Happy Pin-Up Birthday, Gil Elvgren!

On this day 99 years ago a great American artist and illustrator was born. In his own rights this man is bigger than the great classical artists who produced their work decades and centuries before. This man is Pin-Up artist Gil Elvgren.

Elvgren is one of a handful of artists where people instantly recognise his work but don’t recognise his name, yet he was and still remains the leader of the field of Pin-Up Girl illustrations and has produced famous work for companies like Coca Cola and advertising giants Brown & Bigelow.coca-cola_delicious_and_refreshing_by_gil_elvgren
The images he produced with his mentor, Haddon Sundblom, have become some of the most recognisable in advertising and its this work that boosted him into the
limelight. 1939 saw his first Coca Cola print advertisement. Just looking at it you can tell its early work for Elvgren and how the ladies progress through the years to look more like the traditional Pin-Up Girls of the war era.


Many of his Girls were produced for the calendars and prints that Brown & Bigelow produced. Elvgren worked for the company for over 25 years along with other Pin-Up artists of the time.

a_number_to_rememberAll his work appears to have the fun factor to it, all the girls appear to have been caught by surprise and the facial expressions are spot on when they portray this. You also find his girls to be pretty but very like “the girl next door” which is great in a realistic way.

All his work his iconic and memorable and you can always find a calendar with his work featured. He was taught by the best in the field and he himself is still the best proving that his style and work is still sought after and enjoyed in the 21st century.


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