Holmes Wars: Sherlock vs Elementary

This is a joint Fight  article by Natalie and Cat.

Cat is writing in red

So Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century is pretty uber cool. I mean look at how popular BBC’s Sherlock and the US Elementary have become! These shows wouldn’t have worked too well back in the 60’s or 70’s… Sherlock in bell bottom trousers anyone? In the Wood household we watch both Sherlock and Elementary. The major issue comes when asked which we prefer. I has a Jonny Lee Miller fan like Elementary more than Sherlock. Cat swears by Sherlock. I will not put the awesome picture of Benedict Cumberbatch here, as Natalie is writing this too…

Sherlock and Elementary are different to each other but have some similarities.

Sherlock ElementaryBut here’s why I, Natalie, prefer Elementary to Sherlock.

For starters it might be an American made show but they’ve used BRITISH actor Jonny Lee Miller has Sherlock Holmes and at the beginning of the series he’s actually been consulting for the police in LONDON. BBC Sherlock is set primarily in London, well ok it’s nice that Sherlock is now able to get out and around the world. The amazing brain of Sherlock Holmes can do good in the world. But keeping Sherlock in London creates more of a link to the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Stories, plus Sherlock, played by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch actually lives at the address 221B Bakers Street which is where he is said to live in the stories. Either way I’m not throwing any negative criticism to the Series Elementary as they still managed to have written some key links to the Sherlock Holmes stories despite the country change. 

WATSON IS A WOMAN. How amazing and 21st century is that?! Joan Watson played by the awesome Lucy Liu is an ex surgeon who is now a sober companion (I won’t give away why she’s an ex surgeon) She makes a great sober companion and finds Sherlock a challenge. WATSON IS THE HOBBIT!! Ok, not exactly. Watson is played by Matin Freeman who also plays Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Difference to Elementary, obviously John Watson isn’t a woman. He is an ex-doctor, being discharged from the army. He ends up moving in with Sherlock as both need a place to live and living in London in the 21st Century in a nice place is something one person can hardly do alone… Especially considering Sherlock doesn’t get paid for what he does- Both, Sherlock’s in Elementary and BBC’s Sherlock come from wealthy families. Watson in BBC’s Sherlock is paid by an Army Pension


Holmes is an ex drug addict hence why he has a sober companion. Holmes Dad actually hires her. There is a reason why Holmes first turned to drugs, again I don’t want to give anything away. BBC’s Sherlock has brief mentions of drug use. Sherlock is seen to use nicotine patches, episode one, season one, “A Study in Pink,” Sherlock is faced with a “4 patch problem.” And in a Drug bust Sherlock is desperate to shut Watson up when Watson is arguing Sherlock wouldn’t have any drugs around the flat


The ruggedly handsome Holmes HAS TATTOOS. Need I say anymore? British Sherlock doesn’t have any. If you like Ruggedly Handsome American detectives see the TV Show Castle *Sigh* Nathan Fillion<- I believe using that name alone I have won this fight. 

Now onto villains. Vinnie Jones has a great villain part in the series. In the series he’ll confuse UK viewers because he supports Arsenal Football team, not Tottenham Hotspur like he does in real life. The Sherlock portrays a more, “Childish,” Personality, according to Watson anyway. Viewers are introduced to Sherlock’s “Arch Enemy,” Now those who are familiar with the books possibly had a guess thinking, this arch enemy was Moriarty. The unusual twist comes when we find out, the Arch Enemy, isn’t an enemy in the real bad sense, as he is Sherlock’s Brother- Mycroft. The two do have a overall, funny yet slightly childish relationship together. 

Holmes works as a consultant for the New York Police Department so gets to solve some pretty cool and strange murders throughout the series. He solves these with help from his sober companion side kick Watson. Similar to all other Sherlock’s, Holmes has a very good, reasoning mind hence why he solves some tough cases.

Holmes and Watson live in a run downish Brownstone (It’s a house) in New York. The layout and contents of the film are quite similar to what you’d expect to find in any home Sherlock Holmes would live in.???

Moriarty makes an appearance. AND YOU’LL BE VERY SURPRISED. I really really want to tell you why! Let’s just say Moriarty is also played by a Brit. As there is only 3 episodes per season in BBC’s Sherlock = there is 6 episodes so far, Moriarty has made a big appearance, but like any Sherlock orientated series there has to be other episodes that doesn’t involve the criminal mastermind.

These are just some of the reasons I love Elementary. The sense of humour is great, the use of British actors in this truly British institution works perfectly and it’s really been brought into the present day as well as any adaption could be Same can be said for BBC’s version. Oh and it HAS been renewed for season 2! Modern Sherlock Holmes most certainly has a place in today’s TV schedule. Oh and BBC’s Sherlock will be coming back for season 3… We just had to wait for Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair to grow. 


BBC’s Sherlock.

Each episode is about 1 hour 30 minutes long = about 2 episodes of Elementary. But it is amazing how much they can fit sherlock1_1477into this time. Benedict Cumberbatch portrays a distant but funny Sherlock, but the other actors involved also add to the humour by their reactions to this often, “Psychopathic,” Consultive detective. The sexuality of this Sherlock is often questioned, it is often questioned on screen if Watson is Sherlock’s, “Boyfriend,” However, those in the Asexual community often identify this Sherlock as being Asexual as he does not show any sexual interest, not to say that this after watershed programme lacks in physical intimacy. This shows a difference to Elementary where that Sherlock is seen to have a few, “Lady Friends,” Over on occasion. Also, Moffat- the writer of the series, has also included scenes sort of showing how Sherlock’s mind works, Sherlock goes into his, “Mind Palace.” pg-14-sherlock-bbc

Overall, I’d give both the series a go. Either way you’ll probably be Sherlocked into one of them.

And for those of you who don’t understand any of the Sherlock series, Our Joan Watson/Lucy Liu has a thing to say….


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