Adventure Time! Happy 3rd Anniversary!


adventure time_with_finn_jake1

Three years ago (5th of April 2010) started a cartoon TV series that would get many people bumping fists and dressing up in a white animal hat, carrying a green rucksack and wishing they had a yellow magic dog. Also I would love to venture to the Candy Kingdom but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be welcomed there due to my sweet tooth

Adventure time Land of Ooo.

For those who know about the Land of Ooo (The place where Adventure Time is set) will need no explanation, unless you managed to watch one episode and leave it there… if that is the case maybe you’d like to explain to me how you did that. Honestly, it is an addictive show if you get into it. It is a cartoon series that has spread to merchandise and comic series created by animator and screenwriter Pendleton Ward. The show airs on Cartoon Network in the US and the UK- Not totally sure where or if it is aired anywhere else in the world.

Adventure time Finn and JakeThe Original cartoon- Named Adventure Time with Finn and Jake- centres around Finn the Human (A 14 year old boy who is The last human- Really if there was one human left on this planet, I’d hope it was someone as adventurous and creative as Finn)And Jake the Dog (A magic dog who has the power to stretch impossibly especially if it comes to peer pressure). These two have grown up together and have a brother relationship, each episode shows them going on Adventures, saving Princesses. There appear to be a lot of princesses ranging in size, species and colour, but the creators and script writers, deal with this awesomely, throwing in the Ice King who is, creepily, after a princess to become his bride and will kidnap one or a few at nearly every try. Finn and Jake come in and save the princesses, however, a few of the princesses are far from helpless.

Adventure time Lsp_and_PB

Princess Bubblegum has a scientific brain to beat anyone and LSP (A.K.A Lumpy Space Princess- I told you there was a widerange of Princesses) Has an attitude that could possibly attack anyone if her voice and some of her ideas weren’t that funny.


Also to mix Finn and Jake’s friendship circle, is Marceline the Vampire queen, a half demon 1000 year young adult musician- Yeah who needs Twilight? These Vampires don’t have a problem with bloodlust as they Drink the Colour Red! Also another plus is that Marceline doesn’t sparkle in the sun.

Adventure time BMO D

Then there is BMO, I’ll admit if there is any Adventure Time Character I want in real life, it’s BMO. BMO is a cute, talking,walking video game console, only BMO is not just for playing video games. BMO can also be a… Flashlight, Strobe Light, Camera, Electrical outlet, Alarm Clock, Video Player plus lots more. Also BMO is handy in musical situations BMO created a song to help Finn and Jake’s Friendship and can be played as a music box. Finn and Jake have loads more friends such as Lady Rainicorn, who is also Jakes girlfriend. It would take a long time to list and explain them all!

Adventure time BMO

In Three years Adventure Time is currently on it’s fifth season and it has spread to merchandise as you can by Finn the Human cosplay also T-Shirts… lots of things really. Adventure Time has has also spread to a Comic Series and branched out. In Comic Book shops you shouldn’t just find the Original Adventure Time comics. There is also. Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake- in this series Finn is replaced by a female Fionna and Jake is replaced by a female cat called Cake. In this series there is a gender swop Princess Bubblegum becomes Prince Gumball, Ice King becomes Ice Queen and Marceline becomes a fairly attractive Marshell Lee. Other comic series in the Adventure Time world is Marceline and the Scream Queens- a comic centred on the musical talents of Marceline.

adventure-time merch

I’d recommend this series to anyone, it basically has everything from romance to musical to comedy- I wouldn’t class it as a RomCom though. *Shudders* If you are already a fan of Adventure time! RADICAL!

-To those who have not watched Adventure Time, randomly exclaiming or using, “Mathematical,” “Radical,” and “Algebraic,” To describe something. IS COOL!  Also bursting into song/rap describing your current situation is also acceptable.

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