Let’s do a round up of British TV

Sooo. Let’s review the the Britishness of the BBC and other British programs. Tea anyone?

Going back a few weeks. My favourite alien came back on screen, yes, Doctor Who.

Doctor Who s7

I became a ten year old kid grabbing my eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver and sat in front of the TV. I’ve enjoyed this series of Doctor Who so far. I had doubts. Clara turned out to be filling Amy’s shoes ok. Victorian Clara I loved. Modern day Clara took some growing.
Least favourite episode so far, has to be the submarine one. I’m not going into that.
From what I can tell the past three episodes have gotten better. However, I’m not really looking forward to this Saturday’s episode where they have the kids, who know about Clara and time traveling, joining the adventure. Fingers crossed, this episode is as good as the past 3.
Bring on the rest of the series! And tell us what or who Clara is!!!!!!!


Lastest episode of Doctor Who- The Crimson Horror- http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01sfhyp/Doctor_Who_Series_7_Part_2_The_Crimson_Horror/

Please note, BBC iPlayer Links will only work if you are in the UK. Another point, they have expiry dates, If you are reading this post a month after the publish date, chances are the link will no longer work. There are other ways you can watch this, waiting for the DVD’s, downloading the episodes or finding online TV streaming sites.


The_Voice_UKThe Voice. I have actually been checking out reality TV this year. I’ll tell you

The voice why later. I watched a few episodes of The Voice last year. But like the X-factor I only watched the auditions in hopes someone made a fool of themselves, in that case they did then you questioned are they idiots? The Voice is different from ITV programmes though as the BBC actually make sure people who audition CAN sing. And I was surprised to find the ones who I didn’t think had a strong voice went though. . I’m thinking The Voice UK is a big enough programme that it doesn’t need explaining? To remind you. Will.i.am. Jessie J. Tom Jones. Danny O’Donoghue. Swirly chairs. People singing.

Latest episode (Episode 6) http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01sd7cc/The_Voice_UK_Series_2_Blind_Auditions_6/



britains-got-talentBritain’s Got Talent… Reason why I have been checking out reality TV. On a trip down to London, we actually saw some of the judges. I had no idea who Amanda Holden was when she walked out of the Ladies loos after bumping into two of my friends who were in there. This programme, is a laugh however, like most ITV reality TV programmes, it leaves you questioning the sanity of British people. I’ll admit I don’t plan on watching this after the auditions finish. I do want explaining though that if this is BRITAIN’S got talent. Why are people who have come from other countries allowed to audition? I don’t mean that in a racist way, if people of other nationalities are living here then they probably can audition, I just don’t understand why those who live in other counties are auditioning for a programme which is supposed to prove another country has talent.


The past weeks schedule.
Well, we saw the end to the current series of Masterchef. A woman won, yay! I normally just put cooking programs on in the background while working- university budget, you just cry that you can’t really afford food like that… Plus I will probably have to send out a nationwide alert if I start cooking, yes I am that bad. I got into Masterchef this year. It added a dash of disaster but also the food looked pretty.
In Masterchefs Tuesday, Wednesday spot is the return of… Waterloo Road, yes it is still going. On Tuesday we get to see the business wrestling match that is The Apprentice

I’m a fan of Waterloo Road, but I am slowly wondering when they are going to run out of story lines. At this point they could do a spin off of Waterloo Road Kids, which have been born to past students. In a way it reminds me of my secondary school, yes Waterloo roadsome of the pupils there were that bad. We’ve had one episode of this series so far. And it looks like there is only going to be one original cast member left at the end of this season. Tom Clarkson is still going strong fighting for the gender confused students and anyone who needs help. Grantly however, got diagnosed with kidney failure. I’ll be sad if Grantly does go, the old guy is almost as bad as the school. Plus he’s one of those characters you cannot replace.

Season 8 Episode 1 (it says 21, Waterloo Road is spilt into two, one half of the year they show one term’s worth of school then they have a break, they write this in as a school holiday, where they come back to start a new term/year where you often find a new cast/students) http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01s9c0v/Waterloo_Road_Series_8_Episode_21/


The Apprentice.

Started last night. Goth I was banging my head on my desk from the start. Where do I start? How high are these peoples self esteems? I don’t understand how they are able to talk like that about themselves.

the-apprentice-2013-return-0002 Ok, they are high up on the food chain, but you don’t see the queen flaunting how she’s all high and mighty. I first thought maybe they said stuff like that thinking that would be cut out. Then it turns out they are actually like that. The human race, when you get bad personalities,you really get bad personalities. It makes it fun to watch though. The Apprentice isn’t just Lord Sugar’s hunt to give business investment. It’s a corporate cat fight, where you see one of the biggest bitchiest personality fights in reality TV. So, yes I am going to keep watching this just to see if anyone is going to hit a nerve. Also the firing is amusing.

Episode 1 Series 9 of The Apprentice-