Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen- Born 17th March 1969= reason for this post he would have been turning 44 today.

Was an internationally famous British fashion designer, for those who haven’t heard of him or seen his work (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??) McQueen didn’t hold back on ideas. He tried to push limits of what people expected, one reason I love this designer, anyone who works to changing what people think, I think they deserve a hug. I guess he got one better, or a few better with all the awards he has won… His work still lives on today, his company still keeps designing work under his name keeping to McQueen’s individual tastes and standing out in the fashion world, continuing to make it gasp in awe and stretch peoples imaginations and understanding of alternative forms of fashion.

His designs and ideas he involved in every show showed his unique state of mind and his enthusiasm for his work. Below is a collection of just some of his works

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In his early collections he earned the title, “The Hooligan of English Fashion,” For his controversy, he’s the reason, “Bumster,” (Low Rise) jeans were revived and came back in- So, be thankful or else you may have found it harder to get hipster jeans today! Last time low rise jeans were in fashion was in the 1960- 1970’s so there could have been a chance you would be looking for flared jeans as well. “Bumster,” jeans came back into fashion in the 2000’s thankfully,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat’s the only piece of fashion that was revived, to a popular state, from the 70’s. I’m not sure if the RSPCA could cope if those platforms which have a real goldfish in them came back in. Not sure if the goldfish species could cope either…

Also, that scarf possibly half you girls… possibly a few of you boys… have in your closet with the skulls on? (I’ll admit I have one) That was down to McQueen too. Who made the scarf a must have.


McQueen worked at Givenchy (please let you have heard of that famous designer fashion brand, if not Google it, Or even I’ll help with that- He worked there as chief designer (4 years after graduating design school, ah back in a time when a university graduate could get a good job). McQueen, managed to keep his rebellious designs even though he felt like working at Givenchy restrained him. He still managed to add a bit of his own style into the French brand, including double amputee model Aimee Mullins in a 1998 catwalk fashion show where she wore wooden carved legs.

< You can see the amount of work that had to go into the carvings of these legs. For those who haven’t tried wood carving, unless you have had a lot of practice is hard. I can only imagine how long the carving into the detail and shape of these legs took.

Mcqueen Shalom Harlow

Alexander McQueen while working at Givenchy also took responsibility for coming up with the idea of shooting model Shalom Harlow with a paint gun, as she stood on a rotating platform in a white dress. Again this seems like (in my opinion) cool idea but the results were also amazing. I think that idea could create it’s own fashion line (or revive it) by it’s self.

McQueen should be idolised, sure we don’t have many openly gay fashion designers in this world. But McQueen didn’t let anything hold him back. Most people would possibly pull faces at the idea of a fashion line created in an university degree based on Jack the Ripper, but this work practically started his career. His uniqueness and amazing work got him noticed by Isabella Blow (an english magazine editor) who bought the entire Jack the Ripper collection. It’s not just his beyond amazing work he should be noted for. His background is also something that should inspire others. McQueen came from a working class family and wasn’t shy about it, he didn’t give in to the high expectations of being famous by looking, “Perfect,” All the time. Plus he also held the label of, “High School Drop out,” But as well in Britain there is low expectations for working class families but McQueen died 2011 with achieving an international famous status and also winning multiple awards such as winning the British Fashion Councils British Fashion Designer Award 4 times! And was honoured by the Queen and gained a CBE.

Happy Birthday Alexander McQueen! Your legacy lives on!

Spring 2013 collection is available to view onĀ now.

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