Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

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Yes, this lovely gorgeous lady was born 1st June 1929, why don’t we celebrate this as a holiday? It could be world sexy day!

Norma Jeane Mortenson, A.K.A Marilyn Monroe was a Actress, Model and singer, also as known she was drop dead gorgeous and had a wonderful feminine figure.

She had a rough childhood, but actually should be used as inspiration for children. Marilyn’s mother was mentally unstable after a few dramatic appearances. Marilyn was put into foster care, one of her mothers friends later became her guardian. Although these were the 1930’s with this sort of up bringing Marilyn could have ended up far from what she became. It was her guardian who saw the potential in Marilyn but this arrangement didn’t last long as her guardian got remarried in the end Marilyn got put back into the system. However, due to her mother not signing adoption papers Marilyn found herself back at her guardians and then had to be moved to an aunts after an attempted sexual assault, performed by her guardians husband.

Marilyn’s teenage years saw her getting married, below age. She moved back in with her mother’s friend and husband, they decided to move and an offer of adoption was made, however, again Marilyn’s mother refused. The idea of marriage came across as she was involved with man- her first husband- James Dougherty.


You know what. I’m not going to go through her whole biography. In the end she was this extraordinary woman, who like most hollywood celebrities received some bad press. Of course not everyone was going to love her, she had a personality under those looks. Unfortunately, she is another one of the amazing talents the world created who ended up taking her own life



Marilyn warhol








Without Marilyn, homes wouldn’t be decorated in pictures of her portrait, in pop-art form or any form. We wouldn’t have any of the iconic movies she made famous and we wouldn’t have the video of , “Happy Birthday, Dear president,” To Look back on. And there is a possibility Ella Fitzgerald wouldn’t haven’t had become the shining star she is.


So, pay respects and wish a happy birthday to one of the worlds most sexiest talents


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