Can you really have one favourite film?

Can’t answer the question? Tell me about it! It’s like asking what’s your favourite book or food. There really is no simple answer and it could cause problems.


I had to fill in an application form for a job at a film festival recently. It was all going well asking why I wanted the job, what I was like as a person and then the question to kill all questions came up… What’s your favourite film and why? I stared at the screen for a solid hour thinking damn I have loads of favourite films! HOW CAN I CHOOSE ONE?! Is this application form meant to torture me? I panicked for a few seconds thinking the page might time out but it was all okay. Phew.

I looked at my extensive DVD collection and all the recordings on my TV and was still undecided on what my favourite film was. I then looked at the posters on my bedroom wall. Greta Garbo seemed to shake her head in dismay at me. After 2 hours I finally decided. I chose The Artist. Strange coming from someone who barely watches films made after the 60’s but here’s my reasoning. It’s a silent film in an unsilent era. That makes it great, and it won tonnes of awards proving that it had got the attention it deserved. The acting was fantastic and so was the orchestra. The costumes reminded me of the films Clara Bow and Greta Garbo once wore. It took a magnificent director to pull off a black and white silent film in the 21st century… and he did pull it off. In my mind choosing The Artist was like choosing an early 1900’s film most people had never heard of never mind seen.


After my answer and the time it took I’ll probably curl up and cry with my Gene Kelly boxset if I don’t get the job.

And of course after I sent the application I then decided The Artist isn’t my favourite film… High Society is. Subject to change though.


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