Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses… You know the ones Female Cartoon Characters, majority of them are 16 but look older. Some of them sing and various wild life come and help tidy up. Then a bad fate befalls them, be it evil step mothers, evil witch- either way something, “evil,” comes, then their prince comes and rescues them! Oh and they will have some kooky animal side kick.

I was the weird child growing up. Out of all of those things I wanted the singing power so my room would be tidy for once. That was also because Disney didn’t include a Vampire Prince so I was stuck waiting for Dracula to rescue me out of Math Class.


The Princesses include

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora (A.K.A Sleeping Beauty)
  • Ariel (A.K.A The Little Mermaid)
  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Jasmine (Aladdin)
  • Pocahontas
  • Mulan
  • Tiana (Princess and the Frog)<- I find that title strange. She wasn’t actually a Princess till the end of the movie and by that point. They weren’t Frogs. So, yes she’s a princess, but there is no Frog anymore. They could make a sequel?
  • Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Merida (Brave)

Also a future Princess, who’s movie is coming out 2013, but she won’t officially join the party till 2014 is Anna, who is the Princess staring in Frozen, a Movie based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. Which should be interesting as there is no, Princess Anna in that story.

For this post I will just talk about 4 of these women and their movies.



The woman who has singing mice and a blue dress. I never got what the black choker was for though…

So, in this movie we have an evil step-mother and step-sisters. And abuse that shows the NSPCC wasn’t around in those days, as Cinderella has to work as the household slave for her step-family. This story was originally based on, a Fairy tale by  Charles Perrault and “Cinderella,” By The Brothers Grimm, although it has different versions all over the world. So, of course like some of the Brothers work, to make this viewable for kids they had to change some parts. Yes, Disney added the singing mice so if you do go to read those stories don’t be disappointed when you find them not there.

I like this movie as it shows that sometimes your, “Prince,” doesn’t come when you need him. On occasion you have to get out there and find him. Also I find this movie strange. Not the singing mice. I’ll accept in the world of Disney Animals can sing and talk and wear clothes. But I can’t accept the fact that Cinderella is the only one in that kingdom with that shoe size! Also, hunny, if he needs a shoe to figure out who you are after dancing the night away with you in a lighted area. He’s not really worth it. If this ball was set in a night club and alcohol was involved this would be a different story entirely.

So this story, A female willing to fight to go to a ball. A fairy Godmother, who can make something out of nothing. Singing Mice. A prince who may need his eye sight or IQ checking. Overall, a Disney Happy Ending.

I haven’t seen the Cinderella sequels (I only actually found out about them a few days ago). But I’m willing to bet they all end happily.



The Woman with red hair, green tail. A talking fish and a paranoid crab.

Now, I loved the Hans Christian Andersen version of The Little Mermaid. The Disney Version is nearly entirely different. Disney just took the idea of a Mermaid Princess.

The Evil one in the start of the film appears to be her father, until you grow up and realise he was just being a parent. Ariel’s rebelling at that age and attraction to a guy she doesn’t really know becomes the mistake as it makes her go to Octopus lady! who turns out to be the real villain. (The Octopus lady= Sea Witch= Ursula) Basically, the evil in this movie is Ariel’s teenage mermaid hormones and Ursula. In a court of Law though Ursula may be sentenced to jail. Ariel may just get an ASBO. But overall, in that movie there isn’t anything jail worthy. Unless Prince Eric want’s to sue Ursula.

This story, Mermaid girl sees human man. Mermaid sings about falling in love with man, Father tells her to grow up, Mermaid rebels get’s sea witch to turn her into a human (Trading her voice for human legs). Lot’s of other stuff and singing happens. Basically, the deal is that for Ariel to remain human she has to get the prince to kiss her, the sea witch flirts her way in. Close call at the end Ariel gets the prince and the Prince gets his ship destroyed thanks to Ursula. And Ariel’s father turns her human.

In the book she just get’s turned into sea foam.



Chinese woman, dresses as a man to fight the Hun with a talking dragon and a, “Lucky,” Cricket.

This is actually one of my favourite Disney Movies. However,  she isn’t a “Princess,” She married a general (at the end of Mulan 2) and she is a hero of China. If she was a Princess we would be seeing her in the Emperors Place, which is the place she nearly destroyed at the end of the movie. In Mulan 2 she would be one of those girls singing about, “Pinchy shoes.” She would have been a princess if Mushu didn’t crash the wedding when Mulan sacrificed herself to get married to that prince instead of the 3 princesses. There is a theme of sexism through the movies, “Men are more superior then women,” But this is portrayed correctly to that time.

Mulan is based on a ballad, “Hua Mulan,” Who fought 12 years! So, there may be a reason Disney had to alter it. But in the ballad Mulan did fight to higher rank. But it does mention in the Disney Version that if she had got found out to be a woman, she would have been killed- that’s true.

This is another Disney movie what shows to figure out who you are you need to act, not just sit on your butt waiting for it to come to you.

This story, Chinese girl gets told she will never honour her family. Father is supposed to go off and fight war. Girl, “Family Guardian,” Dragon, “Lucky,” Cricket go off to fight. Girl dresses up as man and spends weeks trying to be taken seriously. Lots of things happen. They go off to fight, Girl falls in love with Acting General sometime in the course of training and fighting. Girl get’s found out to be female…. Towards the end she kicks everyones butt.



Our newest Princess, who will be officially joining the, princesses party later this year. I just want to know. If they are going to get a real Scottish woman to dress up as her in Disney land? Anyone know?

This movie differs from the rest. The 16 year old girl doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t have a love interest. In fact the whole story is based around her trying to change the idea of her getting married. Also this is the first Original Disney Princess. Unlike the others, the story Brave is not based on literature.  Merida is the second princess to be CGI (First was Rapunzel in Tangled). There isn’t really a villain in this story. It’s a case of there is someone at fault in someone else’s eyes. Queen Elinor is at fault in Merida’s eyes visa-versa, Elinor wants her daughter to get married Merida doesn’t want to get married. Merida can protect herself and she believes she controls her own destiny, so she wants her mother to change. Which brings the whole bear incident into the story. But it doesn’t change Merida’s point of view in the end.

This story, kick-ass 16 year old fights with mother, turns mother into bear thanks to, Witch… sorry Wood Carver. Father almost kills mother, who is now a bear. Everything fixes it’s self in the end.

I know people who didn’t really enjoy this movie but I say have a go anyway. I actually liked it as it differed from the other Disney movies, plus the Scottish accents didn’t hurt either.


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