Christmas presents you may actually want.

So did you know December= Christmas? Yeah it was a shock for me too.

Why run around the shops searching for the perfect present you probably won’t even find? Here’s my guide to the top 5 quirky and fabulous presents you could buy for the weird person in your life.

  1. These are just to die for. Literally.

559952_375097245914125_536570938_n 417129_373309479426235_1978929112_n

The Skull Candles retail at £30 each. Great value for those macabre people.

These are for sale by Sheffield based company Moonko. Moonko is a great place to shop. It’s a company that consists of a few independent artists. So whatever you buy from them remember you’re supporting some fantastic artists with the potential to be the next big thing.

The candles aren’t on the site at the moment but they’re on sale at The Nichols Building in Shalesmoor or if you contact they’ll be happy to help.

2. What do you buy for those classic film lovers in your life?


I have a packet of these and they’re fabulous, darling! Each pack contains:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone With The Wind, Singin’ In The Rain, Some Like It Hot, Wizard Of Oz, Casablanca, Goldfinger and The Birds.

They’re all in colour and can be framed. And at £10 a pack they’re much cheaper than the original posters. Available from

3 For those with a sweet tooth.


These jolly looking sweets are from the lovely lady at Butterscotch & Beesting.

On her etsy store you can choose 4 bags for £12, which is quite a bargain! Sweets aren’t just for kids anymore.

To see the sweets and more visit:

And the etsy store:

4 And Action!


This would make a great present for movie buffs and film students alike.

You can probably find them on many sites but this one is from the V&A museum in London. It’s in the store as part of the Hollywood Costume Exhibition and there is more great products available to take you back to the good ol days.

The clapperboard is £7.50 and is available at as well as the shop in the museum.

5 In true British style…

So you need a present for a tea lover who’s also a Dr. Who fan?


GENIUS! All Dr Who fans should have one! And it certainly fits in with the current Dr.

Forbidden Planet have a great range of Dr Who merchandise and the prices are pretty reasonable.

This teapot is only £21.99 (web price) at

And if you’re Doctor Who loving relative or friend doesn’t really like it I’m sure you’ll have a teapot collector in the family.

This list might not cover all bases but it sure does give some weird ideas.

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