Je Suis Charlie: Illustrations do the talking

Je-suis-CharlieYesterday’s attack on Paris based satire magazine Charlie Hebdo shocked the world. It wasn’t just an attack on people; it was an attack on journalists, freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press. These are important in today’s world. Freedom of speech makes us who we are and gives us the opportunities to have opinions.

Twelve people were killed, including journalists, illustrators and police officers, and that killing was senseless. Charlie Hebdo have been targeted before for the cartoons they print and yet they’ve always come back as strong as ever. This time is no different. In fact this time the world has responded, artists from all over the world have drawn cartoons in response to the attack. In this way we win. The world has come together with the hashtag #Jesuischarlie, the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo and other illustrators are being viewed in their thousands. Yes the shooting has happened on French soil but big crowds have been seen gathering in major cities worldwide and there has been moments of silence held in streets, at press agencies, by governments and by the police in respect for those lost.

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Fantastically the issue that was being worked on at the time of the attack will be printed, in fact 1 million copies will be printed. Freedom of speech is not beaten and satire will not be cowed by any fanatics. As for now we need to keep doing what we do best, speaking.

For more cartoons visit The Independent.


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