Late Night Ramblings of a Girl Who’s Wisdom Tooth Prefers Pain to Wisdom

StoopidWisdomTooth-24337You read that right. My dreaded (I mean lovely) wisdom tooth as decided to make an arrival. Oh it’s not visible but I know it’s there because I haven’t slept more than 4 hours a night in 10 days, I’m munching pain killers like sweets and I smell of clove oil. Clove Oil is brilliant by the way for toothache. I just seem to use that much I smell of it for days after.

I did go to the dentist today where I had a filling next to said wisdom tooth. The local anaesthetic numbed my mouth, lips and cheek so much I still look likeĀ a hamster and am drooling food all over but wisdom-teeth-suckdid it numb my wisdom tooth? OF COUSRE IT DIDN’T. The dentists suggestion? Use mouth wash regularly for the next two weeks and see if that calms it down. If not it’ll be a trip to the hospital. Maybe if I mix mouthwash with some strong painkillers it might have some affect. Knowing my look it’ll send me into anaphylactic shock.

I’m starting to regain some feeling in my face. I no longer look like I’ve been punched several times… all though it feels like I have.

I am entitled to put this under Late Night Ramblings because here in the UK the sun sets about 4.30 pmish. Which means now it’s basically pitch black out there. Here’s the evidence.


The view from my bedroom window.

I’ve never heard anything good about wisdom teeth so they’re definitely not full of wisdom else they’d have sorted themselves out by now. Any good/ horror stories please comment!