Why You Are Unemployed ?!

Isn’t it Ironic ? Don’t You Think ? – Alanis Morisette 

Who knew that song would still be relevant to me in 2013 . It was made in 1996! Yet , sat at the jobcentre signing on after another two weeks of failing to find employment . The lady talking to me says “Can you wait ten minutes? We are very short staffed.” I personally do not have an issue with waiting , but this lady who I have to beg for money every 14 days works for the government ran jobcentre that make it so bloody difficult to employ people! You do not need any previous qualifications for the job .However two different people that work at the job centre have both told me it is very difficult to get into .  Also I have a previous warning letter slapping my wrist for being 3minuites late but hey it helps keep the song relevant !

But yeh basically I feel that We, University leavers , job seekers are just not getting the help we need .

For anyone that wants to try as I have, to get a job at the job centre.  I say lets beat the establishment ! Heres a website where you can look for civil servant jobs . !https://jobs.civilservice.gov.uk/company/nghr/app_center.cgi?SID=b3duZXI9NTA1MDAwMCZvd25lcnR5cGU9ZmFpciZzZWN0aW9uPWdlbmVyaWMmc2Vhc29uPTA=

I am personally trying very hard to get a job after University to no avail thus far.  I thought I did! But no the search continues.

1. Go to a interview believing that you know everything about what the job entails 

Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing opportunities I have applied for that I can not wait to be considered for . But in my nievity of the job search I have applied for so many scams . The companies themselves very real however as the old saying goes if it is too good to be true it is because it is .

I have walked into a interview expecting to rock it ! However the other 50 people in the room would beg to differ ! For me I feel slightly hurt by the graduate jobs I have gone for because they have just lead to me not getting the job (boo) . This could be due to economies fall from grace.

The Grad jobs I did apply for

A)50 to 1 chance of getting the job , I got eliminated within the first round of interviews 😦 . With this specific company I later found out that the people who kept phoning me and asking me questions got commission if I got hired . I truly thought this lady calling me everyday really believed in my abilities . Meh .

B) Upselling what the job actually is : Now I know how to avoid the usual scams of working from home.  Being your own boss . All that Jazz. Being a individualist though I kept my window open to most jobs . So when I saw a graduate marketing assistant scheme I was thrilled. So I applied .Went to two interviews and a trial day . Got the job !

What was the graduate job ?

Knocking on doors selling internet for a certain company and television services .

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed chatting to other people and my “Mentor” but it was not what the job advertises and after I got the job the first thing the director of the company said was . He knows that people do not want to do this . He doesn’t hire people that do. He hires people that want to own their own companies . Nice man ,

The sad truth was I would be earning commission , Not always reliable income . Not what I wanted at all. I did it for two days and quit . Within two days I received alot of compliments about potential, promises of buisness trips that I wouldn’t have to pay for, but I would happily swap that for a minimum wage job .  I spent my own money for transport to sell a product door to door . I couldn’t justify spending my free time doing this instead of applying for actual paying jobs , or doing some form of meaningless course to get a piece of paper that says I can do basic p.a stuff that academically speaking having a creative degree doesn’t show somehow .

Here is a excellent link for tips to handle grad job interviews > (By a company that did not employ me. Fools)


C) The job offer is taken: Drinking a starbucks preparing myself for the interview I was going to rock . I received a phone call telling me. They hired some one . An hour before my interview . Bit unprofessional . had to swallow sadness like a baws .



I am now applying for the basic of jobs not mentioning the hard graft I did do for three years as the jobcentre lady has decided this makes me far too overqualified to be aknowledged . But this is my beef with the world . I am still far too overqualified for junior creative jobs that specifically do not ask for degrees at all.

The only thing for me to do is to keep applying as with all the other unemployed graduates but hey lets keep happy.  Living at home I don’t have to wear a onesie, jumper and housecoat this winter .  I am volunteering in a Charity shop to keep my retail skills refreshed. Oh I also start college again at 21 . in health and social care. Sighh .

Places I would advise people to not waste their time is the big chain shops . That you spend hours and days of your life trying to sell yourself through mental ability tests . One wrong click and your dismissed from the whole process ! Definitely back to the time of not what you know its who you know . I need to meet more successful people me thinks .

With all this spare time I have been able to see what is happening in the world of music and if lady gaga can sing applause  for 50 percent of her new song surely real creatives can make it through .


Thanks for reading . Lets hope I have some positive job news  soon .

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