Late Night Ramblings of an Asexual.


This is me sort of coming out. A few other people- including some other Asexuals- know. I am a sexual orientation known as Asexual.


Ok, so some people reading this will probably be thinking, “WTF is that?” Or something along the lines of, “Isn’t that a scientific thing where the they reproduce by themselves?”

This for me, is why it’s harder to explain and tell people.

Homosexuals and Bisexuals you know who they are, they are more known and wrongly discriminated against. Asexuals, it’s believed only 1% of the worlds population are so and then there is an argument on whether there is just a problem with the person/their sex drive.

Asexuality is basically, I see it as being opposite of Bisexual, I don’t experience sexual attraction.

Now that doesn’t mean asexuals can’t have a relationship like the other orientations do. Asexuals are not destined to live alone. Ok, some people find it strange I actually like my alone time- I’m a self-confessed Spinster and Hermit I live alone I’m happy being alone, but that’s because it’s awkward explaining to others in a romantic relationship if you want to take this to the next level, there will be a chance I will run screaming. That’s my reaction though, chances are the more calm way of doing it is saying I’m not interested you can either cope with that, I might be willing later on in the relationship or you can leave. Reality, Leave me by myself with a computer and cake, you’ll find me happier than what any man or woman could make me.

Gir Cupcake


There is a difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction.

Romantic attraction is more to do with love and attachment, sort of who we are attracted too to date, some Asexuals find themselves more romantically attracted to a specific gender, like sexual orientation, although this case it’s not who we are attracted too to have sex with. There are a few but the more common ones are Aromantic, not being romantically attracted to any gender (I think the definition of this sounds a bit mean, it makes them sound like they might hate everyone, but the aromantics I’ve met are awesome people) Bi-romantic being romantically attracted to both genders. Homo-romantic being attracted to same gender or Hetro-romantic, being romantically attracted to opposite gender. I more relate to the bi-romantic that doesn’t mean I’m bisexual though, it’s more I see males and females the same amount of attractive, it doesn’t mean I will sleep with them

Asexuals can still experience romantic attraction and see people attractive, it gets awkward/slightly funny for me because there are times where I will say something meaning it as a friendly compliment but to another person they will think I’m flirting. There are times where I’ve had to say I’m not a lesbian because of some misunderstanding. I can say, “Oh he looks nice,” but truthfully that will be it, I don’t have any plans to have fantasies or whatever.  Asexuals can still have a normal relationship though, it’s not like we live like nuns, Ok, there are some who will say they won’t have sex or that the act disgusts them. The physical side of the relationship for most people is seen as important so if the relationship is worth is some compromise might be made

For Asexuals, a relationship is just based less on the physical side. It’s not celibacy, we aren’t choosing to abstain from sex, I think for most of us it’s just we don’t see people that way. You can’t really get a heterosexual person to have sex with someone of the same sex. Take BBC’s Sherlock series 2 episode one- A Scandal in Belgravia, Sherlock was faced with an attractive naked woman, he didn’t even seem bothered. It’s a similar case with other Asexuals; if I were faced with a naked person I’d cringe, not be bothered or fall into a fit of giggles finding the whole situation funny. There’d be no sexual, “I want to procreate with you!” Attraction there.

Asexy3It doesn’t mean we really turn our noses up at sex either, todays society you can’t get away from it, if being asexual meant we’d be disgusted at every sexual image or advertisement we’d probably never get out and keep ourselves in rooms. I openly admit (and my sister Natalie will back me up) I tend to read a lot of erotica (Or as we call it here at Well Did You Evah, Kinky Fuckery) and through that I may be Asexual but I have a lot of useless knowledge on BDSM. It’s an interest it doesn’t mean I want to do those things. If you read up on serial killers you aren’t going to go on a murder spree, the only thing you get is more knowledge… and a few laughs.

This may seem like I’ve gone on, coming out, as Asexual might not to some people be as big as coming out as gay, I mean if I want to be honest on most forms on the sexual orientation part, I usually end up putting, “Prefer not to say,” Or have a long debate on if I should put I’m bi or straight, which honestly is fun… not. So, some parts of society don’t even see us as a real thing, people are slowly starting to recognize Sherlock (BBC) and Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) as being Asexual. There are fingers crossed there might be some more awareness about this.

But this is who I am, this isn’t a phase, I’ve sort of known since I was 16. I wear a black ring around my right middle finger (a sort of symbol in the asexual community) to remind and show it and importantly I’m comfortable with who I am.


Asexy and you know it

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Holmes Wars: Sherlock vs Elementary

This is a joint Fight  article by Natalie and Cat.

Cat is writing in red

So Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century is pretty uber cool. I mean look at how popular BBC’s Sherlock and the US Elementary have become! These shows wouldn’t have worked too well back in the 60’s or 70’s… Sherlock in bell bottom trousers anyone? In the Wood household we watch both Sherlock and Elementary. The major issue comes when asked which we prefer. I has a Jonny Lee Miller fan like Elementary more than Sherlock. Cat swears by Sherlock. I will not put the awesome picture of Benedict Cumberbatch here, as Natalie is writing this too… Continue reading

The Art of Villainy

Sherlock-holmes-a-game-of-shadows-movie-poster-moriartyWhilst most people find intrigue in the heroes of a story, I find that the villains offer more food for thought. Why do they do what they do and What motivates them? The art of villainy is a subject that can be defined by arguably one of the best villains of all time, Professor James Moriarty. At first glance, he is an intellectual, a professor of mathematics at a small university. It is only as The Tale of Sherlock Holmes progresses that we derive who Moriarty is and his true intentions.

“He is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty.  But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. Dark rumors gathered round him in the University town, and eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and come down to London. He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson. He is the organizer of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected in this great city…”
—Holmes, “The Final Problem” Continue reading

It’s Sherlock Time!


Benidict CI know I have used this GIF in a previous post but it shows the mystical wonder that is Benedict Cumberbatch and will possibly be shown each time I am about to mention him in a post. You have been warned.

If you haven’t heard of the fabulous name of Sherlock Holmes, then welcome to the world, you must have been born yesterday.

SherlockThis July is Well Did You Evah’s Sherlock time, as when looking for things to write about- we have these, “Meetings,” usually over cake and hot chocolate- something appeared that July is about the time Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character Sherlock Holmes. Due to the amount of characterisations/movies/TV series that are out there we decided to go all detective and look further into the character, who has been portrayed in many styles and ways, so, put your detective hat on,  grab a smoking pipe- not for smoking unless you actually do smoke one- possibly get a magnifying glass. If your a fan of BBC’s Sherlock, possibly put on a few nicotine patches… I will say although it is a Sherlock Holmes thing, leave the cocaine out of your system. 1887, which is when Sherlock Holmes was first publicised, cocaine wasn’t a drug that could get you into trouble today it possibly is.

Arthur Conan Doyle created the worlds first and only, “Consulting detective,” meaning Sherlock works with the police, often picking up on cases what interest him. Together Sherlock and his companion-  Watson- go off to solve crimes. But Sherlock’s mind can never seem to be turned off, like some people they leave their work at work. Sherlock never really leaves his work behind continuously he is deducting even the smallest things. In fact his use for cocaine in the novels is so his mind can keep motivated when he isn’t using it. On screen and in books one of the most important aspects of Sherlock’s characters is his high levels of observation and intelligence forming his deduction talents, which overall, form the character that is Sherlock Holmes.  Another thing seen onscreen and in the books is Sherlock’s fighting skills. Sherlock is also trained in many martial arts giving the upper hand, especially when it comes to fighting in Victorian England.

Sherlock RDJr

I’d put the character Sherlock Holmes with ones such as Doctor Who, the character has a desirable uniqueness that unfortunately isn’t really possible in the real world- Damn the real world! Also, recently as time has gone on the actors playing the character have overall, got younger, or at least look younger- not that I’m complaining.

Conan Doyle has created this magnificent character, who you want desperately to be real, due to the intelligence and also the detail the author goes into about this character. In recent days the want for Sherlock to be real comes from the modern day screen versions, where Sherlock is portrayed by some of the media industries, “Screen Gods,” Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. The modern day Sherlocks each tell a different story, Robert Downey

Jr, Sherlock BBCportrays a Sherlock in the traditional Victorian London setting

, showing the original roots. Benedict Cumberbatch shows Sherlock in a 21st century London and Jonny Lee Miller probably has the more different portrayal of Sherlock having to play Sherlock in 21st century America, also there is a female Watson! Played by the awesome Lucy Liu. There seems to be a Sherlock for any taste, in this age especially for women as each of these actors have girly giggle and plan your fantasy wedding with them looks- I have no idea if any of the actors mentioned are involved or married but hey thinking isn’t illegal.

Ok, so the first Sherlock didn’t come to screen this century. The more traditional Sherlock that stuck to the character seen in the book have been on screen ages. We have seen Christopher Lee- Yes, Dracula has been Sherlock Holmes… investigation to see if Sherlock Holmes is actually a vampire, will begin shortly- considering Jonny Lee Miller has also played in the Tim Burton adaption of, “Dark Shadows,”= Vampire themed movie. Sherlock ElementaryThere could be something…   Other onscreen Sherlocks have been portrayed by Basil Rathbone and Peter Cushing. In fact loads have taken up the role of Sherlock as Conan Doyle has created this character and world that easily fascinates people. Sherlock solves crimes just by using deduction, the quote, “When you have eliminated the impossible ,whatever remainshowever improbable, must be the truth.” Is famous even today even though in the world of forensic science the improbable would hardly stand up in court.

The villain in Sherlock Holmes, the novels, of course differs from book to book. Crime novels you often have someone- the bad person- who has committed the crime. In the world of Sherlock Holmes, especially the BBC’s Sherlock, there is an air of separation, the version created by Doctor Who writer- Steven Moffatt- shows a Sherlock who solves these crimes just for the fun of it and there isn’t much connection between Sherlock and the real world, which puts more importance on Watson.   A villain does soon arise and turns out to be an equal to Sherlock. Moriarty. Although Moriarty only appeared in two of the novels, recently Moriarty has Sherlock Basilbeen brought forward as Sherlock’s enemy and also equal intelligence and is seen to kill Sherlock off- which is the reason Conan Doyle created the evil mastermind.

Overall, there is a lot to write about the Sherlock Holmes world. From the areas surrounding it to the things that have been influenced by it, such as amazing actor Hugh Laurie and his portrayal of House. The character of Gregory House is said to have taken some influence from Sherlock.

The 12th Doctor?

To all of us Whovians (Doctor Who fans if you aren’t familiar with the lingo), we received some bad news at the weekend.


Our Beloved Matt Smith, who has played the 11th Doctor (The Master of the Bow Tie) since 2010 when dreadfully the 10th Doctor got ripped out of our sights after a radiation sacrifice, is leaving the role of Doctor Who.


Now it’s only been 2/3 days and speculation has already started on who is going to be the 12th Doctor. It’s not really a role that can be taken lightly, considering Doctor Who has a HUGE fan base (well it has been going since the 60’s). People of all ages love it, but the Doctor only has 13 lives. It’s not like a one time role where one person plays this character and when they die it is over with. Neither is it like, he can live forever- although you never know something could happen. Each person who plays the role of the Doctor needs to bring character and personality to the role, or else they have to answer to the fan base. I’ve mentioned how deadly Twilight fans are in the past, well actually if you put them in a fight, I believe Doctor Who fans would win. But the Actor needs to earn his place, make it seem like he deserves to be counted as one of the Doctors… Example, The 8th Doctor. Some people don’t really believed he deserves to be counted as he was only in one movie, the others have gone for series and series of TV- Unless you count the 9th Doctor… I’m not even touching that issue, he apparently left for personal issues.

Doctor Who111


The Bookies favourites to become the 12th Doctor

Doctor Who Rupert GrintRupert Grint. Yes Ron Weasley is rumoured to be the 12th Doctor. I have mixed reviews about this. I love the idea of a ginger Doctor- There is always a line about the Doctor wanting to be ginger. Plus, we all know Rupert can act. If you haven’t seen proof of this, then you either have been living under a rock and not seen any of the Harry Potter films or you haven’t watched them properly. However, the unusual thing about this suggestion is that none of the past Doctor’s have been A-List celebrities. They have been amazing actors, but none of them have really come from a massive fan base in the first place. So, ok it is possible this could happen, he’s good at acting and he’s British. Doctor Who would be like jumping to another fan base… Woah Rupert Grint could take over the world if this happens, create an army out of the masses of Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans. Forget it. LET THIS HAPPEN! Although first he might need to sort out the fangirls who are in love with him to make sure they aren’t fighting against each other while taking over the world.

Russell Tovey. Played George the werewolf in the UK’s version of Being Human, has also been in BBC’s Sherlock (So, has actually worked with Moffat).

Doctor Who Russell-Tovey The thing what I see as against him, is he has been in Doctor Who before. Now, Freema Agyeman had a similar thing, she was in the end of series 2 and died then, but came back series 3 as a different character- the Doctor’s new companion Martha Jones- It turned out the character Freema played at the end of series 2 was Martha’s cousin. Now, that was Russell T. Davis’ world, so Moffatt could possibly try something like that. 99% that wouldn’t work. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, so no cousins- Though the question is WHAT HAPPENED TO JENNY??? Or if you want to go back to the 20th century WHAT HAPPENED TO SUSAN?? (This is where most of you who weren’t born in the 1960’s/70’s or haven’t watched Old Who go, “Who’s she?” But this idea of bringing Russell Tovey back wouldn’t work as he was clearly not the Doctor in that episode also the Doctor has rules about crossing over his own timeline. Yes, he’s a good actor, but as he’s already been in Doctor Who, it’s going to take one hell of a story line to explain why he was in a previous one as some other humanoid. They’ve gone down the human doctor route, series 4 with the 10th Doctor, they will be bringing him back for the 50th anniversary episode in November.

-By the way, Susan was a character travelling with the first Doctor, she was also his Granddaughter. I know it’s been hinted in New Who all the Time Lords/the Doctor’s family are dead, but I want an official confirmation.

They are the bookies favourites, Some other names that have been mentioned, some which are possibly really unlikely.

Doctor Who Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman, played Watson in Sherlock, so has and still is working with Moffat so this is a possibility but it depends on hisschedule. I’m not sure when the new series of Doctor Who will start filming but Martin has to get though series 3 of Sherlock and a new Hobbit film. I’m not sure if there is anything else, I’m not bothering to look on IMDB.

Doctor Who richard-ayoade
Richard Ayoade- played Moss in the IT Crowd. Now if this happens… Pretty sure I will love it. I just want to see this happen even if he just does a spoof.



Doctor Who Colin-Morgan

Colin Morgan was Merlin in… Merlin. Also has been in Doctor Who before- series 4- So, we could have a similar problem to Tovey. I would love it though if he did return.



Doctor Who Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston… My Lord and Master. In the world of Marvel, you will know him as Loki. If he is the next Doctor Who, like Rupert, he has a chance of taking over the world. He can merge all the Thor/Avenger/Marvel fans with the Doctor Who ones.Also, Doctor Who might see a rise of female fans… and I will have to watch Doctor Who episodes more than my usual 3 times in 24 hours (Don’t judge me) as the first time I might be too busy staring and giggling over his amazingness.


Benedict Cumberbatch played Sherlock in… Sherlock. Also has been the villain in Star Trek into Darkness (2013). He’s worked with Moffat before so that’s a plus. I cannot even start to describe what else he has in his favour… *daydreaming*

I’ll just leave this here to prove his awesomeness-

Benidict C

There is also speculation that the next Doctor could be female, but to be honest. Those rumours came up when David Tennant (10th Doctor) first announced he was leaving the show, I have a feeling they will also show up when the 12th Doctor is ready to step down. Ok, I’m all for female rights, it will show some equality, the females have always been the companion to the Doctor. On the other hand, I can see why it won’t really be done. Majority of the audience and fans are comfortable with a male Doctor. I think the risk of taking on another male actor is a large one for the crew, you won’t know how the audience will respond till they have seen the first episode. But taking on an actress, to portray the Doctor, signing them on to do a series and taking up a generation cycle, is an even bigger risk. The crew basically have one try to get this right. For any acting job you need the right person. With Doctor Who you need to factor in it’s history and audience as well. It’s not like they have created a new alien for the Doctor to fight off, where they want the audience to feel some negativity. Writers and the rest of the crew need the audience to feel comfortable with this character. Telling someone their favourite hero is now a female may take a while to adjust.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Programme- Doctor Who Episode- The Snowman, Season… sorry that’s American… SERIES 7  Aired- 25th of December 2012 Starring- Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and a bunch of other awesome actors/actresses. Yes Christmas time. Since Doctor Who started again and their Christmas … Continue reading