Fifty Shades of Grey- Merchandise edition

First off- apologies for not writing for so long, I’ve been ill and still sort of am so there might be big gaps between my writing.


I’m sure you’veFifty shades4 heard of it, that. “BDSM,” book Which isn’t actually BDSM more like a book of how to be an abusive, yet still sexy and get everyone to want you, partner. BDSM does not involve stalking a person definitely does not involve threats… unless it is a discussed beforehand role playing thing but let’s not get into that… Is now a movie getting released just in time for Valentines day.

There are several discussions of people saying they are going to boycott the film due to it’s, “abusive,” nature.

Ok, if you haven’t heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, this is one of those, “Where were have you been?” Moments, this is the book that has probably produced a generation by it’s self just down to the raw kinkiness of some of it’s scenes, and also spun a highlight to, “What is BDSM?” But as the book became more popular more people began to realise the main man of the series, Mr Christian Grey and the leading female of the series Anastasia Steele’s relationship wasn’t that healthy.

In a short term, Fifty Shades is a book which shows

Fifty Shades3A relationship with no romance but the author still manages to add some form of romance into this dark twisted “love” story by Christian Grey’s weird way of romantically stalking his innocent minded, absent minded “girlfriend”/new friend who should be kept emotionally distant who he can turn into “friend with a lot of kinky benefits”

This is a trilogy so it get’s better…


I mean if someone shows you a room, which you nickname, “The Red Room of Pain.” Chances are you know something’s going to go wrong right?

Fifty Shades1

So, Fifty Shades of Grey is a fanfiction (story based off another story) of Twilight- teenage vampire love story, which sort of developed into a complicated relationship.

Like the Twilight movie there is merchandise coming out…

Now Twilight we had t-shirts, key rings etc.

Fifty Shades now their advertisement and merchandise budget must be massive… seriously every time I go out I’m hit by Fifty Shades of Grey on the side of a bus, (I’m not actually hit by a bus or else I wouldn’t be writing this post). Plus I doubt Beyoncè comes at a cheap price however, she now has two songs on the soundtrack. Fifty Shades wine

We have Fifty Shades T-shirts coming out and I had to dig through the Internet before found key rings.

But other merchandise include

  • Jewellery and the tie seen on the front cover of Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Sexy Knickers and bras or (Lingerie as everyone puts it) of all coverings and comforts (So from you can see that you are wearing underwear to you can barely notice it)
  • Wine, because you know everyone needs a lack of judgment before having sex… Luckily they are bringing in new laws in that area in the UK.
  • Teddy Bear… Now why didn’t they bring out a cuddly Jacob in wolf form for Twilight? But if it’s going to cost £59.12 for a cuddly wolf I think even Team Jacob fans might have passed that.
  • 50 Shades of Fifty Shades teddyEarl Grey Tea… Which is odd because in the book Ana’s favorite tea is Twinnings Breakfast Tea.
  • Baby Grow… One says I’m a result of my mommy reading Fifty Shades of Grey”, Another “My mommy pretends Christian Grey is my daddy” Please take a photo of kids wearing that then show them the photo when they learn what Fifty Shades of Grey is and please get in touch what their reaction was, I have a feeling these baby grows will be like the pink princess dresses every female goth has to deny she wore. Along with the Baby Grow’s there is also Baby changing mats! Who came up with that idea?

These are just some of the odd things out, since the book became popular there has already been the creation of all the handcuffs and floggers so there is no real need to go into them.
Will Well Did you evah be going to see Fifty Shades of Grey at the Cinema?

We might do… although I understand it’s abusive, I also understand that(And I’ve read) there are worse books out there, the only difference is this one has made a lot of hype about its self. Fifty shades2In the end it’s a movie based on a book, Christian Grey was an abused child and I think those who have been through abused childhoods will know you don’t always enter adulthood unscathed but in the end he’s willing to get help for it, he sees a therapist! Which is something we should take into consideration, not that it forgives him. Anastasia Steele is a girl with low self esteem the contract and control Christian first gives her she negotiates which and agrees which shows she has some control in the relationship.

By not seeing the movie the industry is just loosing money, but the news circulating about abuse even if we don’t see the movie, the right message is still getting out there, people can see this movie and know partners can abuse each other in more than one way.


The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale

hungergamesMost of you will have heard of this big-  epic- movie series/ Book trilogy called The Hunger Games. I admit I haven’t read the books, I do plan too. The books consist of 1. The Hunger Games, 2. Catching Fire and 3. Mocking Jay. Movies for books 1 and 2 are out, I have seen them, but I don’t know how it ends. I can theorise it will either end with the lead female protagonist Katniss and the “rebellion,” kicking butt or the whole world just imploding in on it’s self. No one tell me although chances are when it comes to nearer the time I will look it up on Wikipedia.

There are a lot of Dystopia books now out there, the vampire fetish is now over and I think writers are now thinking the next best thing is to destroy society completely and start over, part of me is amused if that is the plan.

But going past all the awesome Zombie movies, Mutation films, world being taken over by computers, the world ending because people got too fat- Looking at you Wall.e. Basically, if there is even the smallest chance it could destroy the world and restructure society the human race has put it into a plot line and made it into a movie.

There is a movie out there which is based on a similar sort of thing to the Hunger Games.


Battle Royale, is a live action movie based on a novel and manga (haven’t read the book or the manga, but if it is anything like the movie, I will find it funny.) Apparently there is a sequel movie I just can’t seem to find it.

The Hunger Games plot line is based around a nation called Panem, there is the wealthy Capitol, which stuffs it’s face,

hungergames Katniss

Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss

while the 12 poorer districts it rules go hungry and work themselves to death. In comes this thing called, “The Reaping,” at random a girl and boy between the ages of 12-18 from each district will be chosen to compete in, “The Hunger Games.” Where they fight to the death, only one can win. For District 12 the home of Katniss and Peeta (the male protagonist for the movie- also the guy who gets chosen to compete). There name gets pulled out of lottery my Effie Trinket- those who haven’t seen the movie, you don’t have to look far it’s the woman with freaky hair and really elaborate makeup and clothing.

hungergames tributes


12 districts = 24 people (“Tributes.”) entered into the Hunger Games. 1 winner. Weapons are provided only they have to battle for them as well- well, it’s more like a race, there’s a pile of weapons in the middle of the starting circle.


The reason the districts have to sacrifice two young adults is this is penance, so basically it’s sort of like todays world where the government say not only do we make sure you don’t really have enough to live on, but we will also make sure you’re children don’t as well!

As entertainment, the rest of the world gets to watch the mass slaughtering of teenagers killing each other, if they survive they apparently get fame and wealth. Truthfully, in the future this could replace, “Big Brother.”



Battle Royale plot line again involves putting teenagers up for sacrifice, only the sacrifice for this film involves school classes being picked. They are thrown into an Island with a bag. The bag should have essentials such as water and some random weapon, I mean random it could be a gun or it could be a pan lid.

Battle Royale1

Those who have seen Death Note the live action films. Yes that is the guy who plays Light

The reason for the schools giving up classes of students, the nation collapsed there was no chance of a job and students began skipping school and adults became afraid of the young adults. So, apparently it became ok to get the students to kill each other off, it’s a fight to the death where only one person can win. The students can kill each other off but there is control from the main control room (there is one in The Hunger Games too, this is where everything is watched including where about the young adults are, each idea involves trackers) Students in Battle Royale are fitted with collars which will explode if students are in, “The Danger Zone,” This is explained to the students by a weirdly happy Japanese woman, who is wearing a collar herself, via video. The danger zones are part of the island which get cornered off, the collars have trackers in them so people in the control room will know where they are.

Battle Royale

Although the ideas behind both novels/movies look similar, as both of them involve a dystopia where the younger generation are chosen to fight to the death in a controlled environment. There are some differences- despite the obvious one with one been in English the other is Japanese. For me The Hunger Games has a more serious storyline. Battle Royale in someway seems like a string of death (Half which are actually funny, really, the time it takes some of the students to die from things such as being shot in the chest…) with a story line. There is a hint of romance in Battle Royale but I think this is because it’s more of a boy film it’s more filled with violence and death. The Hunger Games, I think is a movie for all genders you have romance in there, the death which is involved is more obvious that it’s a fight for survival, the movie is set at a different pace where it isn’t just death after death. The Hunger Games is based in a longer storyline within its self (Which is shown in the movie) We see want for the society to get out of the District regime where they are at the bottom, whereas Battle Royale the Millennium Educational Reform Act (BR Act) there is no real intent of the students over throwing it. It’s a dystopia movie but we only see the effect what it has on the students what get put on the island


I recommend both movies, both are hits. Ok, I wouldn’t recommend Battle Royale if you are squeamish at the sight of blood, but if you are like me and find that sort of thing funny I really recommend it.


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Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin


You’ve done it again Ms. Poitevin!

I was shocked at the end of Sins of the Son and very eager to get my hands on this one. I’ve read it twice just to make sure I really read what I read.

Sins of the LostSeth is still with Alex and they appear to be happy. It still lingers that he is the son of God and Lucifer and this plays a big piece in the books. This isn’t as simple a romance as it appears to be (but it never as been as it?)

The romance throughout the series is quite intense and emotions play a big, key part in everything. That’s a big reason why I love this series and in particular this book. Everything goes on, the end of the world is still upon the world and Alex has to deal with this as well as the events that happened in the last book, getting through psych evaluations, getting on with her life as best she can while basically trying to save the world. Poitevin makes all this believable! Yes you read that right! I found myself sucked into this book and almost entangled with what was happening. The writing is perfect for every character and she deals with the human/angel hybrid babies really well in all the scenes and situations they appear in.

Alex herself is in my top three of kick ass heroines. She’s superb. A woman with a lot on her plate and handles it as a normal 12451769person would. No super powers and very much with all her emotions intact. She’s a passionate but sensible woman caught up in the middle of a war between heaven and hell. She still has an (old) soulmate watching over her and yet she gets on with her police and world saving work anyway.

Onto the story. Some books you find yourself getting a bit bored or hoping the storyline will speed up. I wish this book had never ended. The actual story arc itself carries some great action that keeps you gripped. It works brilliantly that Poitevin swaps point of views, we see it from Hell, Heaven and the battleground of Earth.

10661603So it all happens in this book but the ending stunned me. Compared to the endings of Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Sons this one seems tame… for now. You read the ending and really don’t know what to think. Will it all stay as it should? Will something else evil and nefarious happen? Will Alex’s love life be doomed? This, to me, is worse than a cliffhanger. At least then you have an inkling about what might happen! It’ll be torture waiting to find out what happens, but it’s a torture worth bearing.

Don’t try reading this book without reading the first two in the Grigori Legacy series. You’d be a bit confused. They are definitely worth a read though! Great writing, interesting characters, story lines like you’ve never read before and an author who’s great at what she does. Pick up the books now!

The book, Sins of the Lost is due to be released tomorrow (16th October)

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A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway

I was lucky enough to get an ARC version of this book from NetGalley.

17262144When I first heard of this book I was very excited. I love Steampunk and Sherlock Holmes so obviously this mixed together with a female lead was right up my street. Sometimes when you become over excited about a book you find yourself disappointed. I wasn’t with this book!

It’s such a fabulously complex book that makes you think while you read. Once or twice it even spurred conversations about Conan Doyle’s original work which was quite excellent. Holloway manages to keep you interested in all aspects of the book but doesn’t bore you with long winded going ons. I’m also happy with the accuracy of the Victorian era. Yes Steampunk allows for some room to move but it was quite a relief in some ways to see the times stick true to the original Sherlock Holmes time.

Eveline our main character is the niece of Sherlock Holmes. She’s an independent, confident woman something that’s seen in steampunk books but not so much in other Victorian styles. She’s such a great character, along with all the others, as she’s unexpected and interesting. Even in her independence and cunning ways she still finds time to have romance in her life which gives for a great change of scene in the book. As with any Victorian book you’ll find yourself reading about splendid balls and debutantes. It kind of keeps you tied to the time period.


Eveline has a detective is not what you’d expect, in some places she lets her emotions and the love triangle get in her way. This reminds you that yes she is female and she is not Sherlock Holmes. If anything these intrusions help the mystery run throughout the case and leave us in suspense.

Ms. Holloway’s style of writing is quite addictive, you find yourself reading more than you thought you would just to find out what’s happened. She’s definitely took some inspiration from the original Sherlock Holmes (like the name) but this does not define the book. Holloway has brought her own sense of Victoriana steampunk to life with all the clockwork, steam automations etc.

Overall this book is great for people who read a range of genres and would work perfectly well for those delving into the steampunk or Holmes world. 17264584Definitely give it a go! I’ve already preordered the next two and honestly can’t wait for more mystery, steampunk and feminine wiles.

A Study in Silks is due for release on 24th September with the second of The Baskerville Affair series due out in October.

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