Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki announces retirement.

Studio_Ghibli_Logo_by_zerocustom1989This is it guys. Studio Ghibli have released a “deliberately short” statement announcing that the God of Japanese animation is retiring from directing for good. There will be a press conference next week in Tokyo giving more details on the 72 year olds retirement.

Has you may remember there has been whisperings in the past of Miyazaki standing down and taking less projects on so he can hand over to his son. He did actually retire after the release of Princess Mononoke (1997) but returned to direct  2001’s Oscar winning film Spirited Away.

His latest film, The Wind Rises, was premiered yesterday (1st September) at Venice film festival 2013. Miyazaki is not in Italy for the festival.


Miyazaki will be missed within the animation and film business has his films have helped children and adults imagine different worlds and learn about new cultures and stories along the way. His running themes of flying in his films have been a delight to spot and the intriguing characters have made us smile, laugh, cry and despair.

It’s now time to see what Studio Ghibli has in store for us next.

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