Happy Birthday Well Did You Evah!

Wow we’ve made it a full year! (Okay maybe a year and a few days)

We did have big plans but because we left these plans a tad bit late we haven’t been able to fulfil them. Organisational skills are obviously not our strong point. We will however be bringing special things throughout the festive month of December as a thank you for you our lovely fans. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you!


As part of our birthday celebrations we wanted you, our fans, to write for us. I also wanted to send chocolate reindeers to people but this idea was squashed in the early stages.

We’re also doing a special poll where you choose your favourite film, actor and actress of 2013 and which ever gets the most votes by the end of December will win. I was thinking we’d basically write a post on them. This all depends on you guys participating! So please get in touch on here or Facebook and we’ll get the poll started!

So lets all go eat cake, raise a glass of something nice and give three cheers for Well Did You Evah! A blog I am dead proud of and get to write about what I love for people who love reading about it. Here’s to another brilliant and fabulous year!

Here I’ll leave you to the song (and our namesake) Well Did You Evah from High Society. What A Swell Party It Is!

Well Did You Evah 1st Birthday News!

This is it! On Friday 29th November Well Did You Evah will be turning one! We (Me, Cat, Vanessa & James) would be thrilled if you could join us in our celebrations! We’re still figuring out details but keep an eye out at http://www.facebook.com/welldidyouevah for more information… and please like our page if you’d be so kind! A small hint is that we’re planning some guest posts. If you’d like to guest post from another blog please contact us!

For now I’ll leave you with our heartfelt praises and warmest thanks for being such loyal and kind followers. We’ve had a great first year and plan to have many more! Merci Beaucoup!