Apologies for our absence.

So sorry dear fellows, we went missing in action this week. Here at Well Did You Evah we’ve had a very full week.

Our week started very dismally and in the unplanned, spur of the moment we decided it best to take a break from here for a while, that way we can plan new things and sort the old out.

Cat has been pouring her life into her final exhibition of her Fine Arts degree. It’s looking fantastic, more information soon!

I have been reporting on snooker, the British elections and everything else that you either love or hate. I’ll be glad to get back to writing on here.

This means we can now give more time to Well Did You Evah, or I will be. Cat is still stressing a bit about her exhibition. Maybe she’ll give you some insight into her artful stressness if we’re lucky.

For now I will go do this…. tumblr_m2oz2uZjW91rtmfnto1_500

Go enjoy the rest of this unusually sunny Bank Holiday. Eat ice cream, burnt barbecue and look forward to what we may be bringing you in the next few months.

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