Arts Spotlight: Debbie Moon of Moonko

So you’re an art lover. You love all the big named, famous artists that you may never meet, never own an original piece of their art or they’re that long gone and buried that you’ll never afford a piece of their work. Sound like you? If so I have some advice for you over the coming weeks. Invest in local artists! It’s affordable, collectable and you never know someday they might be the next big thing.

This week I’m going to tell you about a Sheffield lady I have mentioned before. Debbie Moon is the founder of Moonko. As well as taking on this mammoth job that she really enjoys she herself is a fantastic artist who creates everything from prints to installations. She also has many exhibitions under her belt.

734988_393738607383322_1780492346_nDebbie’s artwork is quirky, colourful and something the likes you’ve probably never set eyes on before. She draws inspiration from the outdoors and this is definitely noticeable when looking at all her work. All her work manages to put a smile on your face and is easy to love and imagine in your own home, no matter what your decor.

Each and every piece of Debbie’s work tells a story that is left for you to interpret and the use of bold colours against the simple backgrounds really help to enforce the memories that get dragged up. On meeting Debbie it’s obvious that she loves the work she does and almost puts a piece of her bright and bubbly personality into her work.

11957_406018826155300_1565168969_nHer work as been featured in publications like Amelia’s Magazine, London Fashion Week 2012/2013 and at the moment she has a stunning piece in the Our Time Alexandra-Groover-AW-2012-by-Deborah-Moon1In Ice Exhibition at ONCA in Brighton.

Debbie’s prints are available online and in the Birds Yard Sheffield along with other Moonko artists goodies. Well worth a look for those looking for something a bit unique and different.

Check out for more on Debbie and to look at her work or visit Birds Yard on Chapel Walk in Sheffield. Please visit and support more local artists!


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