Happy Halloween!

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Me, Cat, Vanessa and James are all hoping you’re having a spookily fantastic Halloween! People of the UK I’m hoping you’ve had fun trick or treating… It’s now past 10pm so hopefully teens and grown-ups are ready to party! I’ve … Continue reading

Doctor Who Party starts… NOW!

As a big Doctor Who fan the news of the 50th Anniversary Special episode made me seem like someone had told a 5 year old kid that Christmas was going to come early this year AND they were going to get everything they wanted AND vegetables were off the menu for life.

DWday1 excite

Starting now, I’m having my own Well Did You Evah Doctor Who party, till the 23rd of November where the Doctor Who Special, “The Day of the Doctor,” will be aired.  The Day of the Doctor episode will excitingly be an adventure where the 11th Doctor and companion Clara somehow meets the HumanDoctor (Series 4 episode basically it’s the 10th Doctor only he’s human and has been living in a Parallel  universe with Rose, who will also be in this episode- companion he fell in love with), and in between all of that Actor John Hurt (Playing a character) has something to do with what ever is going on.

DW day1__The_Day_of_the_Doctor_idents__stings_and_Twitter_hashtag_to_be_revealed_as_Atlantis_airs

As there are other people contributing on this blog I have had to be reined in a bit. This was going to be a month long, “Every day I will post something Doctor Who themed,” Sort of deal, but I was reminded we do kind of have a schedule here. So, its an every so often in the next month- few times a week- I will do a post focusing on certain aspects of Doctor Who, be it the monsters, the companions or everything in-between. I have gotten the team to let me have the 11 days before the 23rd to post a Doctor a day, starting from William Hartnell (The First Doctor) To Matt Smith (Present Day Doctor).

DW 12

Do I need to do an introduction?

1963, Doctor who was first aired, history was made. If it wasn’t for that and them deciding to bring the show back in 2005, my family would probably be seeing a less insane me, which would be boring.

The Doctor isn’t human, he’s a Time Lord from Gallifrey, the series first started off as he had been exiled but as the “New Doctor Who,” (This is what fans call the Doctor Who series that started in 2005) it became apparent the reason he couldn’t go back was because of the Time War destroyed Gallifrey (I’ll explain this at a later post). He travels the universe picking up companions who help the Doctor but also help the audience. A human companion helps viewers sometimes see the Doctors adventures through another point of view but are also there to ask questions to simplify the, “Timey-wimey wibbley-wobbley,” Stuff. Each episode The Doctor and his Companion/s travel in the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), to try simplify that even more it’s a box that travels in time and space. They go to different eras, planets or just stop on Earth where they usually end up facing different monsters… with style.

The Doctor Who series is massive, spanning at least 2 spin off series (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures) Most people will at least recognise the name or one of the icons from the programme. The programme can bring joy, fear, heartbreak but almost every episode can guarantee the Doctor winning in some form and kids… and me… dying to be a part of the Doctor’s adventures.

If anyone has any specific monster, companion or other thing you want us to review, get in touch via our contact thing or Psychic paper (however, best to use the contact thing apparently my Psychic Paper doesn’t react well to being sonicked by the sonic screwdriver)… of course I’ll be battling with the Daleks and Cybermen

Although, my MacBook seems to be having different idea’s with that battle-


November: Dracula, Classic Horror and Vivien Leigh

I was looking through my Simon’s Cat diary and was quite pleased by what’s coming up over the next month. We thought it was our duty to fill you in on all the goodies that we have to look forward to.


Friday 25th October brings Dracula to US screens. This version looks sinfully brilliant with the very pretty Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing Dracula (We drooled and squealed so much when this was announced.) Meyers is a great choice for Dracula and after seeing him a few times in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones I think he’ll pull the sexy supernatural role off very well. The trailer also looks quite amazing. I’m hoping it lives up to expectations as there seems to be a few gothic style TV Shows airing this fall/ autumn. Sleepy Hollow and Witches of East End to name a few. British fans will recognise Katie McGrath who played Morgana in BBC’s Merlin, in Dracula she plays Lucy. The 10 episode show airs in the UK on Sky Living on 31st October. This means we’ll be in for a ghoulishly good Halloween Night.

Where Horror films are concerned there’s a great film event you need to look out for at Independent cinemas. The event creatively titled Gothic: The Dark Artelsa-lanchester-bride-of-frankenstein-c10102251-1_7942 of Film runs fully at BFI London where they are showing a huge selection of old and classic horror films. Think Nosferatu Symphony of Horror, Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee Draculas and The Bride Of Frankenstein and you’re definitely on the right lines. After some checking at my local cinemas (Showroom Sheffield and City Screen York) we’ve found out that they are also showing selected films (YAY!) Obviously they don’t have the full selection but they do have some corkers. This Sunday I’ll be in York to see Nosferatu in all it’s silent glory. Showroom are running Gothic well into December so people of Yorkshire you have no excuse to miss classic horror!


For all the films in Gothic: The Dark Art of Film visit BFI: http://www.bfi.org.uk/gothic

Vivien_Leigh_BFI5th November marks Vivien Leigh’s 100th Birthday. Me and Cat are big lovers of this golden starlet and so are making the effort to make her birthday as big as can be. BFI Southbank are also celebrating by showing her films until January 2014. They’re showing classics like Gone With The Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire along with Waterloo Bridge and The Deep Blue Sea. Keep an eye out because there’s also a few talks taking place at BFI, National Portrait Gallery (with none other than Kendra Bean, Exciting!) and one at V&A Museum on 13th November. I’m very much looking forward to all these. Those who are free on Saturday 16th or Monday 18th November can also buy tickets to have a sneak peek in the V&A archives which now contain some of Ms. Leigh’s clothing and personal affects. What a perfect month November will be!

For a more detailed list on Vivien Leigh talks and events visit http://www.vivandlarry.com This site is basically all you need for everything Vivien. It’s ran by Kendra Bean. All screening times are available here: BFI Vivien Leigh showtimes


As you’ve been warned we will be contributing lots on Vivien Leigh throughout November. It’s our way of showing our love and appreciation. You’re welcome to get involved too!

Angela Lansbury, Happy Birthday!

One of the, “Should be,” Queens of England (She has a CBE, so, we could be getting there), she was born in England and moved to America where the start of her mind blowing career started.

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It’s this amazing lady’s 88th birthday. Now most of you should recognise at least one piece of her work, her career has span over 7 decades. She’s still alive and looking fantastic so, I’m sure- unless I’ve missed the memo of retirement- there could be more to come.

Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast?

AL Mrs Potts

Miss Price in Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

AL bedknobs-broomsticks-3

Aunt Adelaide in Nanny McPhee?

AL Nanny

Growing up you must have watched one of these movies, definitely heard the iconic Beauty and the Beast song Tale as old as time (The normal version- do not mention the Kate Price version)

It’s not just kids who are effected by her acting and voice over work. Some of my favourite work she has done, involves her in a TV series which lasted 10 years- And I’ve tried to watch all the episodes and movies, unfortunately I can’t make any promises as this was when they aired repeats on TV and I have a download limit so it’s not exactly possible to download them all as it’s one of America’s longest running detective drama series (12 seasons over 200 episodes)-

AL murder_she_wrote-show

Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote.

Honestly, I break out into a smile every time I hear the name of this series. It’s 90’s Murder style (well it was filmed in the 80’s/90’s), today it could be vaguely related to the TV series Castle, Jessica Fletcher is an author who gets involved in a murder case where ever she seems to go. There’s hardly any forensic science and the police in this case comes in the form of- in most episodes- a sheriff. The series follows Jessica around as she goes visiting family or just stays in her home town of Cabot Cove, Maine.

Angela Lansbury’s acting as Jessica Fletcher, brings about a case of no one else would have been able to portray that character as perfectly as that, she brings about humour and drama to the series but also their are cases where you can actually relate to the character. She may solve, “Whodunnit,” Crimes in this series but really you want to be asking the Murder, She Wrote crew, “Whodunnit?” To pat whoever suggested Angela Lansbury should play this role on the back.

I hope Angela Lansbury is one of these actresses that is remembered forever, I know, for me personally, she is one of my favourites. Which, means in my house when The Harvey Girls is put on the TV, I’m glued to the screen and will fight anyone who talks as that movie stars both Angela Lansbury and Judy Garland. The number of people Angela Lansbury has starred with, is enough to get any old movie fanatic jealous as she has even starred with dancing Actor Gene Kelly in The Three Musketeers (1948), A.K.A The Movie that makes Natalie cry, but then any movie which Gene looks heart broken and cries, she will cry. Angela Lansbury must know about her brilliance due to the amount of fans she has plus the amount of awards she has received for her work.

Happy Birthday Angela Lansbury! We Love you!

Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin


You’ve done it again Ms. Poitevin!

I was shocked at the end of Sins of the Son and very eager to get my hands on this one. I’ve read it twice just to make sure I really read what I read.

Sins of the LostSeth is still with Alex and they appear to be happy. It still lingers that he is the son of God and Lucifer and this plays a big piece in the books. This isn’t as simple a romance as it appears to be (but it never as been as it?)

The romance throughout the series is quite intense and emotions play a big, key part in everything. That’s a big reason why I love this series and in particular this book. Everything goes on, the end of the world is still upon the world and Alex has to deal with this as well as the events that happened in the last book, getting through psych evaluations, getting on with her life as best she can while basically trying to save the world. Poitevin makes all this believable! Yes you read that right! I found myself sucked into this book and almost entangled with what was happening. The writing is perfect for every character and she deals with the human/angel hybrid babies really well in all the scenes and situations they appear in.

Alex herself is in my top three of kick ass heroines. She’s superb. A woman with a lot on her plate and handles it as a normal 12451769person would. No super powers and very much with all her emotions intact. She’s a passionate but sensible woman caught up in the middle of a war between heaven and hell. She still has an (old) soulmate watching over her and yet she gets on with her police and world saving work anyway.

Onto the story. Some books you find yourself getting a bit bored or hoping the storyline will speed up. I wish this book had never ended. The actual story arc itself carries some great action that keeps you gripped. It works brilliantly that Poitevin swaps point of views, we see it from Hell, Heaven and the battleground of Earth.

10661603So it all happens in this book but the ending stunned me. Compared to the endings of Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Sons this one seems tame… for now. You read the ending and really don’t know what to think. Will it all stay as it should? Will something else evil and nefarious happen? Will Alex’s love life be doomed? This, to me, is worse than a cliffhanger. At least then you have an inkling about what might happen! It’ll be torture waiting to find out what happens, but it’s a torture worth bearing.

Don’t try reading this book without reading the first two in the Grigori Legacy series. You’d be a bit confused. They are definitely worth a read though! Great writing, interesting characters, story lines like you’ve never read before and an author who’s great at what she does. Pick up the books now!

The book, Sins of the Lost is due to be released tomorrow (16th October)

Halloween Review – The Nightmare Before Christmas



This is a brief description of the film for the few alternative kids who never saw it . I myself love the whole idea of dressing up for a party , but nothing actually scary


. Thank God for Tim Burton making interesting films that are masked under the veil of scary. Personally thoughts are that Tim interests the world with his view of it . Not so micky mouse but still some form of happily ever after that we all desire ! Tim gives us the motivation  and desire to want more for our creepy pessimistic selves in a positive way!

“Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it! ” 


I personally love the poem , it adds so much more to the  film ! I also am a huuuge fan of stop-motion animation .

Jack decides that he is bored with Halloween fearing that it lacks meaning . It’s an issue that is quite true, more so in England . I never went trick or treating . I went to a brownies Halloween party wearing a bin bag , that meant I was a witch some how . Not bitter at all :P. The American holidays are getting more embraced over here so I dread to think what competition myself and my binbag would have to compete with nowadays !

I feel it’s a safe film for families , some may be scared , others encouraged to be unique. I know this film for sure stands alone in the fact it engages such a vast audience . We need to encourage more different films to be made that show how a darkly imperfect world can be the happiest place to be.

I also remembered this is the time where Parkin cake is available at all good bakeries accross britain !  If you are not a northern lass or lad then here is a description and brief history


If you want me I will be hiding me greed under a blanket with The Nightmare Before Christmas and a cup of tea to go with the Parkin


A Study in Darkness by Emma Jane Holloway

You might be thinking you’ve seen that name on here before. Well you have! As a recap it’s this review  A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway. I received this book again from Netgalley. After reading A Study in … Continue reading