Pin-Up Artists: Vargas & Mozert

Risque, pretty and down right fun Pin-Up Girls are an art form on their own. Many artists painted them from models and a few created the girls for movie posters. Here are three artists that come from around the same eras but have stamped their own mark on the world of Pin-Ups. Fantastically two of these are women and the guy really needs no introduction.

So lets start with a master: ALBERTO VARGAS.


Vargas (along with Elvgren) is one of the leading illustrators in Pin-Ups. Originally starting out as an artist for the Ziegfeld Girls shows and Hollywood studios The_Sin_of_Nora_Moran_FilmPoster
Vargas, in later life, went on to sell his Pin-Ups for hundreds of thousands of dollars. His most famous work is from the film The Sin of Nora Moran. This film poster most definitely made his career and gave him the name he’d been working for in Hollywood. If you don’t recognise this poster then you’ll have certainly heard about the “Vargas Girls” (even if you don’t know it.) Vargas drew Pin-Ups for Esquire Magazine during the 1940’s and these eventually led to the girls been drawn onto aircrafts.

Vargas work sometimes has a dream like quality about it not seen in other artists work. He preferred to use watercolours and airbrush to bring his girls to life and he certainly pulled it off. His work is still popular today with his pieces available as re-prints and originals on display in some US museums.

Now onto the Ladies who created Pin-Up Girls: ZOE MOZERT


This lady broke the mould for Pin-Up illustrations. Her Pin-Ups were still sexy but they depicted a more real woman, someone everyday women could aspire to look like. Mozert is quite exceptional in that she herself was a model to help pay her art school costs, an inspiration in all ways really.

Her art was a fantastic addition to an art world that was very male dominated at the time and she became part of the famous “Girl’s Club” which contained Joyce Ballantyne and Pearl Frush who were also Pin-Up artists.The_Outlaw_poster

Zoe’s art style for Pin-Ups uses more darker colours and tones than Vargas works but it work really well especially for the movie posters she did, featuring Carole
Lombard and Jane Russell to name a few.  She is famous for her work but not many people today know about her which is a shame because back in the 50’s she was on the same level as the Pin-Up greats.

FRUSH_09Another who I’ve mentioned and seems to be just about forgotten is Pearl Frush. Her work takes after Vargas, with great detail and a sense to bring about a smile with the bright, light colours and techniques used.

There are so many more Pin-Up Artists around, and not just from the 40’s & 50’s. Keep an eye out for all different styles. At least with Pin-Up Girls they’re easy to recognise.

Check out for more artists and more pretty pictures to look at!


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