Holmes Wars: Sherlock vs Elementary

This is a joint Fight  article by Natalie and Cat.

Cat is writing in red

So Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century is pretty uber cool. I mean look at how popular BBC’s Sherlock and the US Elementary have become! These shows wouldn’t have worked too well back in the 60’s or 70’s… Sherlock in bell bottom trousers anyone? In the Wood household we watch both Sherlock and Elementary. The major issue comes when asked which we prefer. I has a Jonny Lee Miller fan like Elementary more than Sherlock. Cat swears by Sherlock. I will not put the awesome picture of Benedict Cumberbatch here, as Natalie is writing this too… Continue reading

Pin Up Girl Tattoos

There are two things that can be fitted into the words, “Pin Up Girl Tattoos,” Pin Up Girls WITH Tattoos, a more contemporary art form. Involving the art of female models with an often alternative clothing/lifestyle posing pin up styles with tattoos often been the main attraction. These barely dressed, yet lovely, ladies are often seen in Tattoo magazines- last year one tattoo magazine gave a calendar where every month you got a different pin up, tattoo covered, girl.

Pinupgirlwithtattoos 1Pinupgirlwithtattoos2

Now actual Pin Up Girl tattoos are more permanent… Unless you have the money to pay for laser removal. And of course if you have seen X-Men Origins Wolverine. The Character Fred Dukes (Or to all you X-men fans, “The Blob,”) Got a pin up girl tattoo and you see the tattoos don’t be come very impressive if you gain a lot weight (Note for you all though just incase you didn’t know- A tattoo will grow as your skin does, meaning your skin stretches the tattoo stretches. The tattoo will not stay the same.)

People have been having pin up girls tattooed on to themselves for decades, as it has been mentioned pin up girls were seen as a symbol of luck in the war. Men would have them tattooed on their arm, but even today it is a popular choice, whole chapters being dedicated to pin up designs in tattoo selection books. And even women today are known to have pin up girls tattooed on themselves.

I do suggest researching tattooists before getting any tattoo done, we’ve all heard of mistakes that have happened. But the human form is probably one of the trickiest things someone can transfer on to skin, most of the time you will not get 100% quality of the image. Think about it. The paper you will have printed  or drawn your image on will be pure white, your skin isn’t. Paper= flat. You= Not flat.


Example of differences. Although this is a fairly good job you can see the effect skin colour has on the tattoo.

Over the years different Pin-up girl tattoo categories have been created, no longer do people just get to choose from the normal, human pin up girls. There has been a development of having pin up girls with modifications such as wings. Plus you can choose to have a more realistic pin up girl or a more, “Cartoon,” type girl.

d1b7cd02c5109f05c2b727c4de20524b Pinupgirltattoo2 Pinupgirltattoo3