Martha’s cousin. Now, that was Russell T. Davis’ world, so Moffatt could possibly try something like that. 99% that wouldn’t work. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, so no cousins- Though the question is WHAT HAPPENED TO JENNY??? Or if you want to go back to the 20th century WHAT HAPPENED TO SUSAN?? (This is where most of you who weren’t born in the 1960’s/70’s or haven’t watched Old Who go, “Who’s she?” But this idea of bringing Russell Tovey back wouldn’t work as he was clearly not the Doctor in that episode also the Doctor has rules about crossing over his own timeline. Yes, he’s a good actor, but as he’s already been in Doctor Who, it’s going to take one hell of a story line to explain why he was in a previous one as some other humanoid. They’ve gone down the human doctor route, series 4 with the 10th Doctor, they will be bringing him back for the 50th anniversary episode in November.

-By the way, Susan was a character travelling with the first Doctor, she was also his Granddaughter. I know it’s been hinted in New Who all the Time Lords/the Doctor’s family are dead, but I want an official confirmation.

They are the bookies favourites, Some other names that have been mentioned, some which are possibly really unlikely.

Doctor Who Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman, played Watson in Sherlock, so has and still is working with Moffat so this is a possibility but it depends on hisschedule. I’m not sure when the new series of Doctor Who will start filming but Martin has to get though series 3 of Sherlock and a new Hobbit film. I’m not sure if there is anything else, I’m not bothering to look on IMDB.

Doctor Who richard-ayoade
Richard Ayoade- played Moss in the IT Crowd. Now if this happens… Pretty sure I will love it. I just want to see this happen even if he just does a spoof.



Doctor Who Colin-Morgan

Colin Morgan was Merlin in… Merlin. Also has been in Doctor Who before- series 4- So, we could have a similar problem to Tovey. I would love it though if he did return.



Doctor Who Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston… My Lord and Master. In the world of Marvel, you will know him as Loki. If he is the next Doctor Who, like Rupert, he has a chance of taking over the world. He can merge all the Thor/Avenger/Marvel fans with the Doctor Who ones.Also, Doctor Who might see a rise of female fans… and I will have to watch Doctor Who episodes more than my usual 3 times in 24 hours (Don’t judge me) as the first time I might be too busy staring and giggling over his amazingness.


Benedict Cumberbatch played Sherlock in… Sherlock. Also has been the villain in Star Trek into Darkness (2013). He’s worked with Moffat before so that’s a plus. I cannot even start to describe what else he has in his favour… *daydreaming*

I’ll just leave this here to prove his awesomeness-

Benidict C

There is also speculation that the next Doctor could be female, but to be honest. Those rumours came up when David Tennant (10th Doctor) first announced he was leaving the show, I have a feeling they will also show up when the 12th Doctor is ready to step down. Ok, I’m all for female rights, it will show some equality, the females have always been the companion to the Doctor. On the other hand, I can see why it won’t really be done. Majority of the audience and fans are comfortable with a male Doctor. I think the risk of taking on another male actor is a large one for the crew, you won’t know how the audience will respond till they have seen the first episode. But taking on an actress, to portray the Doctor, signing them on to do a series and taking up a generation cycle, is an even bigger risk. The crew basically have one try to get this right. For any acting job you need the right person. With Doctor Who you need to factor in it’s history and audience as well. It’s not like they have created a new alien for the Doctor to fight off, where they want the audience to feel some negativity. Writers and the rest of the crew need the audience to feel comfortable with this character. Telling someone their favourite hero is now a female may take a while to adjust.

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

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Yes, this lovely gorgeous lady was born 1st June 1929, why don’t we celebrate this as a holiday? It could be world sexy day!

Norma Jeane Mortenson, A.K.A Marilyn Monroe was a Actress, Model and singer, also as known she was drop dead gorgeous and had a wonderful feminine figure.

She had a rough childhood, but actually should be used as inspiration for children. Marilyn’s mother was mentally unstable after a few dramatic appearances. Marilyn was put into foster care, one of her mothers friends later became her guardian. Although these were the 1930’s with this sort of up bringing Marilyn could have ended up far from what she became. It was her guardian who saw the potential in Marilyn but this arrangement didn’t last long as her guardian got remarried in the end Marilyn got put back into the system. However, due to her mother not signing adoption papers Marilyn found herself back at her guardians and then had to be moved to an aunts after an attempted sexual assault, performed by her guardians husband.

Marilyn’s teenage years saw her getting married, below age. She moved back in with her mother’s friend and husband, they decided to move and an offer of adoption was made, however, again Marilyn’s mother refused. The idea of marriage came across as she was involved with man- her first husband- James Dougherty.


You know what. I’m not going to go through her whole biography. In the end she was this extraordinary woman, who like most hollywood celebrities received some bad press. Of course not everyone was going to love her, she had a personality under those looks. Unfortunately, she is another one of the amazing talents the world created who ended up taking her own life



Marilyn warhol








Without Marilyn, homes wouldn’t be decorated in pictures of her portrait, in pop-art form or any form. We wouldn’t have any of the iconic movies she made famous and we wouldn’t have the video of , “Happy Birthday, Dear president,” To Look back on. And there is a possibility Ella Fitzgerald wouldn’t haven’t had become the shining star she is.


So, pay respects and wish a happy birthday to one of the worlds most sexiest talents