Undead & Unwed, a great book to read while burning in the sun.

tumblr_mpoc0xlZgv1rlb0g8o1_500When it gets sunny or warm (Anything over 18°C) I tend to go into melt mode. You know the one: you can’t get comfortable. No matter what you’re wearing you’re still too warm. The sun is trying to blind you. Even when this is happening you still feel the urge to sit outside smothered in factor 5o sun cream with your aluminium MacBook on you lap under an umbrella. Or at least this was me today. I tried to find something productive to do. Watching the Tour de France was making me feel sweatier than I already did and I couldn’t bring myself to keep reading Blood Promise (Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead) because it always makes me cry (which isn’t a good combination when I’m boiling.)

This made me look through my to read list for something light, supernatural and most importantly funny. This guys is how I began reading Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson. By the first chapter all I could think was ‘How have I not read these books before?’

421129This is a description of the book….

It’a been a helluva week for Betsy Taylor. First, she loses her job. Then, to top things off, she’s killed in a car accident. But what really bites (besides waking up in the morgue dressed in a pink suit and cheap shoes courtesy of her stepmother) is that she can’t seem to stay dead. Every night she rises with a horrible craving for blood. She’s not taking too well to a liquid diet.

Worst of all, her new friends have the ridiculous idea that Betsy is the prophesied vampire queen, and they want her help in overthrowing the most obnoxious, power-hungry vampire in five centuries – a badly dressed Bela Lugosi wannabe, natch. Frankly, Betsy couldn’t care less about vamp politics, but they have a powerful weapon of persuasion: designer shoes. How can any self-respecting girl say now? But a collection of Ferragamos isn’t the only temptation for Betsy. It’s just a lot safer than the scrumptious Sinclair – a seductive bloodsucker whose sexy gaze seems as dangerous as a stake through the heart…

Sounds interesting yeah? Well it is. There’s some great laughs, interesting characters and the fact that Betsy Taylor’s full name is Elizabeth Taylor is genius. The storyline flows along very smoothly for a first book in the series and the amount of humour really fits in with Betsy’s ‘I’m a vampire who doesn’t play by vampire rules’ character. Oh and I can’t dismiss her fabulous love of shoes.

Obviously we see some ups and downs throughout the book and then enters Sinclair. Sinclair makes a hotter day that tad bit hotter. He knows how to win Betsy’s heart… shoes of course!

It’s great to read a book where the lead vampire goes against the grain. Every time she thinks of drinking blood she feels sick, she has no desire to get involved in vampire politics and her best human, undead, friend sticks by her the whole way through.

This is a great read that can be finished pretty quickly and leave you wanting to read the rest of the series. The fact that Ms. Davidson knows how to work the humour, something rarely seen in vampire novels, makes it an even better read.

Now I will leave you to go read Undead and Unwed while I bake a bit more in this evil British sun.


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