TV’s Bomb Girls bids us farewell

This isn’t a post about actual real life Bomb Girls, I’ll do that some other time. Bomb Girls is a Canadian TV show that appeases us vintage and war lovers while teaching those young whipper snappers about what women actually did in WWII Canada. Bomb Girls does for munitions factories what Land Girls did for farming. This is all good and is a show that I absolutely love but now a problem has appeared… Bomb Girls has been cancelled after 2 seasons.

lo_BombGirls_VanProv_400I think this to be extremely unfair especially since the story lines have been into unchartered territory. Remember this is BOMB GIRLS in WWII CANADA. Everything’s different to today.

Bomb Girls tells the stories of Lorna, Betty, Vera, Gladys and Kate and how being Bomb Girls has shaped who they are and completely changed what they once were. Especially in Gladys case has she is from a wealthy family and as no need to be working at all, never mind on the production line of a dangerous munitions factory. But then the war effort is important to her.

Now without giving too much away each girl goes through some tough times- Lorna, the floor supervisor, has tobombgirls0003 deal with an abortion. Vera has a work accident that could potentially ruin everything for her, Kate isn’t who she appears to be. Betty deals with lesbianism in a time when it’s nowhere near socially acceptable to be attracted to the same sex and Gladys finds her “perfect” life is smothering her. These are just some of the problems they face, trust me there’s loads more.

These subjects in today’s media and society wouldn’t even cause a stir but apply each of these situations to 1940’s war torn Canada, or any country for that matter, and you see a big problem. The men are already feeling emasculated because women are doing their jobs and anyone who’s from a foreign family is treated like an alien (a subject brought up fabulously in season 2.) There’s a big difference in pay between the two sexes and women still have their own families and personal lives to deal with. It brings for an all new problem and some great viewing.


I’ve read a lot that the only reason Bomb Girls has done so well is through the success of other period dramas such as Downton Abbey and Mad Men. I love these shows as well but I love them because of the eras they portray. Bomb Girls is more similar to BBC’s Land Girls series that came out in 2009. Those who’ve watched Bomb Girls religiously believe it’s its own success because of the importance of the story it is telling. The fact that the acting is amazing, the costumes are spot on and it shows Canada’s efforts in the war is an added bonus.

I know series can’t go on forever but Bomb Girls had so much more to offer the world and the characters had a lot more to show us in the way of unacceptable bad assery. I’ve watched the last episode (S2, E12) and subsequently gone on the ‘HOW CAN THEY END A SERIES LIKE THIS?!’ rampage. It looked something like this.tumblr_m8nscxcrwl1rpu8xlo1_400

Global, the company behind Bomb Girls, have announced that they have commissioned a two hour TV Movie to finish off the unfinished story lines left by the cancellation. I am very happy that we will get some closure to the girls work and lives and that they won’t just be forgotten about. That is until I saw the release date. Winter… 2014. Yes lovelies we have over 18 months until the ultimate finale. Unless they realise in the mean time what a terrible mistake cancelling Bomb Girls is we’ll just have to get re-watching our period dramas.

If you really are devastated that Bomb Girls is cancelled go visit Save Bomb Girls This site was set up to try and get a third season and by Gods are they doing well. It’s a place where we all want the same thing and can talk about Bomb Girls to our hearts content.



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