Berlin: Land of Currywurst, great museums and beer

So we’re back from our week in Berlin. The city is as beautiful as ever and still as much to offer in its wisdom, history and food. We didn’t want to come back but washing needed doing and I’m snowboarding all next week in France.


Where shall I start? Snow, -14 degrees temperatures and watching enough people fall down it wasn’t even funny anymore. But don’t let this detract the sheer beauty and awesomeness of the city. The city as some fabulous architecture that can rival other big cities in the world but it’s quirkiness is what makes it unique. The Green Man we’re used to in the UK looks quite different to ours (see photo) This is a remanent of before the wall fell that the East and West Germans decided to keep. Adds a small smile to the most serious of tourists faces.

We arrived late Monday and had to work out the public transport system… It became easier as time went by. Think of the London Underground with extra colours, routes and added modes of transport. S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Bus, Metro, Train. The Germans make it look so easy.


Our hostel was fantastic. Plus Hostel is close to the U-Bahn and S-Bahn so it’s easy to get around Berlin and there’s a supermarket and clubs near by.

IMG_0588So to not ramble on we went to the zoo… So many cute animals! We went to Museum Island, Topographies des Terrors, Salvador Dali Exhibition, shopped in Alexanderplatz and Kurfurstendamm and so much more.

IMG_0590I also drank plenty of Berlin beer and ate Currywurst. We didn’t see much strudel but I’ll search for that next time. The beer is good and pretty cheap compared to soft drinks… I paid 3,50 for a medium steiner of Berlin beer… And it’s symbol is a bear 🙂

Don’t be surprised to see colourful bears dotted around the city when you’re travelling around. These statues become a fun way of working out where you’ve been and you see them that frequently that you may actually miss them when you leave.Wolfgang-Scholvien

Berlin is one of those cities like Paris you have to see it in all the seasons because it changes so much throughout the year.

Please visit if you get the chance and with return flights from Manchester UK with Lufthansa and Easyjet for under £90 you really can’t complain.

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