The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Film Review

Yes after weeks of debating I decided to go see City of Bones. And I took Cat along. I liked the books, they’re not my favourites but I managed to read them all while not being bored so they’re good books. My main reason for seeing the film was the god that is Jamie Campbell Bower. Oh and Lily Collins and Jonathan Rhys Meyers I quite like them too.


We laughed, squeed, and gasped through the film. Reactions that mean we actually thought the film was pretty good. The film is almost finished with its run at the cinema so you’ve probably already seen it but as late comers we shall tell you all about it. We debated doing this review in pictures because of our lack of normal words but I’m going to have a stab at it.

images-1The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was great in ways that films like Twilight was not. It already has a very, very good established cast. We all liked the cast and giving Lily Collins the role of Clary was quite brilliant. I also like that there’s a lot of BRITISH actors (Yay us!)

I’m very pleased that they kept loads of Cassandra Clare’s snarky one liners in the film. They made the book funny and this translated really well to the film. They fit with the actors well and made us viewers happy. Talking about happiness the film and book itself is quite a dark affair. Clary’s mum goes missing under strange circumstances. She sees things that may not be there and then her life changes for what seems to be the worst. This film could have been a depressing wreck but because of how the one liners were used, like in the book, we have some light humour added to the mix. It’s a great thing for a Young Adult film that has an enormous following.


Could anyone else slide over a police car with that much finesse?

All the actors did a brilliant job bringing the Shadowhunters to life and it was believable that they could have come straight from the books. Jamie, Lily, Jemima, Kevin and Robert all played their characters well, there attitudes matched the book even though there were scenes missing that let us learn about them a bit more deeply. The costumes are amazing. Very cool looking with lots of flexibility that is essential to a shadow hunter. I hope this fashion trend catches on.

the-mortal-instruments-city-of-bones-jonathan-rhys-meyers-poster (1)11Onto the bad guys. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Wow, definitely the right choice for Valentine. He’s very believable has the bad guy but has some vulnerability to him throughout the film. I’ll admit when he showed up in the film I smiled. Those who haven’t read the books may be confused with Valentine and his children. You should probably look it up. I’m not spoiling anything.

Many of you may not have thought much of the film but I liked it. And has a person who reads lots of books and usually dreads seeing films based on books this is saying something. If you haven’t read the books give the film ago. I’m now re-reading the books and it seems completely different now you have a person to picture with the characters. Maybe they’ll become my favourite books.


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