Happy Birthday Queen of Pin-Ups & Burlesque Star Bettie Page!

Today would have been the stunningly wonderful Bettie Mae Page’s 90th birthday. Everyone knows who the sex symbol was whether they recognised her from Pin-Ups and Playboy or from her many underwear shoots and burlesque shows. Her life wasn’t all wonderful but we’re here to celebrate her and what better way than to look at her in all her liberating glory.

So because it is Bettie we really don’t need to say much so we’ll let our eyes do the work…

16e42d978f408518e02c025de4b40081 bettie_page_bettie_iv BettiePage bettiepage97 BettyPage09 tumblr_mlnwwcOsEz1re95j4o1_500 tumblr_mlo0tvgHt01s22xrgo4_500tumblr_m93cbdIGPP1rnfz5fo1_500 tumblr_lsbh92rmiL1qa70eyo1_1280 tumblr_lpqc3bB7Y21qhq4duo1_400 Bettie_Page_2618269_Bettie-Page--In-Lingerie bettie-tying-corset tumblr_maze60fN0F1qa1vnxo1_500

And if photos of the blue eyed temptress aren’t enough for you here’s a video to wet your appetite.

Olivia De Berardinis once said: “I’ve watched her become the biggest icon of them all. Up there with Monroe.” Olivia was a Pin-Up artist that drew Bettie regularly and knew her pretty well. Page was a big icon back then and still is now.

Bettie was one of those women that changed everything for the better. Her fringe is a symbol in itself and is now a requirement in most vintage hairstyles, she made underwear sexy, she made burlesque popular, cool and so so sexy. And she had sparkly knickers. She is a sex symbol, and not just for the guys.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Queen of Pin-Ups & Burlesque Star Bettie Page!

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’m sure Bettie would be blushing with modesty. From some of the interviews I have read she seemed so humble. Quite the opposite of her on camera persona. lol

    • Thanks! Yeah I read some of her interviews and she seems like two people! She was certainly a fantastic lady in whichever persona she used.

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