Pin-Up Girls!

This week at Well Did You Evah we’re going to teach you about an art form that is sexy, funny, eye catching and is said to have helped the Americans during WWII. This great and controversial art is Pin-Up Girls!
imagesWe aren’t just randomly doing this for fun. Oh no, there is reason behind our madness. Pin-Up artist Gil Elvgren would be celebrating his 99th birthday this coming Friday and we decided it’d be a perfect opportunity to show the world how lovable and playful Pin-Up Girls can be.

Ask an older member of your family about Pin-Up Girls. Nanan’s may say half naked ladies Grandad’s and men noseart-sacktimefolk will probably answer “Bomber Girls”. Both are correct. During WWII and wars after that the guys had Pin-Up Girls drawn on the side of their aircraft and they were seen as good luck symbols. The US government even sent out magazines full of Pin-Ups to the troops overseas, all for free. Great idea to keep the boys in high spirits!

The half naked Pin-Ups are common but they are usually done very artfully. Art Frahm’s Pin-Up Girls are usually seen with panties around their ankles but it doesn’t seem distasteful, in a way it brings a smile to people’s faces. Which is what Pin-Up Girls should do.


Bettie_Page_2Now this is the drawings, real life Pin-Up Girls can be seen in a different light. One name- Bettie Page and you’ll understand
why it’s a bit different. (Don’t know who Bettie Page is? You should go read up on her.)  A fair few Hollywood starlets have been labeled as Pin-Up Girls through the ages because of their seductive qualities, they’re likability and some for controversial tumblr_lpqc3bB7Y21qhq4duo1_400reasons. All in all the drawings and the real girls still have the same qualities and are in their own way sexy and lovable to both sexes. They have a naughty quality in Playboy Magazine and were our men’s good luck ladies in the war. How can we not like them?

Bettie Page as herself and Bettie Page as a Pin-Up by Olivia de Bernardis

Keep tuned this week because we’ll be talking about some of the great Pin-Up artists and the real life girls, all leading up to Elvgren’s birthday on Friday.

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