Introducing Mutter Oskar!

It’s a new month, the snow is slowly disappearing and so we decided now is the right time to introduce to you, our dear readers, a new fantabulous member to our team. *drum roll please* Without further ado please allow me to introduce Mutter Oskar!

Don’t be alarmed or confused dear ones! We have mentioned Mutter Oskar before and for those who don’t remember her she is my lovely, very knowledgable real fox fur scarf. She has a sparkle in her eye and will be acting as our agony aunt/ question answerer/know it all, so if you have any questions please do ask her!

IMG_0684 Please excuse her lifeless look here, a night on the ton really takes it’s toll on a society girl.

Mutter Oskar is named after my German best friend Oskar’s Grandma. Yes I know Grandma in German is Oma but Mutter (Mother) sounded more appropriate. Oskar as still not warmed to the idea that his mother is a fox scarf but Mutter Oskar loves him dearly!
JpegAs Cat kindly pointed out Mutter Oskar as been around since the beginning of time (seriously) So she is the perfect person to show you correct etiquette on drinking tea, blowing your nose and politely telling some one to fuck off. Don’t let her wisdom of bygone times fool you, she is very down with new fangled things too. Recently she has learnt to use the microwave.

Please gentle reader do send in any queries and I, Mutter Oskar, shall be glad to answer them. Until next time keep drinking your tea and remember I’m quite partial to bourbons. The biscuit type of course.

My personal slaves will be happy to pass questions on to me: Twitter: @natariiwood, @Nightmare_Cat Facebook:,

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