Like bees and cute handmade things? Paper Beagle is the company for you.

Paper Beagle is a company that has recently come to my attention and for very good reason. An arts style shop founded and run by a lady with a degree in decorative arts, the range she has produced is unique, beautiful and inspired by something quite extraordinary.

Helen Dean, the talent behind Paper Beagle, hasn’t always had the company has her employment. Like most of us she has dabbled in many different careers ranging from packing toothbrushes and selling surfboards to freelance design and selling fine art. She now seems to be, if her range of work is anything to go by, happy with her Paper Beagle accomplishments and ready for the next step.

il_570xN.438263058_47voHelen is lucky enough to work out of her very own cottage studio in the stunningly picturesque Derbyshire. Unsurprisingly it is here she finds inspiration for some of her works of art. She also gathers inspiration from eco friendly materials and this is easily recognizable in the majority of her work. We love this concept here at Well Did You Evah simply because it’s making something new and pretty out of the old and now we can just chuck stuff into a recycling box we don’t really think artistically about our rubbish anymore. Helen’s eco friendliness is refreshing in today’s throw away and forget society!

Interested yet? Well let me tell you about another of her inspirations that will definitely catch your eye. Has you may have gathered from the title Helen likes bees. Especially helping to save the bees. A lot of her work incorporates the image of the creatures so it reminds you what your purchase is supporting. Great concept, right? The fact that it is all made to help raise awareness of the disappearance of bees really makes these items unique compared to the items you can buy that make you aware of problems we already know about.

So lets get this straight. We love Paper Beagle because:

Everything is made from eco friendly materials

It’s all made with the bees in mind… Save the bees!

Paper Beagle is a small, independent company.

You can really make your wedding/ party/ occasion unique

Everything in the store is super cute!

So lets give you a taste of the loveliness Helen sells at Paper Beagle.


  I adore these. To you they may look like gift tags or wedding favours. They can be used for these occasions and they will look pretty darn good for doing so. They have an extremely cool secret though. If you plant them, water them and look after them you could soon have your own wild flower patch! Give a gift tag, receive some flowers!


For those of us who are a bit more green fingered these are great. Everything comes in the box, all you have to do is plant it all and watch the flowers grow! The great thing about sweet peas is their vibrant colours and lovely smell. Great for anybodies home.


Now if you like flowers and plants but don’t like the actual getting your hands dirty bit this is a great solution. Already made this is basically a hanging garden made from felt. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in and, for people like me who are allergic to flowers, it’s a fantastic way to get a visual without the smells. This design is Oriental Poppies and is all hand stitched.


We love this notebook. As everyone knows notebooks have endless possibilities and this one is no different. Covered in linen and hand painted with flowers and printed with Paper Beagles infamous bees this means no one else will have this little gem and you’ll be the envy of everyone. It’s also hand stitched. There’s even a little pouch inside for your loose bits of paper, we all know what it feels like to loose them.

These are just a few of what Paper Beagle have to offer. There’s plenty of items to suit everyones taste and budget and with it being eco and garden friendly some items give you an added extra. What you waiting for? Head over to more to start stocking up on all these goodies. The good weather gives you a good excuse!

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