Meg Cabot the writer for every ladies life.

11654Meg Cabot, Patricia Cabot or Jenny Carroll however you know the author you should bow to her greatness or at least bow to her cats, I mean books. If you still don’t know who she is you must have been living under a rock the size of Gibraltar. It’s time to leave the rock guys!

I was first introduced to Meg Cabot’s work on my 13th birthday. My mum bought me the first Princess Diaries book and was subsequently harassed to buy10345824 me them all… The joys of being young. I loved those books because they proved that any high school girl could potentially be a princess! I unfortunately was not one. Mia was a girl we could all identify with and in some way her finding out she was a princess was similar to how the majority of us worked out what we were going to be when we were older. I read the books that much that they ALL fell apart. I cried like someone had died. That’s why at the age of 22 I still have all the Princess Diaries collection.

I then went on to Meg’s Missing series (1-800-Where-Are-You in the US) and the Mediator series. I love both series and found 234907them a great progression to The Princess Diaries. I still read them both. Meg makes the characters in both series relatable to teenagers even though one sees ghosts (Mediator) and one can find people (Missing.) Both Suze and Jess have boy troubles, go to school, find jobs and still have time to be super awesome. What girl reading the books wouldn’t want to be them? Especially with those bad ass boyfriends. All the teen series get their happy endings which is quite a relief as you’ve read the entire series and followed the characters in everything they’ve done; the good the bad and the down right strange.

It was announced, to all our surprise, that there would be a new addition to the Mediator series. This made me and the rest of the following very happy. I can’t complain at more Suze & Jesse adventures!

Now as everyone knows Ms. Cabot doesn’t just write teenage/ Young Adult books. She’s also the mastermind behind the Heather Wells series. These books are funny and light with great characters and fantastic plot lines. Heather is a lady who was once famous and now isn’t and most importantly in today’s society she’s now an average dress size. She has a regular job as a dorm assistant and that’s when she becomes a super sleuth. The books are that good that I got my friends to read them. Even the guys enjoyed them.


All Ms. Cabot’s books have an element of humour in them, even the most serious of books. If you read her blog you’ll find that this humour is actually her own. It’s not faked in anyway so makes the laughs and funny situations in the books feel real, which is something that can ruin a book if done wrong.

Her books are great to read millions of times over, you’ll still find yourself laughing and smiling in the right places, and her new series are easy to slip into.

1373956022-1373956022_goodreads_miscMeg’s latest series, the Underworld Trilogy, has just come to a spectacular end and yet the majority of us readers really want more. The trilogy is a re-telling of the Hades & Persephone myth but its re-telling is very different to any you’ve ever read. (Believe me I’ve read a fair few.) Cabot is a master storyteller in both her teen and adult books and she’s always consistent in her work. Meg obviously loves her work and fans, maybe the fact that a fair few of her books take inspiration from her own experiences keeps us reading and her creativity and ideas in tip top condition.

If you haven’t ever read any of her books go do so! There’s so many to choose from but here are some of my favourites:

  1. Missing- Jess is hit by lightening and can suddenly find missing kids. The FBI, Army and a hot guy with a motorbike are involved. There’s also a TV series minus the hot guy.
  2. Underworld Trilogy- Hades & Persephone Myth. Some great characters, a few trips to the Underworld (very different to what you usually envisage) another gorgeous, mysterious guy every woman wants and a great re-telling of a classic tale. Has a lot more love and affection between John & Pierce than original.
  3. Boy Series- These are freaking hilarious. It’s a series of three books that feature a different leading character in each book. They’re very unexpected and wrote in email format which makes it that much more confidential. They’re easy to read once you get used to the email format and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud and comparing your own friends to the characters.

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Oh and there’s Meg’s website and blog. Here you’ll find news on her books, cats, appearances, cats and all her cool going ons. Her cats are crazy cool just like she is!

Visit her at

Here’s a very funny video Meg has put up on Goodreads. It’s on Tabloids and is scarily true:

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