Halloween Review – The Nightmare Before Christmas



This is a brief description of the film for the few alternative kids who never saw it . I myself love the whole idea of dressing up for a party , but nothing actually scary


. Thank God for Tim Burton making interesting films that are masked under the veil of scary. Personally thoughts are that Tim interests the world with his view of it . Not so micky mouse but still some form of happily ever after that we all desire ! Tim gives us the motivation  and desire to want more for our creepy pessimistic selves in a positive way!

“Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it! ” 


I personally love the poem , it adds so much more to the  film ! I also am a huuuge fan of stop-motion animation .

Jack decides that he is bored with Halloween fearing that it lacks meaning . It’s an issue that is quite true, more so in England . I never went trick or treating . I went to a brownies Halloween party wearing a bin bag , that meant I was a witch some how . Not bitter at all :P. The American holidays are getting more embraced over here so I dread to think what competition myself and my binbag would have to compete with nowadays !

I feel it’s a safe film for families , some may be scared , others encouraged to be unique. I know this film for sure stands alone in the fact it engages such a vast audience . We need to encourage more different films to be made that show how a darkly imperfect world can be the happiest place to be.

I also remembered this is the time where Parkin cake is available at all good bakeries accross britain !  If you are not a northern lass or lad then here is a description and brief history


If you want me I will be hiding me greed under a blanket with The Nightmare Before Christmas and a cup of tea to go with the Parkin


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