Females in Comic books

So, hands up. Who has seen the growing trend of books becoming movies?


It’s basic Hollywood system, if they run out of ideas they turn to books, (yay for the author!)

2013 we see the release of Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 (Marvel) and I think a Superman (DC) film? There are loads of rumours going about if Justice League (DC) will be turned into a film to go against Avengers (I’ll admit I’m watching Avengers as I am writing this…). Of course the list of comic books been turned into film, just to name some- I could probably list loads of them but I’ll restrain myself- There’s… Superman (loads of media around that), Batman (Again another popular one), X-Men, Catwoman, Iron man… I will stop there.

From the list I have wrote what is common? With SuperMAN, BatMAN, X-MEN, and Iron MAN. I’m a huge fan of comic books but the thing that got me into them was this fact that women on the whole are treated unfairly (Mixed up I know, sly tactics Comic Publishers, making me interested in something that I should be protesting against).

This post I will have to restrain myself- the idea I wrote about this was given to me, I’ve just realised now I may go on a bit.

Main comic book publishers MARVEL and DC account for 70% of all comic books sold each month, possibly a bit more as 2011 DC and Marvel did a re-boot redesigning it’s characters/stories and this is still on going today- the other week we saw the relaunch of NOVA and Katana (And yes I know that because I bought them).

But this inequality to females lies in dress and visual representation. Look in a comic the female will most likely not be wearing much and have big boobs and small waist. Ok I’ll accept comics were a form of escapism for men, but we have a growing culture of females reading comics. The Big Bang Theory (TV series) is not true to life, comic books are not just for those geeks who try too hard to get in women’s pants and it’s hard to come across a Sheldon. Take for example DC New 52 Catwoman, the first images of her in the new comics was her leaping through the air showing off her bra… Was there any point in that? Or are their people out there who really want to know what underwear Catwoman wears? Catwoman

I am a big fan of the Catwoman comics, my art degree and mind just makes me investigate that way… Also me watching BBC’s Sherlock again might have something to do with it…

Also the other inequality lies in objectification- how women are treated. There is a sense in some comics that women are nothing more than, “Sex objects,” or , “Weak.”

Now, onto the more lighter side of things. In  April 2013. Marvel are launching an X-men series focused on the women (Yay!). X-MenHonestly, X-Men character Emma Frost and other female heroes, such as Batgirl and Yes Catwoman offer a stronger female characteristic, they stand up for themselves enough that they want to change the world they live in. DC have released their all female comic cast- Ame-Comi girls. This series is where females have the power in the comics, some of the characters include a redesigned, Wonderwoman and Batgirl, plus a female Joker. There are female heroes fighting against female villains. It’s awesome that with all the feminist complaints DC have got about their female characters that they have done this, but this overall idea of that the females only fight against female villains can only give them so much credit.

Hopefully, the All Female X-Men will prove to show the power females have. Artist Brian Wood has commented on his enthusiasm for this project, so there are high hopes.


One thought on “Females in Comic books

  1. I totally agree. I love comics and have noticed this blatant sexism. Have you seen the Buffy tv series? It’s a bit old now but there’s also a Buffy comic book series which is totally awesome and centres around a strong female character (Buffy) with supernatural powers (as do the tv series).

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