Happy 100th Birthday Pin-Up Artist Gil Elvgren!

Gil_Elvgren01Today marks the 100th birthday of the great Pin-Up master Gil Elvgren. Now we did a post on him last year for his 99th and decided to do something to celebrate his art and the ladies because these are what made him famous and oh so memorable.

Enjoy the lovely ladies in all their sexy scenarios, tasteful states of undress and, most importantly, the fun filled paintings.

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Happy Birthday Elvgren and may your sexy pin-ups last forever.

Christmas Shopping with Busy Bees Paper Beagle

I’ve wrote about Paper Beagle before because I love the company and I hope you do too. It’s a company with heart and soul that helps the beautiful bees all while making us eco-friendly. They do some gorgeous wedding favours but I’m going to show you what you can buy to make someones Christmas that extra bit special.

original_flower-girl-favours-honey-bee-mine-braceletThese bracelets are gorgeous. They’re called ‘Honey Bee Mine’ and would be great for any ladies in your life. The colours are reminiscent of honey and the bee charm reminds you on who your gift is helping. The bracelet itself looks quite dainty but the charm makes it special. All the materials used in the bracelet, and the gift box, are responsibly sourced and it (like all the Paper Beagle products are created in the UK.) An added bonus is that looking at the bee will quite possibly remind you of an English Summer. The bracelet can be purchased here.

Something a bit more Christmassy with a modern twist is the hessian Christmas wreath. I think original_handmade-hessian-christmas-wreaththese are a great idea as they’re a modern take on the traditional, look cool and stylish and because they’re made from hessian can be disposed of responsibly. Why not buy one to put up in the living room rather than on the outside door? You can choose between red or green ribbon to fit in with your decor. Excellent! The wreath is also available in yarn for something a tad different. Want more info on the hessian wreath? Click here.

We have the wreath sorted so what about some personalised stockings. These are again made from hessian and look very different than the normal red ones. You can have everyone asking where you got the lovely stockings from. They’re a small size for small gifts and would look great with the kids initials or for the grown-ups. The rustic charm will have you dragging them out every year. They’re available here.


original_bee-hive-hair-pinsThis next gift is something that every woman (or man) with a head of hair frequently use… hairpins! These ones are very quirky and are made from brass so the colour will stand out in most hair colours. The ‘bee hive’ hairpin is part of the wedding favours collection but would make a great stocking filler and let’s face it they’ll most definitely get used. They also come to you already in a gift box so what’s not to love? Go take a look here.

Every year you always have those people that you want/ need to buy a little bit of something for but original_grow-your-own-christmas-tree-favoursnever know what to get. Maybe you don’t want it to be too expensive but you want to show your appreciation. I would recommend the Grow Your Own Christmas Tree Kit This is a present that’s a little unusual. Basically it’s a small gift box with seeds for a Christmas Tree in it. Give your gift, let them plant it and watch as their very own Christmas tree grows. It’s practically a present that will last a lifetime with the right care.

So we’ve talked about gifts but what about wrapping them? Paper Beagle has the solution and a very cute solution it is! This Candy Cane Wrapping Paper Set includes one sheet of paper, one snowflake printed tag, a length of jute string and an edible candy cane. Your presents will definitely stand out under the tree wrapped in this! The paper, tag and jute can be recycled after and the candy cane eaten. True christmas spirit!


Has an extra special treat we’ve been given an exclusive offer for all of you UK buyers! If you purchase something from Paper Beagle you’ll also receive a set of 6  gift tags for free… These ones to be exact.  Just add them to your basket, along with your other purchases, and enter the code RUDOLPH on the page. There’s no minimum spend just the requirement that you’ll love your purchase, and I’m sure you will.

All of Paper Beagle’s products are available to buy from Not On The High Street and to keep up to date you can follow them on Twitter, @paperbeagleUK.

NB If the promotional code doesn’t work for some reason please contact either myself or Paper Beagle and we’ll sort it out asap. x

Why You Are Unemployed ?!

Isn’t it Ironic ? Don’t You Think ? – Alanis Morisette 

Who knew that song would still be relevant to me in 2013 . It was made in 1996! Yet , sat at the jobcentre signing on after another two weeks of failing to find employment . The lady talking to me says “Can you wait ten minutes? We are very short staffed.” I personally do not have an issue with waiting , but this lady who I have to beg for money every 14 days works for the government ran jobcentre that make it so bloody difficult to employ people! You do not need any previous qualifications for the job .However two different people that work at the job centre have both told me it is very difficult to get into .  Also I have a previous warning letter slapping my wrist for being 3minuites late but hey it helps keep the song relevant !

But yeh basically I feel that We, University leavers , job seekers are just not getting the help we need .

For anyone that wants to try as I have, to get a job at the job centre.  I say lets beat the establishment ! Heres a website where you can look for civil servant jobs . !https://jobs.civilservice.gov.uk/company/nghr/app_center.cgi?SID=b3duZXI9NTA1MDAwMCZvd25lcnR5cGU9ZmFpciZzZWN0aW9uPWdlbmVyaWMmc2Vhc29uPTA=

I am personally trying very hard to get a job after University to no avail thus far.  I thought I did! But no the search continues.

1. Go to a interview believing that you know everything about what the job entails 

Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing opportunities I have applied for that I can not wait to be considered for . But in my nievity of the job search I have applied for so many scams . The companies themselves very real however as the old saying goes if it is too good to be true it is because it is .

I have walked into a interview expecting to rock it ! However the other 50 people in the room would beg to differ ! For me I feel slightly hurt by the graduate jobs I have gone for because they have just lead to me not getting the job (boo) . This could be due to economies fall from grace.

The Grad jobs I did apply for

A)50 to 1 chance of getting the job , I got eliminated within the first round of interviews 😦 . With this specific company I later found out that the people who kept phoning me and asking me questions got commission if I got hired . I truly thought this lady calling me everyday really believed in my abilities . Meh .

B) Upselling what the job actually is : Now I know how to avoid the usual scams of working from home.  Being your own boss . All that Jazz. Being a individualist though I kept my window open to most jobs . So when I saw a graduate marketing assistant scheme I was thrilled. So I applied .Went to two interviews and a trial day . Got the job !

What was the graduate job ?

Knocking on doors selling internet for a certain company and television services .

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed chatting to other people and my “Mentor” but it was not what the job advertises and after I got the job the first thing the director of the company said was . He knows that people do not want to do this . He doesn’t hire people that do. He hires people that want to own their own companies . Nice man ,

The sad truth was I would be earning commission , Not always reliable income . Not what I wanted at all. I did it for two days and quit . Within two days I received alot of compliments about potential, promises of buisness trips that I wouldn’t have to pay for, but I would happily swap that for a minimum wage job .  I spent my own money for transport to sell a product door to door . I couldn’t justify spending my free time doing this instead of applying for actual paying jobs , or doing some form of meaningless course to get a piece of paper that says I can do basic p.a stuff that academically speaking having a creative degree doesn’t show somehow .

Here is a excellent link for tips to handle grad job interviews > (By a company that did not employ me. Fools)


C) The job offer is taken: Drinking a starbucks preparing myself for the interview I was going to rock . I received a phone call telling me. They hired some one . An hour before my interview . Bit unprofessional . had to swallow sadness like a baws .



I am now applying for the basic of jobs not mentioning the hard graft I did do for three years as the jobcentre lady has decided this makes me far too overqualified to be aknowledged . But this is my beef with the world . I am still far too overqualified for junior creative jobs that specifically do not ask for degrees at all.

The only thing for me to do is to keep applying as with all the other unemployed graduates but hey lets keep happy.  Living at home I don’t have to wear a onesie, jumper and housecoat this winter .  I am volunteering in a Charity shop to keep my retail skills refreshed. Oh I also start college again at 21 . in health and social care. Sighh .

Places I would advise people to not waste their time is the big chain shops . That you spend hours and days of your life trying to sell yourself through mental ability tests . One wrong click and your dismissed from the whole process ! Definitely back to the time of not what you know its who you know . I need to meet more successful people me thinks .

With all this spare time I have been able to see what is happening in the world of music and if lady gaga can sing applause  for 50 percent of her new song surely real creatives can make it through .


Thanks for reading . Lets hope I have some positive job news  soon .

witty b copy




Wanting to Study an Art Degree?

Deciding to study art at university? Or have you already started?

What should you consider when deciding?



All the universities try and sell themselves on employment rates, student experience and how many are graduating with Firsts or 2:1’s.


One thing you need to accept when going to study art is that you really need to ignore the employment rate part. If a university says 95% of it’s students leave uni with a job, the unemployed 5% may possibly be those studying an art subject. So, accept there is a large possibility you will leave university without a job if you want to study art

It’s frustrating I know, but the UK is still in an unemployment crisis, so no matter what you study there is still a chance you’d leave without a job. Most artists go into a freelance area. But the trick is to keep looking out for your dream job and in the mean time keep practicing.

Student Experience? 

You don’t want to go to a university where students are encouraged to work, eat and sleep.  But although it may destroy some expectations, you don’t want to go to a university where you are out partying till 4 am every night for the whole year.

For course experience, you want the course, which is going to offer you the best experience.

Go out and ask art students themselves-

Truthfully, it’s ok universities announcing they are top whatever of student experience (Me and Vanessa went to York St John University, so we know all about this tagline, as they got voted 9th in student experience) But as an Artist you need to look deeper into what will be best for you.

You shouldn’t just go on the course because it as voted on some league table.

University Art Shows.

Second years and Third Years often put on shows, this is your chance to go and look at what art they are producing and also ask what their experience is/was like. They won’t be paid to give you some, “Perfect,” Sounding answer and no one is quoting numbers or picking out the best line of what they have said.


Going along to these shows will shows will show you what type of art the course studies (especially in the Degree show). If the degree show is exhibiting mostly sculpture, then I would guess the course focuses on sculpture, same with courses such as theatre.

Look out for common relations in the shows, if some subject area or medium comes up a lot. If the exhibition is advertised as a sculpture/performance art or romance/horror show, then obviously look further into the course.

UCAS will have loads of universities that will have courses in art, each will be different. Just because, “Fine Art,” Comes up a lot doesn’t mean every university teaches the same course

Pinkie Pie


These are going to be working with you for three years. Now along with asking students, about them you need to do research. Ask the tutors themselves at interviews or open days, if that fails there is always my favorite answer- Google. I’m not saying look at their lives history. As an artist you need to find a tutor who will at least be able to give you some tips on your artwork, to help it grow- as most tutors will be practicing artists themselves. If you like Performance Art but are going to a university where the tutors are associated with drawing/painting. There may be some difficulties. The last thing you need is to feel like you are lagging behind because your interest lies in a different area.

The Course

You do need to consider, there will be at least one module you probably won’t like, Unless, you do find the perfect course

Invader Zim Amazing


 The course isn’t moulded to what you want it to be. 

You can’t go into a course expecting it all to be drawing, because that’s all you want to do. Really, it was annoying when a woman at the degree show openly turned up her nose at the art course at York St John University because it isn’t 100% what she wanted. University is a learning environment, so, do be prepared to learn things, you might not like it but there are others in the class who will love it and they are paying for the same course too.

Some courses will change every year so it might be worth while asking what the course entails- Different modules will require different themed results. It’s ok to hear about one module and feel you won’t like it but tutors and the other students you are with will help you though it to get a decent result and you never know you might find another area you love.


Again, this isn’t something they can put on paper. They can list what they have- spacious studio’s, lots of digital stuff and a woodwork shop. Sometimes getting a look around the studios isn’t possible so, it might be worth going to multiple open days or asking if you get an interview to look around.



These are just a few things that will make up your student experience; it’s these things you probably should look into to decide if you and your practice will fit into the university and if you will enjoy it. University, isn’t just partying, the part you are now paying over £9000 a year for is the course. So, check that the course and the university meet your needs. Most cases they will want you to go to your university, so they won’t mind you asking questions. It’s these sorts of things along with enthusiasm and motivation that will help you get a good grade.

Mental Health Awareness

In the past month, possibly longer than that. I’m not entirely sure, I’m just happy this is happening.

I am doing this as part of a mental health pledge http://www.time-to-change.org.uk

The BBC- BBC Three- started a string of programmes highlighting mental health. To anyone who doesn’t know mental health sort of revolves around your mind, such as the way you think, only overall it is a much bigger picture. Think of it, you have a headache, that automatically doesn’t mean you have brain cancer . Like physical illness, anyone can become mentally ill, it’s not just certain people and no one chooses to be, depressed, schizophrenic etc. Again like physical illness no one chooses to have a mental disorder.

Insomnia By Nightmare Cat

Insomnia By Nightmare Cat

There are multiple mental illnesses- to name some, there is Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Dissociative Identity Disorder (some may know this as Multiple Personality Disorder) Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Sleep Disorders. Well there is a lot.

In these illnesses, one person might not have the same symptoms as another person with that illness. Consider someone with Schizophrenia, now the image what comes with that illness is usually one of a person being crazy, listening to the voices in his or her head. Mental Health Awareness, is here to help people realise the picture is way bigger, for one most people with schizophrenia doesn’t act crazy, what people see in schizophrenia is the worst case scenario. And there are other symptoms other then hearing voices, some could have that and other symptoms, such as delusions or visual hallucinations or might not even hear voices at all.

Also, there are other illnesses where people can have hallucinations and delusions and not be Schizophrenic- So Please. Work on getting a mental health related degree before dishing out the diagnosis and crazy remarks!

Psychosis by Nightmare Cat

Psychosis by Nightmare Cat

Psychosis- When someone experiences Hallucinations and/or Delusions is a symptom that is also seen in disorders such as Bipolar and Schizoaffective. Plus even those under stress can be known to trigger a psychotic break.

Another assumption is that someone with a Mental illness cannot do things like a, “Normal,” Person. Now for you who think that, give a definition on what you think is normal. Plus consider, if you put away all the people with mental health issues, the amount of people on benefits would go up- and come on, majority of the UK population complain about those people who can work but don’t- Putting those with mental health problems in hospital will just cause the same problem, the NHS would have to care for said patients, and I’d like to think the human race have learned their lessons from the experiences patients went through in the first Bethlam, “Bedlam,” Asylum in the 1700’s, in the case of just leave them and experiment.

There are multiple people who have a mental illness who have achieved well in life, Van Gogh and Catherine Zeta Jones both have Bipolar disorder and are known. Everyone is known to suffer from anxiety sometimes, usually phobias are things there to keep the human race alive.

Anxiety by Nightmare Cat

Anxiety by Nightmare Cat

It’s hard to describe to someone who doesn’t experience and feel the way you feel. People can make assumptions, with these people saying over TV what they experience there is some hope that others will understand better. Charities like Mind and also the help the health care provides helps in time of need, underneath we are the same people you all probably know, there is no need to shy away. I think there is something wrong with the people who do distance themselves just because a person has a label/illness.

I’d consider myself lucky in one aspect. Truthfully 2/3 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar along with that I also have psychosis, derealisation, depersonalisation (this just means I think on occasions the world isn’t real and I’m not in control of my actions) and more recently I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety- run for the hills if you must with all these things, but I’ve

Dissociative disorder- the destructive personality- by Nightmare Cat

Dissociative disorder- the destructive personality- by Nightmare Cat

never pretended to be normal or blend in so it’s not one thing people can put against me. Now, the people I know have all stuck by me, we actually joke about it. People have asked, “What caused it?” Truthfully I put it back to my childhood/adolescence.

But it is hard to explain to others that the Bipolar thing isn’t just as simple as mood swings. Everyone has mood swings, us with Bipolar tend to have more… is Severe the right word? Mood Swings. The way I feel is that when I’m in the Manic (Really Really really happy) side of things I guess I could relate to myself when I’m drunk, it’s not just the mood thing that classes us as bipolar, it’s the actions too. Now this is where patients probably tend to differ. In a manic mood, some bipolar patients can become more chatty, confident, restless, thoughts become racing, it becomes hard to concentrate on one thing. It can become like one of those funny moments when you are having a conversation then all of a sudden you are distracted by a little thing. Some can be known to go on spending sprees. In the depressed side of things, things can start to slow down, self esteem and confidence become low, motivation to do anything gets drained out of you. It becomes hard because these moods can last weeks, it can become a cycle one fortnight you can be ready for doing anything the next the world sucks, life is hardly worth living. There can be a moment of normal mood. My experience of Bipolar, I actually find it hard to identify the normal moods. I started recognising there could be something wrong with my mood around five years ago, it took some years to finally admit the problem- when I nearly lost control due to anger, that’s when I waved the white flag. It also took some years to get a diagnosis. There can be a problem with diagnosing mood disorders in teenage years.

In the end, I have mental health conditions but it doesn’t make me less capable. I’m graduating from university, I have a book published, I consider myself good at art- well I have too having just finished an art degree- I’m happy with who I am plus I have a close group of friends who I wouldn’t loose for the world. The only people who say I’m not capable are the people who judge and possibly still see mental health conditions as this thing where the person is going to end up in a straight jacket in a padded cell. Personal experience at the job centre, I admitted I was bipolar and straight after the woman was suggesting I see the guy who helps people who won’t be able to keep a job. There are mental health charities such as Samaritans, Mind plus health providers who are here to help anyone suffering or who have concerns about mental health. They won’t judge, everyone will probably have an experience of depression or something.

Here’s to Mental Health Awareness and hoping people start to see insanity doesn’t come with with every mental illness!


To sign the mental health pledge to promote awareness-  http://www.time-to-change.org.uk

For more information about Mind (An- in my opinion awesome- Mental Health Charity) http://www.mind.org.uk

My Art Website (Yay self promoting) As I am currently doing a project looking at mental health- I’ve used some pictures in this post- www.Nightmarecat.co.uk

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Arts Spotlight: Dawn Leadbitter

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This Is Who We Are Art Exhibition @ York St. John University & School House Gallery, York

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Apologies for our absence.

So sorry dear fellows, we went missing in action this week. Here at Well Did You Evah we’ve had a very full week.

Our week started very dismally and in the unplanned, spur of the moment we decided it best to take a break from here for a while, that way we can plan new things and sort the old out.

Cat has been pouring her life into her final exhibition of her Fine Arts degree. It’s looking fantastic, more information soon!

I have been reporting on snooker, the British elections and everything else that you either love or hate. I’ll be glad to get back to writing on here.

This means we can now give more time to Well Did You Evah, or I will be. Cat is still stressing a bit about her exhibition. Maybe she’ll give you some insight into her artful stressness if we’re lucky.

For now I will go do this…. tumblr_m2oz2uZjW91rtmfnto1_500

Go enjoy the rest of this unusually sunny Bank Holiday. Eat ice cream, burnt barbecue and look forward to what we may be bringing you in the next few months.