Doctor Who Christmas Special

Programme- Doctor Who

Episode- The Snowman, Season… sorry that’s American… SERIES 7 Doctor Who The Snowmen

Aired- 25th of December 2012

Starring- Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and a bunch of other awesome actors/actresses.

Yes Christmas time. Since Doctor Who started again and their Christmas specials have come on I have said good bye to all the excitement of Christmas day… Ok that is a lie I’m still a sucker for the presents and singing along with the musical veg in A Muppets Christmas Carol and other movies such as Meet Me In St Lous- Only in that case I’m singing along with Judy Garland not singing vegetables.  I get excited for the afternoon when Doctor Who comes on.

So Doctor Who fans or just those curious this is my take. *put’s on Nerd hat* And as River Song says… “Spoilers.”riverspoilers

And I will admit, I am sad enough to recall most of the info I write about past Doctor Who episodes from memory- I’m proud of that but I have been told I should possibly look at watching other series in my free time

I’ll admit, I didn’t exactly like how series 7 started. I loved the introduction of Oswin- A.K.A Clara- A.K.A The New Doctors Assistant- A.K.A Actress, Jenna-Louise Coleman. But the one question I still have an unanswered which is, HOW THE HELL DID THE DOCTOR MISS A PLANET FULL OF INSANE DALEKS???? Come on through out the New Doctor Who (For those new to this, New Doctor Who is classed as Doctor Who from 2006 to Present, So Doctors 9 to 11- Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith) Series we have the constant battle of, “The Daleks have been destroyed! Oh no they haven’t!” It’s all very pantomime. It’s sort of happened… Let me see-

  1. Finale of Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who- Rose Destroys the Dalek’s
  2. THEY COME BACK. David Tennant Who, Episode Army of Ghosts A.K.A the first part to the series 2 finale which I still cry through as there is a teary good bye to assistant Rose Tyler. The Doctor sends Daleks + Cybermen, into a void. A.K.A THEY ARE GONE!
  3. THEY COME BACK! Series 3 Daleks in Manhattan. Ok They have sort of left the story open here as one of the Daleks (Dalek Caan- Ok I had to look that up, for spelling I wasn’t sure if it was spelt with a K or C) escapes.
  4. Daleks return end of series 4. Donna Nobel helps create Doctor Part Human (Awkward biology- short story he looks like the Doctor, has the Doctor’s memories but has one heart- A.K.A He’s Human) He, DESTROYS THE DALEKS. Come on there was a dramatic explosion! She looses her memories because she took a part of the Doctor’s Mind into her’s which enabled her to get the knowledge to help battle the Daleks then the Doctor Part Human sees the sense in committing genocide and destroys the Daleks. So Genocide? Meaning they have gone right? WRONG!
  5. Series 5. Daleks appear AGAIN! Yeah apparently 3 of them survived (Love to know how) Or possibly Stephen Moffat*, just wanted his chance to play with the iconic Doctor Who villain. (*New writer for Doctor Who as Russel T. Davis stepped down, we also lost David Tennant as the 10th Doctor bringing forward Matt Smith,) Maybe we will find out how these Daleks survived, I doubt it though. The old Daleks got destroyed to bring in the new Daleks, who got a remodel, into the series. The remodel Daleks, I’m not saying much on but the colours sort of reminded me of M&M’s. These Daleks got away. The Doctor again decided to chose the Earth, as a Dalek built cyborg man was about to go nuclear- That brings up it’s own problems, the Daleks insulted the Cyberman form at the end of series 2 also this issue get’s brought up in the series 7 episode The Asylum of the Daleks. The Daleks made it pretty clear anything other than Dalek form was, in modern day human terms, crap. So why are they building human shaped Daleks/ people?

We met Clara- or she introduces herself as, “Oswin,”- in The Asylum of The Daleks, who turns out to be incased in an insane Dalek. She believes she is in a crashed spaceship. Baking Soufflés- it was pointed out to her when the Doctor discovered she was a Dalek, If she was stranded in a spaceship, Where was she getting the eggs from?  It is important to point out in this episode that the Doctor doesn’t know what Oswin looks like. He only heard her voice and knows she likes baking Soufflés, also she doesn’t know she is called Clara, but if you headed over to Doctor Who forums after the episode it was confirmed that her first name was Clara.

Right- on to present day Doctor Who. We said, unfortunately, Good bye to Amy Pond and Rory Williams- Ok really want to know the answer to this, Was Rory and character Rhys Williams from Torchwood related? There are similarities such as hair colour and the fact both men have chosen to make a dominant woman part of their lives. I’m doubting they are siblings due to the heavy Welsh accent of Rhys and the fact we saw Rory grow up with Amy so Rory is definitely not from Wales, so cousins?

I’ve seen this episode about 4 times… Yes it was aired 4 days ago. But I’m going to watch it again! Just for this blog post. Yay BBC iPlayer! I’m going to watch it and pause it at certain points when I find something worth mentioning. I will skip some parts though because I know writing about 60 minutes of TV programme will mean writing something that would rival the length of my dissertation and it will take all night

I’m not a big fan of the new Title Sequence, I guess it will grow on me. I did like how they included a faded Matt Smith face after Jenna’s name though (You now know about it so you can go look), so that sort of made me think I could accept it, it sort of goes back to an Old Doctor Who sequence.

At the beginning of the episode we have some creepy snowflakes… I actually want one. Someone get onto the BBC and get them to make cut outs of these snowflakes on their website! I will admit my A-level in psychology ruined the talking snowman. My first thought was, “Is he Schizophrenic?” It sort of covered why he was isolated and why that woman- who I’m guessing is either his mother or possibly his governess*, was worried that he never talks to anyone and was always alone. (*more hoping his mother as the woman went off with a man who I’m guessing is his father, however the governess and master of the house affair is hinted further on in the episode so you never know.) The voice of the snowman/ The Great Intelligence annoyed me, because it was that familiar, I could have hit myself when I found out it was Magneto… Oh sorry Sir Ian McKellen. Wow… Snowmen with the ability to control metal… that could possibly happen if someone in the X-men world wanted to mix genetics and crossed Magneto and Bobby’s genes together…

We then cut to 50 years later, where we see the boy grown up, Dr Simeon Played by Richard E.Grant, I will admit when I first saw his appearance I laughed, only because the last thing I saw him in (a few days earlier) was the Christmas Carol (Ordinary Version, no singing vegetables or a cute bunny) playing Bob Cratchit. Immediately from his appearance and facial expression you get the feeling he is possibly the unkept villain of the story or the unkeptness could suggest some sort aspect of being controlled?

1minute 55 seconds into this we have found out who is threatening earth! It’s a giant snow globe with the voice of Magneto! And we find out Dr Simeon is being controlled by the giant snow globe, or is at least, “Serving,” The snow globe as he puts it.

The SnowmenThe Snowmen eat people… Interesting. Maybe when someone is up for redesigning The Snowman (Short film) again they could make it more interesting. I don’t blame the snowman for eating people, they are only there for a few days and most of them get destroyed before they have chance to melt, so why not turn the tables and attack… Meet Me In St. Louis would have definitely ended differently if that happened… Also love the that the Snowmen have teeth. Awkward if they do take over though. Doubt even private snowmen dentists will touch them.

“The Rose and the Crown,” Pub. I instantly thought, is this a connection to Rose Tyler? It must have just been me who thought that because that question got left unanswered in this episode. Also there could be a connection to Martha Jones (Doctors second female companion) As it’s in an old pub, which is where The Shakespeare Code Second episode of series 2 is set, however this is obviously set in Victorian times that was set in Elizabethan.

Clara! She’s a Barmaid! First theory before seeing all the episode, Is this another River Song thing where we know how she died and we just see the rest of her life? There is a theory in my family that Clara is Jenny- Series 4, she is the Doctor’s daughter sort of she was grown out of a machine that took the Doctor’s DNA, so like River Song turned out to be the Doctor’s wife, it will be weird to find out that she is the Doctors daughter. Even though there is the thing that Jenny was shot, came back alive but did not change forms. I guess we will have to find out though.

Clara! A Snow Man! And the Doctor looking like he took wardrobe advice from Scrooge! Also it looks as if the Doctor has taken attitude advice from Scrooge. THE BOW TIE!!! WHERE IS THE BOW TIE???Bowties are cool

*le sigh* The Doctor is going through the depression of how he’s lost his companion and won’t get another one. We all know you will.

Clara runningClara has my respects for running and then managing to climb on top of a MOVING carriage in that dress. However, later on in the episode, she get’s stopped by trying to fit her bustle through a window?  I know which one I’d find easier. I do understand as an author though how that situation, as the Doctor had to pull her though the window, might be bonding.

Oh title sequence…

The mention of, “Pond,” I just need to make a connection to Donna now, or possibly Jack Harkness, he’ll be wondering about somewhere probably. WHAT’S GROWING IN THE POND? Mutated fish?

Love the thought that Doyle’s stories where based on women A.K.A Madame Vastra and her wife, yes wife, Jenny. Or a woman and a female lizard. “I doubt the readers of the Strand Magazine would accept that The Great Detective is in reality a woman.” Sort of overlooking she is a Silurian.

Sontaran? I thought that one died in series 6? Ok due to his battle suggestions I don’t care if he died or not. Anyone who suggests Grenades or bungees in battle plans gets to stay.

Over 1000 years of saving the universe the universe doesn’t care. Aww someone needs a hug… and to live normal human life for about a year and have to pay bills, that will put his life into perspective.

Memory worm? One touch and you loose one hour of your memory. Okay 1. are these real? Because it will explain hell of a lot and 2. Where were these things when it came to Donna? That could have been an easier way to take her memories rather than hiding them and have the looming aspect that if she remembers her brain will burn up!

Oh the Doctor brought the Sontaran back. That explains it.

I’m now going to start jumping into the air hoping to grab a hold of a ladder. Yes it will look strange but who will be laughing when I’m walking on clouds? Also that stair case! Someone should turn it into a Helter-skelter! Now imagining Sontaran’s going down an Helter-Skelter…

Oh Clara you make moving about in those dresses so easy… Now she is undressing in a carriage… Now she is a Governess!

The Great Intelligence symbol makes an appearance again… This better not be another Torchwood thing.

Jenna Louise-Coleman! I believe you shall make an awesome assistant.

The girl dreams about her evil governess coming back to haunt her and it comes true. I bet if Disney was about she would be dreaming of a prince coming, then she wouldn’t be scared… or she might be considering the amount of little girls who would kill to get their prince. Now that would be an interesting Doctor Who storyline. Doctor Who takes on loads of little girls. Or to make it even scarier. Doctor Who takes on serious Twilight fans.

Me and Natalie tried doing this one word answer thing. Not as easy as it seems especially when someone mentions the surname of a certain actor you fancy. It must have taken the scriptwriters a while to get all the lines straight.

I don’t get it. When the Doctor lost Rose, someone he really loved, to a parallel universe unable to get to her as it was locked off, he went about got a new companion ok he suffered but went on saving the universe. He lost Amy and Rory- they got touched by a weeping angel and lived to death (They got sent back in time and basically lived in that era) He gives up! There is still the possibility that he could see them again, they are only in the early 1900’s plus are happily married to each other! Rose was single and he couldn’t get to her! Male human minds confuse me. Male Time-lord minds make sense to me at some point but emotionally still confuse me.

Now you see when Clara has to say one word to convince the Doctor to help her I thought she would have said, “Children,” Because of the whole thing about the Doctor doesn’t like to see children cry, but I guess, “Pond,” Makes an even better statement….

I cringed at the point Matt Smith came in as, “Sherlock Holmes,” Due to Stephen Moffat also writing the British series, Sherlock. I know you shouldn’t compare the series but you sort of have Sherlock looking more like a genius then the millennia year old Time-Lord.

Help or Grenades? I think I would settle for the Grenades.

Ice Lady

The Ice Governess… Is it wrong first time I saw it I thought someone had been l ooking into the X-men Character Emma Frost?

Also Yay the Bow tie is back!

Is it wrong I want someone to pretend to be my wife as I dress up to be a lizard woman from the dawn of time just to re-enact that scene?

Lesbian couple at the door. Sontaran soldier in the house. Maid that has just fainted and screamed. And the guy is more bothered who-christmas3that Clara has a, “Gentleman friend.” Awesome script writing and also portrayal. Credit to the screaming maid! I guess it wouldn’t have been that easy especially if they had to do a few takes.

I’m amazed no one is actually questioning the aliens in this. It seems more foreign to the men that women have more independence. I know that was an issue in Victorian times but people probably would have noticed and treated aliens differently, or at least gone off screaming into the town, “I’ve seen an alien!” The Maid has probably given the first proper reaction you’d expect to see!

Find it funny that Sir Ian McKellen is in charge of evolving the snow. When he was Magneto he was in charge of a group of mutants- A.K.A Evolved Humans… Next Doctor Who review I will make sure I haven’t been reading or writing about X-men. Or any of my Comics.

I have a feeling for all of those people who have read Robert Frost’s poem Fire and Ice, if they choose Ice, you can just show them this episode of Doctor Who because it does show a way how the world could end in Ice… If they chose fire you just look up one of the ways the earth is supposed to end when the sun expands and the world in short terms burns to death… or just watch Doctor Who Series 1 episode 2.

Clara kisses the Doctor. First thought- I wish River Song would just appear now. Second thought- Although it would be an interesting plot development I hope the theory of Clara being Jenny the Doctors Daughter is now wrong because that is going to be awkward. Third thought- Re-watch the episodes where the Doctor is kissed by his assistant and note the times to see which assistant works the quickest. Rose (if you count her and David Tennant Doctor as a new relationship), Martha and now Clara all ended up kissing the doctor in their first episode.

*Crying* WHAT DID THEY DO TO THE INTERIOR OF THE TARDIS??? Again brings up the question of did he do it because of Amy and Rory? And if he did why didn’t the interior of the TARDIS change for Rose? But then it was probably just down to the Writers and Co wanting to change it. Doctor-Who-New-TARDIS-interior

I believe there are now places selling T-shirts with, “It’s Smaller on the outside,”

Issue. This has possibly been the first time the TARDIS doors been open have caused a problem. In past episodes the doors have  either closed or no one noticed. There has to have been one person who has seen the TARDIS doors open and just wondered in! I know I would have!

Ok so the rest of the Doctor Who episode ends with of course the Doctor beats the evil snow globe thing.

The interesting thing is Clara. I actually hoped this season we would see a new companion that either wasn’t human or from the 21st century. We could have had that but  of course Victorian era Clara was killed- in one way that could be a good thing, I had a theory that because of the new spinning roof thing in the interior of the TARDIS, Clara may have become travel sick, Victorian’s may have been used to horse drawn carriages but I think that would be like introducing a Victorian to a Ferrari. I should have won £10 if I did put the money on it, I put a bet on that the new companion would be female, human and in love with the Doctor.

In a conversation with a friend I came up with an idea that they should give the Doctor a companion who was immortal, ok we had Captain Jack who went off to do his own thing. I guess Clara covers that we have like other Female Companions, a girl who kicks ass and is strangely re-encarnated. I think her character suited the Victorian era, so it will be interesting to see how she fits into present day. Also it will be interesting to see what the Doctor does if he is faced with the situation that puts Clara into the situation that puts her in the Dalek Asylum. We know he cannot stop her from doing that mission as she is the reason he got out.

So far, I’m all for Clara’s character, she seems like an awesome role model and it’s nice to have some mystery around the companion this time, it diverts the attention away from the Doctor for once, Ok I know the show is named after him but we need some confident girl attention. And as long as the mystery doesn’t end up being that she is the daughter of another one of his companions… What if she’s the daughter of Rose Tyler and the Doctor Part Human?… I want to say they have probably given up in that universe but I am now thinking… Ok I’ll be happy whatever happens, as long as it is rated PG-12.

So, Who is Clara Oswin Oswald?

How come the London Underground is a strategic weakness? Ok that one is fairly obvious when you think of it.

Who are the Great Intelligence?

Guess we will have to find out when they release more of the series. In April.


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