The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale

hungergamesMost of you will have heard of this big-  epic- movie series/ Book trilogy called The Hunger Games. I admit I haven’t read the books, I do plan too. The books consist of 1. The Hunger Games, 2. Catching Fire and 3. Mocking Jay. Movies for books 1 and 2 are out, I have seen them, but I don’t know how it ends. I can theorise it will either end with the lead female protagonist Katniss and the “rebellion,” kicking butt or the whole world just imploding in on it’s self. No one tell me although chances are when it comes to nearer the time I will look it up on Wikipedia.

There are a lot of Dystopia books now out there, the vampire fetish is now over and I think writers are now thinking the next best thing is to destroy society completely and start over, part of me is amused if that is the plan.

But going past all the awesome Zombie movies, Mutation films, world being taken over by computers, the world ending because people got too fat- Looking at you Wall.e. Basically, if there is even the smallest chance it could destroy the world and restructure society the human race has put it into a plot line and made it into a movie.

There is a movie out there which is based on a similar sort of thing to the Hunger Games.


Battle Royale, is a live action movie based on a novel and manga (haven’t read the book or the manga, but if it is anything like the movie, I will find it funny.) Apparently there is a sequel movie I just can’t seem to find it.

The Hunger Games plot line is based around a nation called Panem, there is the wealthy Capitol, which stuffs it’s face,

hungergames Katniss

Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss

while the 12 poorer districts it rules go hungry and work themselves to death. In comes this thing called, “The Reaping,” at random a girl and boy between the ages of 12-18 from each district will be chosen to compete in, “The Hunger Games.” Where they fight to the death, only one can win. For District 12 the home of Katniss and Peeta (the male protagonist for the movie- also the guy who gets chosen to compete). There name gets pulled out of lottery my Effie Trinket- those who haven’t seen the movie, you don’t have to look far it’s the woman with freaky hair and really elaborate makeup and clothing.

hungergames tributes


12 districts = 24 people (“Tributes.”) entered into the Hunger Games. 1 winner. Weapons are provided only they have to battle for them as well- well, it’s more like a race, there’s a pile of weapons in the middle of the starting circle.


The reason the districts have to sacrifice two young adults is this is penance, so basically it’s sort of like todays world where the government say not only do we make sure you don’t really have enough to live on, but we will also make sure you’re children don’t as well!

As entertainment, the rest of the world gets to watch the mass slaughtering of teenagers killing each other, if they survive they apparently get fame and wealth. Truthfully, in the future this could replace, “Big Brother.”



Battle Royale plot line again involves putting teenagers up for sacrifice, only the sacrifice for this film involves school classes being picked. They are thrown into an Island with a bag. The bag should have essentials such as water and some random weapon, I mean random it could be a gun or it could be a pan lid.

Battle Royale1

Those who have seen Death Note the live action films. Yes that is the guy who plays Light

The reason for the schools giving up classes of students, the nation collapsed there was no chance of a job and students began skipping school and adults became afraid of the young adults. So, apparently it became ok to get the students to kill each other off, it’s a fight to the death where only one person can win. The students can kill each other off but there is control from the main control room (there is one in The Hunger Games too, this is where everything is watched including where about the young adults are, each idea involves trackers) Students in Battle Royale are fitted with collars which will explode if students are in, “The Danger Zone,” This is explained to the students by a weirdly happy Japanese woman, who is wearing a collar herself, via video. The danger zones are part of the island which get cornered off, the collars have trackers in them so people in the control room will know where they are.

Battle Royale

Although the ideas behind both novels/movies look similar, as both of them involve a dystopia where the younger generation are chosen to fight to the death in a controlled environment. There are some differences- despite the obvious one with one been in English the other is Japanese. For me The Hunger Games has a more serious storyline. Battle Royale in someway seems like a string of death (Half which are actually funny, really, the time it takes some of the students to die from things such as being shot in the chest…) with a story line. There is a hint of romance in Battle Royale but I think this is because it’s more of a boy film it’s more filled with violence and death. The Hunger Games, I think is a movie for all genders you have romance in there, the death which is involved is more obvious that it’s a fight for survival, the movie is set at a different pace where it isn’t just death after death. The Hunger Games is based in a longer storyline within its self (Which is shown in the movie) We see want for the society to get out of the District regime where they are at the bottom, whereas Battle Royale the Millennium Educational Reform Act (BR Act) there is no real intent of the students over throwing it. It’s a dystopia movie but we only see the effect what it has on the students what get put on the island


I recommend both movies, both are hits. Ok, I wouldn’t recommend Battle Royale if you are squeamish at the sight of blood, but if you are like me and find that sort of thing funny I really recommend it.


Berlin, History and Art

So, my sister wrote a blog entry Talking about Berlin. I’m going to focus more on one of the Museums, one Exhibition and I have to mention a bit of Shopping.

Pergamon Museum/Pergamon Altar

A treat for any history lover. Or if your like me,  a lover of Greek Mythology.

The Pergamon Museum is located on Berlin’s Museum Island. Seeing the  Pergamon Altar was one of the highlights of my trip… Still trying to find out where Persephone is on the exterior though. We had a suspicion the remains of Hades was near the Nymphs, but there was no Persephone. I’m not going to go on a nag about that. Some historian might explain to me later on how I was wrong and she was knocked off or something.

Pergamon Altar2

Those of you who don’t know, or haven’t visited Berlin to see this. The image above, shows the reconstruction of the Pergamon Altar, which is in basic terms is a Greek Altar. Normal people, back in those times wouldn’t be able to enter, so you can see what a big thing this is. That this thing is still in a shape where it can be reconstructed, viewed, touched and in a way entered.

On the outside of this building, were the Greek Gods and Goddesses.


< Like this, the sculptures tell a story. Such as this one shows the Goddess of War, Athena, fighting Gaia, the goddess of earth. The Gods and Goddesses decorate the exterior, but like I said Persephone, was either in the Underworld at the time of this sculpting or the idea of her hadn’t been invented. (I have a soft spot for the Hades and Persephone story)

As you can see from this the sculptures aren’t in the best shape. Majority of the artifacts in this museum have been stored away in the wars, plus been moved all over the place. This was built in the BC era and it is a giant work of architecture so obviously, it would be a miracle if it was still in one piece. It would probably be still in Greece, if it was still in one piece.

Price. €18 will get you into ALL of the venues on Museum Island, so worth it even if Greek Mythology isn’t your thing


The Salvador Dali Exhibition 

I found this part weird. The exhibition is a permanent venue in Potsdamer Platz  I looked forward to seeing some of Salvador Dali’s work. However, I will admit, when walking to the entrance of this. The entrance was on the side under a tunnel. The Photo > The Black tunnel, I think that might have been where you had to go to get to the doors. Either way, the front was like the three windows, but there was no door to get in by the front.

My first thought was, “This can’t be the place” You immediately see the lip shaped sofas outside the glass fronted building. Ok I have to remember we are going to a surreal exhibition, I still thought looking at of the out of the way entrance, lip shaped sofas outside a room that is covered in bright red, didn’t give off a art exhibition feel. But like I said I shouldn’t have expected anything normal. Salvador Dali probably wouldn’t have wanted anything normal.

If your a real big fan of Dali, you wouldn’t mind the price. However, cost wise. Museum Island, you can get into ALL of the museums, on that island for €18, to get into Salvador Dali Exhibition, you had to pay €11. I will admit, I am a fan of Dali’s work but I did find €11 at the start of this a bit much.

Inside. No cameras, they take bags off of you when you pay,  were allowed so there aren’t really any photo’s of this. But you get to see work you never think Dali would do. Dali is mostly known for his surrealist paintings of melting clocks etc. But here we see sketches, and some of his earlier work, plus some sculpture, one piece that stuck out for me was the crystal sculpture. Overall, I still favour his painted work, but his illustrations will be mentioned in my university degree work.

Price about €11. Worth it if you are an art fan. If your not though. Maybe stick to free galleries and looking at his work over the internet.

The Culture… Ok Shopping.

Berlin. I’m just going to write this part due to the amount of Manga I came home with. Ok, I do not understand German. I bought them because I have never seen the manga I bought being sold in England. Barajou no Kiss/ Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto and Kiss/Hug by Mitsuki Kako are some of my favorite manga stories, so when I saw them…. and the massive collection of manga, it was Christmas Day for me again


Alexa Shopping Centre, is where you will find the large selection of Manga (all in German though so sorry, the good side is that reading manga in a different language does make you appreciate the art more) There is a three floor book shop, sorry not sure of the name. But if you end up in Berlin and are a fan of Manga… or even shopping. Get down to Alexa Shopping Centre. You can even get some piercings and tattoos and pick up a Hello Kitty Toaster!

Price: Free. Unless you want  to add transport costs and the amount you will spend in there. Transport, doesn’t cost much for a 5 day ticket that will get you on all the trains and buses. How much you will spend in there? Depends how much you have and how much you can restrain yourself.


Well we have to eat don’t we? Hard Rock Cafe and a Burrito cafe. Enough said.

Honestly, if you are uncomfortable eating German food, want a break from ,”Germanness,” or just want some English company Hard Rock Cafe is the place to go

Hard Rock Cafe

My top 5 fictional couples

It’s getting to that point where I’m getting pretty excited about the upcoming release of books it seems I’ve been waiting millions of years for, and yet I’ve only been waiting about 6 months. Yes some of my favourite authors are that good. I praise you all. Continue reading

Vampire Knight

Ok, I know we have mentioned we are going to be writing about Exhibitions and Films… But we all have to read right?… I will probably do more book/manga reviews in the past. If anyone has any suggestions on what to read (I’ve read The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy (4 times… not sure why I’m proud of that) then give us a message and I’m sure one of us will get around to reading it… Natalie might be the best for proper books as I just write them. However, I will try and give a good/honest book review when I do get around to reading 😀


I’ll admit my reaction of being shocked at the first part of the chapter then crying towards the end and then rocking backwards and forwards in denial has happened with nearly every new chapter of Vampire Knight the past few months.

So Manga/Anime fans!

If you have been to any Cosplay convention/party you will have probably have seen someone in the Cross Academy Night Class Uniform or Day Class Uniform. I’m not going to try and give anything away considering there may be those of you out there who are waiting for the Manga books to come out instead of doing the impatient thing of hunting down translators once a month.

Vampire Knight has slowly become a popular manga, created by Matsuri Hino (We praise you) early 2005 AND IT IS STILL GOING! However, one detail that made me sit in the corner and cry for a while was released in the latest translations of Chapter 88. Again Spoilers. I’m not going to say.

So, the story of Vampire Knight. These Vampires don’t sparkle… They are just really pretty. The beginning of the story is based around human girl called Yuuki/Yuki (Depending on the translation depends what spelling but they both are pronounced the same) Cross, a kind cheerful 15 year old… who can also eat a lot. We find out that Yuuki has no memories from before she was five years old, her first memory is of a snowy winters day. Enter *Fan girl scream* Kaname Kuran. Kaname saves 5 year old Yuuki from an evil vampire that wants to suck her blood- actioned packed right from the start- this reveals to Yuuki that Kaname is also a vampire. Kaname spends a lot of time trying to protect Yuuki. Again with spoilers I’m not going to go into it but I will say there is another reason for it other than Kaname is responsible for Yuuki as he saved her life.

Kaname leaves Yuuki in the care of Chairman Cross, a slightly… errm how do I put it… weird? man, ok he’s just seems to be really happy but you can tell he really cares :’). Although like most of the characters in Vampire Knight it does turn out he has a secret past later on in the series. Kaien (That’s the Chairmans real name) adopts Yuuki. This sets up the scene to bring in the third main character and second guy after Yuuki’s heart… *Drum Roll*  Zero Kiryu! Basically Zero gets brought to live with Yuuki and the Chairman after his family are killed by a Pureblood Vampire (Rule of Vampire Knight, there are different kinds of Vampires- humour is put into this as there is actually a hierarchy triangle placing where all the vampires are on it. Pureblood Vampires are the highest and rarest vampires, only they can change humans into Vampires and even then there can be consequences for said human. If the human survives the change the human will need to feed off of a Pureblood to keep their sanity, if not said Ex-Human Vampire will degrade into what is called, “Level E,” Which is when the Vampire Hunters can come and kill them as Level E vampires pose a threat.

Back to Zero, his family died, we find out he has a twin brother who is believed to have died, Yuuki spends some time bonding with Zero, we find out Zero has a real grudge against Vampires… Lucky Zero! The Chairman decides to open up a Night class for Vampires! And basically that’s where the story begins. Yuuki and Zero, as they know about vampires are chosen to be prefects guarding the Day (Human) class against the Night (Vampire) Class. The Night class is closely run by Kaname, who is sweetly keeping an eye on Yuuki.

Most fans split off into ZEKI (ZeroXYuuki) Or KanameXYuuki… I guess KanameXZero is also a big group as well…

It’s a Shojo manga so yes it has it’s girly romance aspects to it, but it also has everything else you could want from a story… unless you are being really imaginative. The Manga is available or there is seasons 1&2 of the Anime, however, the Anime has a few changes to it and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting any more seasons to continue on the journey 😦