Vampire Knight

Ok, I know we have mentioned we are going to be writing about Exhibitions and Films… But we all have to read right?… I will probably do more book/manga reviews in the past. If anyone has any suggestions on what to read (I’ve read The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy (4 times… not sure why I’m proud of that) then give us a message and I’m sure one of us will get around to reading it… Natalie might be the best for proper books as I just write them. However, I will try and give a good/honest book review when I do get around to reading 😀


I’ll admit my reaction of being shocked at the first part of the chapter then crying towards the end and then rocking backwards and forwards in denial has happened with nearly every new chapter of Vampire Knight the past few months.

So Manga/Anime fans!

If you have been to any Cosplay convention/party you will have probably have seen someone in the Cross Academy Night Class Uniform or Day Class Uniform. I’m not going to try and give anything away considering there may be those of you out there who are waiting for the Manga books to come out instead of doing the impatient thing of hunting down translators once a month.

Vampire Knight has slowly become a popular manga, created by Matsuri Hino (We praise you) early 2005 AND IT IS STILL GOING! However, one detail that made me sit in the corner and cry for a while was released in the latest translations of Chapter 88. Again Spoilers. I’m not going to say.

So, the story of Vampire Knight. These Vampires don’t sparkle… They are just really pretty. The beginning of the story is based around human girl called Yuuki/Yuki (Depending on the translation depends what spelling but they both are pronounced the same) Cross, a kind cheerful 15 year old… who can also eat a lot. We find out that Yuuki has no memories from before she was five years old, her first memory is of a snowy winters day. Enter *Fan girl scream* Kaname Kuran. Kaname saves 5 year old Yuuki from an evil vampire that wants to suck her blood- actioned packed right from the start- this reveals to Yuuki that Kaname is also a vampire. Kaname spends a lot of time trying to protect Yuuki. Again with spoilers I’m not going to go into it but I will say there is another reason for it other than Kaname is responsible for Yuuki as he saved her life.

Kaname leaves Yuuki in the care of Chairman Cross, a slightly… errm how do I put it… weird? man, ok he’s just seems to be really happy but you can tell he really cares :’). Although like most of the characters in Vampire Knight it does turn out he has a secret past later on in the series. Kaien (That’s the Chairmans real name) adopts Yuuki. This sets up the scene to bring in the third main character and second guy after Yuuki’s heart… *Drum Roll*  Zero Kiryu! Basically Zero gets brought to live with Yuuki and the Chairman after his family are killed by a Pureblood Vampire (Rule of Vampire Knight, there are different kinds of Vampires- humour is put into this as there is actually a hierarchy triangle placing where all the vampires are on it. Pureblood Vampires are the highest and rarest vampires, only they can change humans into Vampires and even then there can be consequences for said human. If the human survives the change the human will need to feed off of a Pureblood to keep their sanity, if not said Ex-Human Vampire will degrade into what is called, “Level E,” Which is when the Vampire Hunters can come and kill them as Level E vampires pose a threat.

Back to Zero, his family died, we find out he has a twin brother who is believed to have died, Yuuki spends some time bonding with Zero, we find out Zero has a real grudge against Vampires… Lucky Zero! The Chairman decides to open up a Night class for Vampires! And basically that’s where the story begins. Yuuki and Zero, as they know about vampires are chosen to be prefects guarding the Day (Human) class against the Night (Vampire) Class. The Night class is closely run by Kaname, who is sweetly keeping an eye on Yuuki.

Most fans split off into ZEKI (ZeroXYuuki) Or KanameXYuuki… I guess KanameXZero is also a big group as well…

It’s a Shojo manga so yes it has it’s girly romance aspects to it, but it also has everything else you could want from a story… unless you are being really imaginative. The Manga is available or there is seasons 1&2 of the Anime, however, the Anime has a few changes to it and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting any more seasons to continue on the journey 😦