Late Night Ramblings of a Girl Who Cannot Sleep.

EP19-Duvet-DayWell it’s 01.00 here in the UK and I’m bored and not sleepy. My MacBook and me are sat cuddled in a duvet in a dark room because it’s suddenly gone chilly. I was still at work 2 hours ago.

I’ve watched Invader ZIM and Blood Ties and am currently debating whether to put on the new episode of Rizzoli & Isles. Maybe I should.

There is a reason to this blog post. I just feel like making you all less tired so you’ll all stay awake with me. You never know it could work. Yeah right.

Here we go. I like to read and has you know sometimes write about books on here. I use Goodreads everyday and review books on there and was seriously thinking of putting the reviews on here, even if just to post them when me and Cat are busy. Or do I create a different blog just for books? Now my main reason for combing it on here is because we write about the weird and wonderful and the genres of books I read aren’t exactly your mainstream top seller books.

Cat’s unsure and won’t post as much as me because even though she IS A PUBLISHED AUTHOR she’s adamant she doesn’t read much. Strange child.averyaster_sidebar200x400_badge

Anyways the reason I’m seriously thinking of these life changing decisions is that I’ve just received the ARC for book 2, Unscrupulous, of The Manhattanites series by Avery Aster. She’s a fantastic author who writes books that are funny, sexy, adventurous and in some strange aspects realistic. So I’m excited to review the book and wanted to really push the book and others out there.

Well that’s my ramblings coming to a dead end. Literally dead… my MacBook is warning theres 3% power left and I can’t find my charger in the dark. I have however found some granola type bars. Might as well get reading.

It won’t surprise me if there are more of these late night style epiphanies/ ramblings in the future. Just a gentle warning.

Night folks!


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